Uskorian Territorial Subdivisions

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The Socialist Commonwealth of Uskor is divided into Territorial Subdivisions on two tiers in accordance local legislation and geographical area


Regions are the first tier subdivisions of Uskor, there are two regions in Uskor:

Cities and Municipalities

Cities and Municipalities are the second tier subdivsions of Uskor, Uskor has many cities and municipalities.

List of Cities and Municipalities

Prior to the Red April Revolution

Prior to the Red April Revolution Uskor had the following territorial subdivisions.


Prior to the Red April Revolution Uskor had four cantons:

Cantons where the highest ranked or first tier subdivisions.

Municipalities and Cities

The Commonwealth of Uskor had multiple municipalities (kommun) but only one had been gifted city status (an honourary status, with no legal change), the capital Tyrshavn.
Municipalities and Cities where the second highest ranked or second tier subdivisions, one kommun Exphorus Island, belongs to no Canton, and is directly governed by the monarch.

Prior to January 2013

Royal Association of Uskorian Counties and Municipalities

The Royal Association of Uskorian Counties and Municipalities was the Association that represents the Counties and Municipalities and handles any complaints about the authorities and was established by Royal Charter on March 16 2012. Its first appointed President was the then Governor of Hagley County Sir Daniel Morris MZP OWC (ZNP).

List of Counties and their Municipalities

  • Denton; Thorkjavik (Capital), Iceland Bay, Wallander.
  • Hagley; Reykjalo, Midsalla, Østerhågen.
  • Quattro; Gothum, Cortina.
  • Nordman; Stodænia, Tjr.
  • South Atlantica; Hodja.



A Raion was a state with a monarch or other similar official that is also a Uskor Official such as the president or monarch. One such state existed, Burkland. Despite the fact that raions are considered territorial units of Uskor, raions keep their sovereignty.


A Canton was a semi autonomous state that is in a special relationship with Uskor or is a crown dependency of Uskor.


A Sysla was a territorial entity that has limited self government with defence and foreign affairs being the responsibility of Uskor.
Uskor currently had two Sysla, Tiranaien and Sjo.


Prior to the Territorial Units Act 2012 Uskor was broken into provinces.

List of Provinces

Former Provinces

  • Royal North Llabdey: Territory gifted to Landashir.
  • Garage Province: Territory returned to New Zealand.
  • Elphaba Province: Returned to Australia
  • Royal South Leestan: Given to Lewisham Democratic Repulic, Nemkhvia

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