Uskorian Labour Party

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Uskorian Labour Party
Arbetari flokkurinn
Parliamentary LeaderHer Serene Highness Claire Nymoria, Jarl of Lundevik MLA
ChairwomanClaire Nymoria
SloganA fairer Uskor
FoundedAugust 2017
IdeologyDemocratic Socialism
Anti capitalism
Political positionFar left
National affiliationFatherland Union
Official colorsRed and White
Votes in the Landtag
130 / 349
Delegates to the Landtag
2 / 7

The Labour Party is a political party in the Commonwealth of Uskor. Originally established by Claire Nymoria, it is the legal successor party to the Uskorian League of Communists, following the restoration of the Uskorian Monarchy in 2017.
The Labour Party is currently led by the Jarl of Lundevik, Claire Nymoria who is currently Prime Minister.


The Labour Party has its historical roots in a number of former far left political parties in Uskor and was formed following the restoration of the Uskorian monarchy in 2017.
The Labour Party entered the Legislative Assembly of Uskor (Landtag) on October 2018 with an equal number of votes to the Uskorian People's Party and subsequently entered into the Fatherland Union coalition with the Labour Party and Independent List Party.
The Labour Party under the leadership of Nymoria gained a formal bill for supply in May 2019, the first time a Prime Minister has achieved both confidence and supply.

Prominent political positions

The Labour Party holds a number of prominent political positions within Uskor and related to international affairs including:

  • Support for the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement until a fair and equal two state solution is agreed and adhered to by Israel
  • to support the collectivation and socialisation of industry, production, distribution and exchange, to the extent necessary to eliminate exploitation and other anti-social features in relation to these areas
  • To promote and maintain Uskorian neutrality
  • To promote equality and the elimination of inequality where possible
  • To promote a clean and safe environment and the protection of the environment
  • To promote Uskorian Culture
  • To promote and protect LGBTQI and Indigenous persons and cultures within Uskor.

Election results

Election year Leader Votes in the Landtag Delegates to the Landtag
2018 Claire Nymoria
130 / 350
2 / 7

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