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ISO 4217
NicknameBones for smaller amount, skulls for larger.
Banknotes50Gø, 100Gø, 500Gø, 1000Gø, 2000Gø, 5000Gø
Coins1Gø, 10Gø, 25Gø, 50Gø, 100Gø, 250Gø, 1000Gø, and 2500Gø
Unofficial user(s) Weimar
Central bankWeg National Bank
PrinterFederal Reserve of the Weg National Bank
MintMinistry of Finance at the Federal Mint of Two Pine

The Weg Gogo (sign: ; code: WEG) is the official currency of the Federal Union of Wegmat since its founding in 2018. It has gone through several changes over its existence until its current form in 2021. It was created by the former monarchy of Wegmat and on April 4 2019, the Weg National Bank gained control. Amounts are written into AmountGø or Amount Gogos on checks.


The Gogo was created on the day of Wegmat's founding. It had absolutely no value until 4 April 2019 the Weg National Bank gained control. Few bills were printed into circulation and all transactions were done electronically. In the summer of 2019 the Gogo became an electronic-only currency and no bills or coins were issued. After the monarchy was turned into a republic the Weg National Bank established the Federal Reserve with permission from the president. In early 2021 new bills were produced. In 2023 the design was changed considering it to be too poor. In 2024 the 50Gø note was dropped due to little value and another design change was done and is considered the highest quality design yet. The Ministry of Finance gave the Federal Reserve permission to mint coins at the FMTP. The Federal Mint of Darkwater was disestablished in April of 2024. Coins are minted into abounts of 5Gø, 10Gø, 25Gø, 50Gø, 100Gø, 250Gø, and 2500Gø


2021 series

Picture Value Description of Observe
50Gø Noam Chomsky
100Gø Federica Montseny
500Gø Huey P. Newton
1000Gø Maria Nikiforova
2000Gø Pete Seeger.

2023 series

Observe Reverse Value Description of Observe Description of Reverse
50Gø Face of David Bowie. A pioneer heading towards the Weg frontier during Manifest Wegstany.
100Gø Face of David Byrne. A Weg Marine brushing through tall grass during an exploration of the Madison Jungle. The text of the Constitution of Wegmat is on both sides.
500Gø Face of Fred Hampton. Love's Peak.
1000Gø Face of Angela Davis. The Supreme Court of Wegmat and the text of Magna Carta.
2000Gø Face of Bjork. Wegmat Capital Building.

2024 series

Observe Reverse Value Description of Observe Description of Reverse
100Gø Face of Will Toledo and a Northern Cardinal. The Grand Irving Valley, Bluestar flower and a historical image of the Fountain of Youth.
500Gø Face of Sinead O'connor and a Great Blue Heron. Lake Essef, Paradise City, and Common Bluebell.
1000Gø Face of David Byrne and a Rufous Hummingbird. The Richland Canyon in Cenwister, Fish Lake in New Finland (territory) and Apple Blossom.
5000Gø Face of Tracy Chapman and a Cooper's Hawk. The Wegmat Capital Building, Supreme Court of Wegmat, and the Council of State Building.


Coins are produced by the Federal Mint of Two Pine. They are minted onto alluminan bottle caps which are crushed by 2 tons of pressure.

2024 series

Observe Reverse Value Description
1Gø The Sun.
10Gø The Moon.
25Gø A pinecone.
50Gø A maple leaf.
100Gø A maple tree.
250Gø An oak tree.
2500Gø A sycamore tree.