New Herway-Anthylls

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Special Administrative Region of New Herway-Anthylls
Flag of New Herway-Anthylls.pngSeal of New Herway-Anthylls.png

For the grass shall remain grass!
New Herway-Anthylls map.png
Capital cityNo cities
Official language(s)Slin-Englysh
Official religion(s)Secularism
DemonymNew Herway-Anthyllian
GovernmentSpecial administrative region
- KingQueen Astrid
- PresidentMatthew Burklandssen
EstablishedJanuary 25, 2012
Area claimed~977.3328m²
National animalSnake

New Herway-Anthylls, or officially the Special Administrative Region of New Herway Anthylls, is a national park and special administrative region of the Marxist People's Republic of Burkland. It is notable for its fence borders and its watery plants who get water from a sewer, with the wetlands and the sewer named New Mistria Lake, named after the Mistria Lake in Transmistria.


The name New Herway-Anthylls comes from the Herway Department which was only made up of the Anthylls National Park.


New Herway-Anthylls was a national park proposal, although it was unknown if it was private property or public property.[1] It was later decided to be public property. A resident near the area also believed it was public property. On February 1, 2012 UTC, it was discovered that the calculations of the area suggest that the region was larger then the Vatican, which was put into doubt inside Burkland. As a result, a recalculation was made. Since there seemed to be no progress they gave up, until Jeremy Oakes said that square units were different from plain units.

Government and politics

New Herway-Anthylls is a special administrative region with an autonomous government. The autonomy in the area is called by Burklandi officials as new autonomy, which means a region of a nation with the same leaders of the whole nation but with different laws. In the region, the laws are very relaxed and the borders are open to everyone to visit at any time.

Foreign relations

Relations of New Herway-Anthylls, unlike the rest of Burkland, is with individuals who live near New Herway-Anthylls. Although, talks are very informal between the New Herway-Anthyllian government and the "locals."

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