Red April Revolution (Uskor)

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Red April Revolution
Part of Communist insurrection and revolution

Runa Calabresi-Halvorsen as part of the Tyrshavn communist forces occupying the former royal palace
Date11 April 2016
Result Communist victory, abolition of the monarchy, formation of the Uskorian League of Communists
Communist Forces Royalist Forces
Commanders and leaders
Claire Nymoria
Charlotte Lindström
Pingu Pikaviksson
Communist Revolutionaries Moderate Party

The Red April Revolution, also known as the Great Socialist Revolution of April 2016', was a Communist political revolution and coup d'etat in Uskor. Runa Calabresi-Halvorsen and Dylan Grönsson led the coup, in order to abolish the Uskorian monarchy and institute a socialist government. Some have criticised the revolution, speculating that the League of Communists does not intend to instate a democratic republic, but a single-party socialist state.


All times are in AEST:

Cultural importance

The Red April Revolution had gained its own cult of personality, with Uskorian leaders praising it and holding it to be a important event in Uskor's history, in a similar vain to the Red October Revolution was in the Soviet Union.

Political outcome

The speculation of a single party state has emerged as real possibility after the post revolution electoral commission disestablished all opposition parties.
The speculation of single party communist state came to fruition as the communists solidified their hold on the organs of the state.
Ultimately the regime established the revolution lasted just over a year until it fell by popular initiative and the monarchy was restored.