Kapresh aureus

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Kapresh aureus
10 aurei coin
Banknotes1 au, 2 au, 5 au, 10 au, 20 au, 50 au, 100 au
Coins1 au, 2 au, 5 au, 10 au, 25 au
Date of introductionNovember 16, 2023; 6 months ago (2023-11-16)
ReplacedKapresh dollar
User(s) Kapreburg
Central bankBank of Kapreburg
MintCharriotsville mint

The Kapresh aureus (symbol: au; code: KAP) is the official currency of Kapreburg, which was established on 16 November 2023, replacing the Kapresh dollar. The name derives from the roman name for gold coins. It was established with the Aureus Act (2023), which officially made the Kapresh dollar obsolete and established the aureus as a currency. The bill pegged the aureus at a ratio of 1:1 with the United States Dollar. It is planned that the currency will mainly be traded digitally, or through check, with very little real cash or coinage being exchanged. Despite this, coinage and cash is planned to be produced.

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