Zealandian krona

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Zealandian Krona
Zålandienš Kronor
Zeelandien Krona
ISO 4217
PluralKronor (English and Swedish) Kronori (Zealandian)
NicknameThe Krone, Ks, Krona
Banknotes5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 500
Coins1, 2, 0.50, Kronor
User(s) Commonwealth of Zealandia (former user)
Marxist People's Republic of Burkland (former user)
Central bankCentral People's Bank of Zealandia
PrinterZealandian Treasury
Pegged withSwedish Krona (2 ZEK is worth 1 SEK)

The Zealandian Krona (Swedish: Zeelandiens Krona Zealandian: Zålandienš Kronor) was the currency of Zealandia.
The Zealandian Krona had been created by the Zealandian Government shortly after the Zealandian Pound was dropped. The Zealandian Pound was originally worth $NZD 1 until December 2011.


The first set of banknotes issued by Zealandian Treasury were designed by Charlotte Lindstrom, these note are based off the St. Charlian Pianeta. These notes were valid and in circulation until March 2012.
On November 12 2016 the Zealandian Government replaced the Krona with the Zealandian Credit.


First Series: (2011 Series)

Image Value Dimensions Main colour Portrait
5kr 7.28 x 16.99 cm white Portrait of Queen Elizabeth II
10kr 7.28 x 16.99 cm white Portrait of V. Lenin
20kr 7.28 x 16.99 cm White Portrait of Olof Palme
50kr 7.28 x 16.99 cm White Portrait of Karl Marx
100kr 7.30x17.00 white Portrait of Che Guevara

2012 Series (second and last series)

Image Value Dimensions Main colour Portrait
5 Kr 7.28 x 16.99 cm Pink None
10 Kr 7.28 x 16.99 cm Purple None
20 Kr 7.28 x 16.99 cm Green None
50 Kr 7.28 x 16.99 cm Gold None
100 Kr 7.30x17.00 Grey None
500 Kr 7.30x17.00 Red None