Uskorian Watch

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Uskorian Watch

Uskorian Watch wordmark
Founded August 26, 2017
Headquarters Tyrshavn, Denton, Uskor
General nature Law enforcement
Local civilian police
Minister for State Security Charlotte, High Queen of Uskor
Chief Inspector Charlotte, High Queen of Uskor
General information
Jurisdiction Uskor
Standard weapon None

The Uskorian Watch (Swedish: Uskors väktare) is the national law enforcement agency of the Commonwealth of Uskor, responsible for enforcing the law, enhancing public safety, maintaining order, and arresting criminals. The Uskorian Watch is overseen by the Ministry for State Security.

The origins of the Uskorian Watch belong in the former Royal Zealandian Constabulary and the various police forces from Uskor’s past both as a republic and a socialist country.
The Uskorian Watch came into existence on August 26 of 2017 as the Uskorian Civil Guard following the collapse of the then socialist regime and restoration of the monarchy, in October 2017 the Civil Guard’s name was changed by referendum to the Uskorian Watch.
Since 2012 all law enforcement agencies of Uskor have tried to avoid using the words police or constabulary in their names to avoid accidental confusion with their Australian counterparts.

Role and organisation

The main duty of the Uskorian Watch is law enforcement.

The head of the Uskorian Watch is the Chief Inspector, appointed by the High Queen of Uskor with the advice of the Prime Minister. The Chief Inspector is accountable to the Ministry for State Security and must regularly report to the Minister for State Security.


Ranks within the Uskorian Watch in hierarchical order, are:

  • Chief Inspector
  • Deputy Chief Inspector
  • Inspector
  • Assistant Inspector
  • Watch Officer
  • Deputy Watch Officer
  • Team Leader
  • Senior Watch Person
  • Watch Person
  • Watch Recruit


The patch of the Uskorian Watch