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Associated Province of Cenwister
Flag of Cenwister
Coat of arms of Cenwister
   Cenwister in    Wegmat Not to scale or in geographic location.
Country Wegmat
Established19 July 2019
 • TypeFederated republic
 • GovernorSteve F. (CFP)
 • Total26 population as of 2,022
 • Rank1st
Postal Abbreviation
Official language(s)English
Area1427.2 Acres
LegislatureCenwister Senate
WebsiteProvince Page

Cenwister is the most economically active province in the Federal Union of Wegmat. Located West of Lloyd, Wisconsin. Cenwister is an Out-Province meaning it is out of the general area of Two Pine. Cenwister became a territory During the existence of the Kingdom of Ridab era. Cenwister saw tremendous growth during 2021 when the claims were revitalized and the federal government got more involved.


Cenwister is a shortening of the term "Central Wisconsin Territories" which was the original name given to the claims that make up the province.


Cenwister was claimed in 2018 when Wegmat was founded but the claims were never officially recognized until 2019 when the residents of Fullerton voted to join the Kingdom. Cenwister due to its distance from mainland Wegmat would remain uninfluential until the first official Cenwister Deer Hunt. Cenwister is the only province in Wegmat that allows citizens to hunt deer. Deer are not recognized as citizens in Cenwister but even if they were due to Predator and Prey Act deer can be killed for resources. In 2021 the Deer Hunt was successful and the province gained more official citizens. Dulles was claimed and is the largest city in Cenwister. Cenwister has always had a large economy but between 2021 and 2022 the economy grew even without dairy cows.


File:County map of Cenwister.png
Map of Cenwister Counties.

Cenwister is the largest province in Wegmat and one of the largest known plots of land legally owned by micronational co-operators. The original charter of claims was 200 acres around the Fullerton area. In 2021 the province was rechartered to include the Dennis area. Cenwister is one out of two provinces to subdivide the province further into counties. There are 8 counties in Cenwister. Kelvin County is the largest and least populated located north of Dulles. Dulles unified city and county being the most populated and smallest. Rustic View County is the county in which Fullerton is located. Skyview County encompasses the flat area of the Skyview range. The Skyview range makes up the majority of the eastern part of the province. The Rustic Valley makes up the western part of the province. Notable geological features include Steves Cliff, the largest cliff in the Federal Union, Kelvins Face, and Baird Cliff.


The economy of Cenwister has 95% of income revolving around 7 companies. Due to the size of these companies, they are nationalized by the Federal Government and Associated Province of Cenwister, the Cenwister Authority owns all of them to regulate them. The Cenwister Authority holds 7 companies:

  • Fuller Rustic View Dairy used to be the largest before its demise due to being strung out by competition in the United States. American companies had industrial dairy centers with machines that milked the cows. FRVD is currently an export company of Cenwister despite having no Dairy products. FRVD works with the Wegmat Commerce Authority and companies in the United States to export cattle and excess grain. FRVD is headquartered in Fullerton and is a company registered in the United States.
  • Holly Corn is the corn company that operates in the Rustic View State Agriculture Area surrounding Fullerton as well as some parts of the Federal Agriculture Center. Corn is harvested and sent to be processed and stored in Fullerton by Holly itself. The product is then sold to Wegmat Beef or Lorfonte Cattle. Holly Corn is headquartered in Fullerton.
  • Susterno Corn is the corn company that operates in the Federal Agriculture Center growing and harvesting hundreds of acres annually. Corn once harvested is sold to Cazenovia Crop. Susterno is headquartered in Skyview.
  • Cazenovia Crop is a processing and storage company operating in Dulles. Susterno, Holly and 2 small companies sell their grain to CC. CC then sells the crop to be used as feed for Wegmat Beef and Lorfonte Cattle.
  • Wegmat Beef owns dozens of cattle. The cattle graze on State Grazing Lands and Federal MoA property. The cattle themselves are then sold to slaughterhouses in the United States. Wegmat Beef is the most profitable company in Wegmat.
  • Lorfonte Cattle is a cattle consultant and butcher company. Lorfonte is sometimes contracted by Wegmat Beef to take care of the stock or to provide advice. Lorfonte mainly is responsible for butchering in Cenwister, usually venison since Cenwister is the only province which does not recognized deer as citizens.


The culture of Censister is heavily similar to the Free Nakoosa Republic due to its proximity and both heavily adopting Wisconsin culture. Due to Cenwister being primarily rural and the largest province in Wegmat, the province empathizes a simple lifestyle. This is shown in the state motto: "vita simplex clavis est ad beatitudinem et libertatem" (English:A Simple Life is the Key to Happiness and Freedom). A major part of Cenwister is deer hunting which is enjoyed by 90% of citizens according to the provincial Government. Deer hunting is legal in Cenwister despite deer being recognized federally as citizens. It is up to provinces to admit citizens and Cenwister has a law that refuses to let deer become citizens.

Law and politics

Cenwister is politically incredibly conservative. The Farmer's Party is the largest party in Cenwister and dominates the provincial legislature. The Farmer's Party is not nationally recognized and is only active and registered in Cenwister. Cenwister turnout for federal elections is low due to disenfranchisement due to the distance of the Federal Government. Some have said, "The Weg Embassy in Buckhorn View is far more likly to help you than the consulate in Dulles" criticizing the lack of federal intervention in Cenwister.

Provincial government

The Government of Cenwister is the largest provincial government in Wegmat due to its distance from Two Pine. Cenwister refers to itself as an "Associated Province" and is the only province to have a distinct title. The term state is also used to refer to provincial programs such as, State Parks, State Agriculture Areas, State Bank, and such. Cenwister has a bicameral legislature referred to as the Cenwister United Congress. There are two houses, the House of the People and the House of the Counties. Cenwister has 8 counties with roughly equal populations and one representative for two counties. The House of the People has 5 representative districts. The province has one unified court system, with a courthouse per county.


Cenwister State College is the only school in Cenwister with 3 campuses: the main one in Fullerton, one in Dulles, and the agriculture center in Skyview. The college specializes in engineering and agriculture and offers little to no other programs.



Centran is the system of shuttles between cities in Cenwiser. The Hilltop Line runs from Fullerton to Skyview and the Hollow Line runs between Fullerton and Dulles. The Cenwister Road system is separate from the Provincial standard system due to its distance from the in-provinces. It's a fairly extensive road network. The Fullerton and Dulles Liner is the cargo transit company running Karebota between multiple cities across the province.