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Abierta Flag.jpegSeal of Drystone.jpeg

Territroy in the Federal Union of Wegmat
Founded15 December 2020
Area90 Acres
GovernmentLocal Government of Cornerstone

Anierta is a territory in the Federal Union of Wegmat. Anierta is part of the In-Provinces, meaning it is in the general area of Two Pine. Abierta became a territory as protest to a road being expanded, removing several trees.


Abierta is the only province that is not bordered by another country. It is bordered by Whynofly to the Southwest, Drystone to the Southeast, South Potawatomi to the Northeast and Irving to the Northwest.

Abierta is split between to distinct geographical regions of Wegmat, the Great Plaines of Schiller to the North and the Central Range to the south.

A water pump in the Great Plaines of Schiller.



Abierta has no human residents making the culture hunter gatherer like. However the city of Flying has the most well maintained runway in Wegmat next to Bobbygrad Intermicronational Airport and Thatcher Glen Intermicronational Airport. Therefore Flying and Abierta has created a plane culture similar to that of Aenopia.


Abierta’s main industry is transportation, because of it’s location it has a CTA Bus Stop, the Flying Intermicronational Airport and a hub for the 3 major cargo carriers in Wegmat, Robinson Southern and Dunning Scorch, Union Des Plaines, La Bamboise Northern.