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Lundrvik (Uskorian)
  Region of Uskor  

Coat of arms
Country Zealandian Flag (2016).png Uskor
Capital Dragonsbridge
Subdivisions Cities and Towns (3)
 - Jarl Claire Nymoria
Population (2019)
 - Total 5
Time zone Uskorian Normal Time (UTC10.5)
 - Summer (DST) Uskorian Summer Time (UTC11.5)
First Tier Postal Code LUNDEVIK
USKORCODE reference SU
Languages English

Lundevik or the Hold of Lundevik is a Hold of the Commonwealth of Uskor on the eastern seaboard of the Australian continent. Located adjacent to the North Shore of the Greater Sydney Area of New South Wales and north of Sydney Harbour from Denton.

Lundevik is divided into administrative areas called cities and villages.

List of Cities and Towns

  • Dragonsbridge
  • Fort Guringai
  • Northhavn

Emblem of Zealandia.png