Legislative Council of Uskor

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Legislative Council of Uskor

Lagtinget av Overkongeriket Uskor
Uskorian Law Thing
1st Legislative Council
Coat of Arms of Uskor
Term limits
Two Years
Founded16 October 2018 (2018-10-16)
Charlotte of Uskor, UPP
since 27 August 2017 (as High Queen of Uskor)
Deputy Speaker
Sir Cinnamon Toastcrunch, PCP
since 15 December 2018
Leader of the Opposition
Jordan van Nieuw Holland, PCP
since 15 December 2018
Seats350 Votes exercised by 7 Delegates (delegates may hold multiple votes)
Political groups
Her Majesty's Government (304) (Fatherland Union):
  •   Labour Party (130)
  •   People's People (130)
  •   Independent List (43)
  •   Kellie von Neu Schellenberg (1)

Her Majesty's Most Loyal Opposition (44):

Party list and Royal Appointment
Last election
October 13–15, 2018
Next election
On or before October 15, 2020
Meeting place
The Palace of Lights, Freyavik, Denton Hold.

The Law Thing, or also known in English as the Legislative Council of Uskor and in Norwegian as the Lagtinget is the legislative body of the Commonwealth of Uskor. It is a unicameral legislature and acts as the legislature for all Holds in Uskor. All delegates are either elected from their party lists or appointed by the High Queen of Uskor.

The current Law Thing is in its first session since the restoration of the monarchy in Uskor in August 2017.
The Law Thing’s sessions last for up to two years, however the High Queen may dissolve the Law Thing at any point during a session on the advice of the Prime Minister following a motion of no confidence where a new Prime Minister was not recommended.

Powers and Authority

The Law Thing has the authority to oversee Her Majesty’s Government, propose and pass legislation, amend legislation and repeal legislation, in addition to debating topics of national concern and pass resolutions concerning important national matters.
The Law Thing also has the power to pass motions of no confidence in individual ministers or the Prime Minister, in the event of the Prime Minister loosing a motion of no confidence the Law Thing shall attempt to nominate a new Prime Minister and cabinet, should this effort fail, the Prime Minister and cabinet must resign and advise the High Queen to hold a new election.
The Law Thing also holds one of the powers to propose amendments to the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Uskor.


Legislative elections were held between October 13 and 15 2018 and allowed 350 voting rights in the Law Thing to be elected in accordance with closed party lists and write in options.
The two largest parties in the Law Thing the Labour Party and the People’s Party alongside independent Kellie von Neu Schellenberg who replaced successful write in candidate Maxine Goldman form the Fatherland Union coalition and subsequently hold a majority of votes that delegates may exercise in the Law Thing.

Party Leader Founded Position Votes
  Labour Party ULP Claire Nymoria October 2017 Left, Democratic Socialism
130 / 350
  People’s Party UPP Charlotte Katrínsdóttir August 27, 2018 Progressivism, Populism, Antifascism, Monarchism
130 / 350
  Progressive Citizens Party PCP Jordan van Nieuw Holland August 2018 Centre left, Social Democracy
44 / 350
  Independent List IL Rob Banks August 2018 Left, Big tent anti-capitalist
43 / 350
  Independent Vote IND Kellie von Neu Schellenberg N/A (write in) Centrist, Animal Rights, Monarchism
1 / 350


All 350 votes are elected using party list electoral system with additional option for write ins, in which Uskorian citizens vote for political parties or write in a candidate. Then, the votes are proportionally used to determine how many votes each political party will get in the Law Thing.

Following an election and the proportional division of votes among parties and write in candidates, the votes are then assigned by the party to delegates who exercise those votes for the remainder of the current Law Thing session unless they resign their votes back to the party which delegated them to the resigning delegate.
The High Queen may also appoint delegates directly to the Law Thing each session with each appointed delegate receiving one vote.