National Parks in Wegmat

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Wegmat National Park Agency
Logo of the National Park agency
Agency overview
FormedDecember 2, 2018; 5 years ago (2018-12-02)
HeadquartersWegmat Federal Offices, Two Pine, Wegmat
Annual budget$12,000 Gø
Agency executive

They are many areas in the Federal Union of Wegmat that are designated as national parks or national monuments. The designations may only be made by the federal agency of the Wegmat National Park Agency. They are two main areas that are operated by the National Park Agency, National Parks and National Monuments.

National Parks

Image Name Location Description
Des Plaines National Park Unincorporated Essef Des Plaines National Park, located in the Des Plaines Upper Thatcher region of Essef is a preservation area. The national park has trails, fishing, and other recreation throughout the park. Many sycamores and maple trees grow in the park. The park is the lowest point in Wegmat at 613 feet above sea level. The Des Plaines River Floodplain is at its skinniest point however deepest. At times of heavy rainfall during the spring Route Connection 14 And other roads are completely closed as water can be above the average human height at times.
File:EP NP.jpg Eastern Plain Woods National Park Prarik, Essef Eastern Plain Woods National Park is a preservation area. The national park has trails and camping. The park is home to a variety of songbirds and tall trees.
File:BoT NP.jpg Bay of Trees National Park Evansville, Hilda Bay of Trees National Park is a preservation area. The national park has some amenities at the Bay of Trees commendation which is shared by Hilda Highlands National Park. the majority of the park is water making recreation only available through boating when the bay a navigable. The park preserves the northern part of the Bay of Trees. The southern part of the bay is home to the Hilda Keys which have two tourist towns on their islands. The southern portion of the bay is managed by the Hilda Department of the Economy.
File:HH NP.jpg Hilda Highlands National Park Foxtrot, Hilda Hilda Highlands National Park is a recreational and preservation area. It has several hiking trails and hills, as well as the largest Wildland in southern Wegmat. Backcountry camping is a common activity in the park.
File:CC NP.jpg Crazy Creek National Park Canpac Depot, Hydrove Crazy Creek National Park is a recreational area. There is one hiking trail along the creek that flows into the Des Plaines River. The creek is unnavigable. After large rainfalls the creek flows very fast down from the Canpac Range. Upon this discovery it was named Crazy Creek.
File:CM NP.jpg Chad Mans National Park Unincorporated, Whynofly Chad Mans National Park is a recreational area on the Schiller River and Des Plaines River. There is a bike park there. it hs been a popular place to mountain bike in Wegmat and the surrounding area. Many people brought motorized dirt bikes to the park. The Cook County Forest Preserve District destroyed the park. Recreational Infrastructure Project Abba (RIPA) began, the reconstruction of the Chad Mans was the number one priority of the project. Three new jumps were completed and plans to expand the bike trails south were made. Chad Mans is named after the Chad meme.
File:TM NP.jpg Crazy Creek National Park Lost Lake City, Drystone Trader's Mountain National Park is a recreational and preservation area for Trader's Mountain and the surrounding wildlands in Lost Lake City the mountain is the highest in the in-provinces. The Temple of Great Bob and his Great Followers is located in the park. It is the largest temple of the Bobist religion. The park receives a strong amount of visitors for being in a large Weg city.
File:LV NP.jpg Lucious Valley National Park Unincorporated, Irving Lucious Valley is a preservation area. It is in the center of Irving where only one road goes, MoA Road 45. The only areas to access Lucious Valley are through Sevou National Forest, there is no visitor center however a few backcountry trails.
File:CS NP.jpg Crysal Springs National Park Crystal Springs, Irving and parts of North Potawatomi Crystal Springs National Park is a recreational and preservation area. It preserves Crystal Spring, a place where the groundwater is visible. The park is mostly along the Crystal River into northern North Potawatomi where the backcountry is. They are multiple backcountry trails and camps. The visitor center and main hotel is in Crystal Springs

National Monuments

Image Name Location Description

Other NPA Locations

Image Name Location Description
File:National Lakeshore of Wegmat.jpg The National Lakeshore Darkwater, South Potawatomi The National Lakeshore is a recreational area along Big Mud Lake in South Potawatomi. It encompasses the entire lakeshore of the lake and the lake itself. It is the most visit unit of the Wegmat National Park System. Fishing is the most popular activity in the park, fishing is regulated by the Wegmat Ministry of Agriculture as they are two fisheries on the lake in Darkwater. The Lakeshore is jointly managed by the National park Agency (WEM) and the Bereau of Fishing (MoA)