Wegmat Environmental Ministry

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Wegmat Environmental Ministry
Logo of the Environmental Ministry
Agency overview
FormedDecember 2, 2018; 3 years ago (2018-12-02)
HeadquartersWegmat Federal Offices, Two Pine, Wegmat
Annual budget$20,000 Gø
Agency executive

The Wegmat Environmental Ministry or WEM is the governmental body responsible for maintaining the environment of Wegmat and promoting environmental protection to Macronational governments and companies alike. The Ministry currently has 3 departments both administrating Environmental and Geographic governance in Wegmat.

Wegmat National Park Agency

Wegmat has many National Parks. A national park can be assigned to an area of environmental importance or unusual land or interesting land. They are currently 11 national parks:

They’re also 13 national monuments

  • Lighting Tree National Monument
  • Two Pine National Monument
  • Loves Peak National Monument
  • Kiser Ridge National Monument
  • Iron Bridge National Monument
  • Lovely National Monument
  • Jump National Monument
  • NWR Conflict Memorial National Monument
  • Weg-New German War National Monument
  • Squirrel Tower National Monument
  • River View National Monument
  • Chaveleir-Weg Friendship National Monument
  • Intermicronational National Monument

Wegmat Geography Studies Agency

The Wegmat Geographic Studies Department studies the geography of Wegmat. It conducts a land survey every year on effects of land. The department also manages expeditions with the National List of Unexplored Territories. The department is not only confined to Wegmat territories and may explore other locations such as a planned expeditions of a territory with possible claimant of territories both East and North of New Finland. One borders New Finland while the other is 600 acres in size with the Central Michigan Dirt Rally using a roads in the property yearly. They have been two expeditions of such one was of Hoover Forest Preserve. And the other was an expedition to Yellowstone and the Black Hills also known as the “Grand Wegmat Expedition”