Wyndelan Valuto

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Wyndelan Valuto
Wyndelano Valuto
A diagram indicating the components of a valuto note.
ISO 4217
 Freq. used𝕍5, 𝕍10, 𝕍20, 𝕍50
 Rarely used𝕍100, 𝕍1,000 (only used in banking)
 Freq. usedP1, P2, P5, P10, P25, P50, D, 𝕍1, 𝕍2
 Rarely usedP100 (commemorative only)
Date of introduction2023
User(s) Grand Feudal Empire of Wyndela
Central bankBanko de Wyndela
 SourceStatista, 2023 Irish est.

The Wyndelan valuto was created on 26 September 2023, to replace the Mellær after the Thorn Revolution. It was issued by The Empress after it was decided to wipe all imagery of the previous regime.


The word valuto is a literal translation of the word 'currency', and so are the words penco (penny) and duono (half). The names were designed to be placeholders, but their popularity led to it being adopted permanently.


The valuto is split into two subunits, the penco and the duono. There are 200 pencoj in one valuto, and 2 duonoj in in one valuto (2 duonoj being equal to 100 pencoj).


After its creation on 26 September 2023, there was debate between Wyndela and other Calewan Union members. Some supported the abolition of the currency entirely, and replacing it with the Calewan valora, the de jure currency of the Calewan Union. Ultimately, at some point in October 2023, it was decided to retain the valuto for use in Wyndela. However, the Calewan valora is used by CU offices in Wyndela.


Coin Denomination Symbol Series
One penco P1 A
Two pencoj P2 A
Five pencoj P5 A
Ten pencoj P10 A
Twenty-five pencoj P25 A
Fifty pencoj P50 A
Duono / One hundred pencoj D or P100 A
One valuto 𝕍1 A
Two valutoj 𝕍2 A


Note Denomination Symbol Series
5 valutoj 𝕍5 II
10 valutoj 𝕍5 II
20 valutoj 𝕍20 II
50 valutoj 𝕍50 II


The valuto is fixed to a rate of one euro per valuto.

Exchange rate

Evolution of the exchange rate of the Wyndelan valuto
Year w:Canada CAD w:United States USD w:European Union EUR w:United Kingdom GBP w:Australia AUD w:China CNY w:South Africa ZAR w:India INR w:Japan JPY
November 2023 $1.49 $1.09 €1.00 £0.87 $1.68 ¥7.85 R20.02 ₹90.72 ¥162.98

Legal status

The valuto is mainly used in Wyndela, although the pound is still often used.

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