Civil Defence Uskor

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Civil Defence Uskor
Civilförsvar Uskor
Zivilschutz Uskor

Civil Defence Uskor Logo.png

Emblem of Civil Defence Uskor

Motto: Protecting Uskor

Established 20 December 2018
Country Uskor
Commander-in-Chief Charlotte of Uskor as High Queen of Uskor
Chief Officer and Inspector General Charlotte Katrínsdóttir
General information
Headquarters Civil Defence House, Tyrshavn, Denton

Civil Defence Uskor (DE:Zivilschutz Uskor, SE:Civilförsvar Uskor ) is the national organisation within the Commonwealth of Uskor responsible for Civil Protection and Civil Defence. Civil Defence Uskor was founded by a royal decree and proclamation issued by Charlotte, the High Queen of Uskor on the 20th of December 2018.


Civil Defence Uskor is tasked with providing technical assistance to the Uskorian Watch, the Ministry for State Security, other government agencies, Uskorian communities and the international community at large when requested.
Civil Defence Uskor is also the responsible agency (combat agency) for the following:

  • Flood response and recovery
  • Storm response and recovery
  • Tsunami response and recovery
  • Providing aid, assistance and disaster recovery to the citizens of Uskor
  • Bushfire response and recovery
  • Emergency evacuations
  • Nuclear emergency response and recovery
  • Emergency management and related tasks
  • Continuity of Government Operations


Civil Defence Uskor divides its operations within the Commonwealth of Uskor into two zones of operation, the Capital Zone which encompasses the city of Tyrshavn and surrounding areas of the Hold of Denton and the Coastal Zone which encompasses operations within the rest of the Commonwealth of Uskor.
Civil Defence Uskor is lead by its Chief Officer and Inspector General who report to the High Queen of Uskor through the Ministry for State Security and receive orders through the National Command Authority (Oberkommando Uskor).

Rank Structure