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Weg culture is the pattern of specifically human activity and symbolism associated with the Federal Union of Wegmat and its human citizens. It is a primarily Western culture heavily influenced by the Culture of Chicago, Ilinois and other cultural aspects across the United States


English is the most commonly spoken language in Wegmat, known and used daily by the majority of the human population. English is the official language and as such is used for government business. Spanish is also spoken by some people in Wegmat. New Finland is the only Weg province where the official language is not English and is Finnish.


Music is a major part of the culture in Wegmat. According to the Intermicronational Music Academy, which is headquartered in Bushwod, a large music artist or group in Wegmat is one that tours to Stadiums in Wegmat. These musical acts include Amnesiac Dreamscape, Breezy Freestyle, Mack, the Only One, National Guitar Service, Coverboy and Chugga. Coverboy and Chugga only do covers, while the rest are original but usually only have one album. They are two rivaling record labels in Wegmat. Wormhole Music and Public Records. Wormhole Music does not release music to the internet and only sells physical or digital copies in its stores. Public Records however does.

The IMA's music charts of Wegmat prioritize micronational artists higher than other artists. The IMA charts songs every week based on people's Spotify scrobbles or physical copies purchased. Popular macronational artists in Wegmat include Tyler, the Creator, Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, Car Seat Headrest and Mac Demarco. Radio Stations in Wegmat play these artists quite often.

The national anthem of Wegmat is Never Fall.

Media and broadcasting

Citizens of Wegmat read newspapers imported from and watch television channels broadcasted from United States. WGB News is the official Weg news service, it is funded by the Wegmat Government. Josh News, exists as an alternative news source that comes from Josh L, the governor of 2 Weg provinces.

Wegmat General Broadcaster does not just report and post news but is the largest broadcaster of media in Wegmat. The majority of its media that is broadcasted however comes from WGB Radio which broadcasts music. WGB has very little visual media, WGB Comedy broadcasts video memes, and some non-WGB produced short films are also broadcasted and promoted. Wormhole Studios is the largest visual media producer in Wegmat. They have a visual library of memes and produce the videos from the Ecstasy of Boredom, which is a Youtube Channel where "lavish excursions" are posted, often illegal or dangerous.


The majority of the Weg human population is agnostic, some those who are religious are Bobist, most Bobists in Wegmat are part of the split-off denomination of the Bobist Church of Wegmat. Other religions that human Wegs are a part of are usually Christian.

Monuments and Parks

The capital city of Two Pine has multiple monuments in the Monument District administrated by the National Park Agency. The Wegmat Capital Building, Big and Small Pine, the Imperial Palace and Flower Lines Avenue are all part of this National Monument District. Other areas designated as National Monuments by the National Park Agency include Kiser Ridge National Monument, Iron Bridge National Monument, Loves Peak National Monument, Silver Low National Monument, Green Lake National Monument, Garden of the Goddesses National Monument, Manny Falls National Monument, Mound Canyon National Monument, Tallest Tree National Monument, Lighting Strike National Monument, and Teresof National Monument.

They are also a few more special national Monuments that have their own visitor centers and are more actively administered by the National Park Agency than the other Monument designations. Loves Peak National Monument is the tri-point of 3 provinces, the National Lakeshore consists of the entire shoreline of Big Mud Lake and Serpent Mound National Monument, which is not claimed as territory by the Federal Government and is rather recognized as a tribal land area.


An Egg Weg, served with sausage and milk (Top)
A bottle of Bee Knee’s Cream Soda (Bottom)

Most of Wegmat's citizens are of Polish or Italian descent; by extension, this makes most food Italian or Polish. Some restaurants within Wegmat serve contemporary American food; in other places, the food served there is Italian dishes like pasta or salad or even Italian beef from Chicago. Other foods include Polish sausages.

The Pfeffer dish is a vegetable tray with crackers and hummus. 2 drinks were originally made in Wegmat; Weg Soda is carbonated water mixed with juice and sugar and Weg Hot Drink is hot chocolate, with melted caramels being put in the drink. Both of these drinks are served in most restaurants around Wegmat. Cranberry Apple Pie, or Crapple Pie, is a favorite in Wegmat and is baked on special occasions such as Thanksgiving or Christmas.

National symbols