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Country Zealandian Alternate National Flag.png Zealandia
Name Tiranaien
Subterritorial authorities Diaspoli, Magja and Turaspolien
Incorporated May 7, 2012
Demonym Tiranaienan
Postcode N/A
Area code N/A

Tiranaien, officially named Tiranaien Sysla, is a disputed territory claimed by both Zealandia and Firdanor. Once part of the former USSFR, Zealandia claims it was it was ceded to them when the Union dissolved on May 7, 2012, but have shown no proof of this despite now administering the territory. It is primary bordered by New Zealand and one municipality bordering Burkland, the United States and Amager.


The Territory of Tiranaien is flat grass and sand-lands with the exception of the Enver Ranges, Albania Bay and Igor rocks.


Tiranien is governed by a directly elected commissioner, currently Håkon Lindström and the consultative Supreme Soviet.


Tiranaien contains three municipalities:

Territorial dispute

Both Firdanor and Zealandia claim Tiranaien - while Zealandia claim that the Tiranaiens wish to be part of Zealandia, no known vote has ever been taken on this issue, and no evidence to otherwise support this claim has otherwise been shown. Håkon Lindström, the President of Zealandia, said that Tiranaien is an integral part of Zealandia and "Zealandian sovereignty is not up for discussion." [1] However, Firdanorians claim that the land was never officially ceded to Zealandia, giving them just as much of a right to claim it as Zealandia.