Emil Calabresi-Halvorsen

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Jarl Emil of Ny-Rogaland

Email Calabresi-Halvorsen
Official Portrait .
Prime Minister
In office
26 October 2016 - October 2020
Monarch Charlotte
Predecessor Dylan Grönsson
Successor Brittany Danger
Jarl of Ny-Rogaland
Assumed office
27 Augst 2017
High Queen Charlotte
Predecessor Office established
Successor Incumbent
Minister for Internal Affairs
Assumed office
16 June 2016
Prime Minister Himself, Brittany Danger
Predecessor Dylan Grönsson
Successor Incumbent
Lord Keeper of Fire
Assumed office
27 August 2017
High Queen of Uskor Charlotte
Predecessor Office Established'
Successor Incumbent
Minister for Defence
Assumed office
May 2020
High Queen of Uskor Charlotte
Predecessor Charlotte Katrinsdottir as Minister for State Security
Successor Incumbent
Personal information
Born March 1995 (age 29)
Citizenship Uskorian
Nationality Australian
Political party Uskorian Labour Party
Other political
Australian Labor Party
Residence Freyavik, Uskor
Occupation Politician and Guardsman
Religion Catholic

His Serene Highness Inspector-General Jarl Emil Calabresi-Halvorsen UO, KCS, QA is the current Jarl of Ny-Rogaland, Lord Keeper of Fire.
Nymoria is the current deputy chief officer of the Royal Guard.

Early Political career

Calabresi-Halvorsen's career started when he was appointed as the Minister for Internal Affairs this was followed up by election to the Council of State and appointment as Secretary of the Council of State.

On 26 January 2016 he began his military career with commissioning to the rank of Brigadier, he was later promoted to Vice Admiral in 2017. Calabresi-Halvorsen with Charlotte Lindström drafted and adopted the Uskoraian Constitution following the Red April Revolution.
Following a period of reduced government activity Calabresi-Halvorsen was appointed as Prime Minister of Uskor on October 26, 2016.

Restoration of the monarchy

Calabresi-Halvorsen led the push at the Great Thing meeting of 26 August 2017 to restore the monarchy as a way of growing Uskorian Culture. It was at this meeting that he was elected Lord Keeper of the Fire and Jarl of Ny-Rogaland.

Calabresi-Halvorsen was made Deputy Chief Inspector of the Uskorian Watch on 28 February 2018 following the abolition of the Uskorian Naval Service.

Personal life

Calabresi-Halvorsen was a lesbian and came out as a transgender woman in 2015.
Calabresi-Halvorsen is keenly interested in international politics, the culture and history of China and Japan, and modern military history. Calabresi-Halvorsen currently is occupied by studying.
Calabresi-Halvorsen in January of 2020 came out as non-binary rather than a woman and uses male pronouns.
Politically Calabresi-Halvorsen sees himself as anti-capitalist leftist.

Titles, Styles and Awards

Calabresi-Halvorsen current title and style is:

  • His Serene Highness Inspector-General Jarl Runa Calabresi-Halvorsen, Jarl of Ny-Rogaland, Lord Keeper of the Fire, Minister for Internal Affairs and the Treasury, Minister for Defence, Officer of the Order of Uskor, Knight Companion of the Order of the Sword, and High Queen’s Advocate.

Awards and honours