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City of Tyrshavn
Tyrshavn stad
Former City and Capital of Uskor
Official seal of City of Tyrshavn
Second Tier TypeCity
Country Uskor
Region Denton
Existence16 September 2013 - 14 April 2019
 • MayorCharlotte Lindstrom
 • Minister for Internal AffairsClaire Nymoria
 • Total0

Tyrshavn is a former city and former capital of the Commonwealth of Uskor and a major economic and political hub of Uskor.
The city had four wards. The city was disestablished on the 14th of April 2019 and it's territory ceded back to Australia on the 26th of April 2019.


  • The Domain

Situated in the south of the city, it featured gardens and the Tyrshavn Domain

  • Central

Situated approximately in the middle of Tyrshavn, it contained Pearse Street, Uskor Square and the Royal Palace.

  • Connolly Place

Situated around Connolly Place and the Palace of Lights

  • North Tyrshavn

Situated on the northern slopes of Tyrshavn and National Road 1.

Political and Media Activities

Pearce Street (Pearcegatan) contained the offices of the Uskorian Government, the Royal Palace and the Palace of Lights
Lenin Place contained the headquarters of the defunct Uskorian League of Communists.