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Federal Union of Wegmat

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Federal Union of Wegmat
State Emblem of Wegmat
State Emblem
Anthem: Never Fall
CapitalTwo Pine
Largest cityBushwood
Official languagesEnglish
Recognised regional languages
Ethnic groups
Demonym(s)Weg (Official)
Wegmaitian (Unofficial)
GovernmentSemi-presidential parliamentary republic under an asymmetrical federation
• President
James Panton
Dylan Achterhof
Cole Baird
Dolly Downer
Independence from the United States
30 November 2018
4 April 2019
27 August 2020
16 January 2022
• Total
6.2 km2 (2.4 sq mi)
• Water (%)
• Estimate
239 [b]
CurrencyWeg gogo
United States dollar
Time zoneUTC-5:45 (GWT)
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy
Driving sideright
Calling code
  • +1 (708) (In-provinces)
  • +1 (608) (Cenwister)
  • +1 (906) (New Finland)
IMSO 1 codeWEG
Internet TLD.wg (planned)

Wegmat (US: /wɛɡmæt/), officially the Federal Union of Wegmat, or sometimes the Federal Union; is a political entity that claims to be a sovereign state, commonly known as a micronation.[1] Wegmat is surrounded by western Chicago and is bordered by the United States, the Chaveleir Republic, The Anglo-Suomi Union, Kingdom of Ephraim the Weimar Confedertion and Levare.[2] Spanning a total of 1,724 acres or 6 km², Wegmat consists of 12 provinces, 2 federal districts and 1 autonomous region. Multiple species of animals are offered full citizenship, including humans, dogs, cats, beavers, foxes, and deer. Animals obtain this citizenship by either a human caretaker applying it or by its issuance by the Weg government. The official language of Wegmat is English; other spoken languages include Finnish, Spanish and Italian.

Wegmat declared independence on 30 November 2018, however, the concept has dated as far back as 17 October 2018. The nation only included New Finland and the 1st ward of Two Pine. On 4 April 2019, the nation redrafted the constitution and claimed new territories, including Cenwister, Essef and Gliffork. In August of the same year, the Weg Parliament passed the Deer and Other Species Citizenship Status Act, greatly expanding Weg territory and citizenship. In October, a conflict began in Bobbygrad to combat the NWR, a former domestic terrorist group in Wegmat. In January, New Germany declared itself independent from Wegmat; the two would be reunited in October 2020. In June 2021, the nation received the new territories past 1st Avenue to the Lawrence Line, which are rapidly growing.[3]

Wegmat is a semi-presidential federal republic. The President is elected and may appoint the Wegmat Council of State including the Prime Minister. The President represents the Weg people and is the head of state. The Prime Minister is the head of government and the head seat in Parliament and the cabinet. Life in Wegmat is similar to life in the US and Canada, as its culture heavily derives from there. [4]

Wegmat is considered to be part of 3 sectors: the MicroWiki Sector, the Des Plaines Valley Sector, and the TOES Sector. Wegmat was a member state of the Grand Unified Micronationaland the Cupertino Alliance. Wegmat's foreign policy has changed and only remains a member of the Micronational Olympic Federation.


The word Wegmat does not have any meaning and is considered a weird name to some in and outside the intermicronational community. It was generated by Cole Baird using a random letter generator until it was pronounceable using Latin letters. Similarly, the name Ridab was renamed as it was an anagram the name of the Weg founding family. The name was readopted in the April 4 Acts.


According to the designer, black represents the people of Wegmat at the bottom of the flag, white represents the dividing line between animals and humans, and blue represents animals who live off of the Des Plaines River. The star in the green circle connects both of the colors of the tri-band. The green represents the environmental mission of Wegmat to protect animals important to the ecosystem. The star represents the North Star, which is one of the only visible stars in the Chicagoland area due to light pollution.



Cole roamed much of their neighborhood, Trailmark, a subdivision in Littleton, Colorado, and designated each trail a specific road number. They also designated their house as a city and built street signs. When Cole got into the game Minecraft, they created the Republic of Falmont, with them acting as the President.[5] During the same time, in what is now the New German city of Bobbygrad, there was an area known as "the Ally", where fighting occurred over who would be king. Vladimir Baruh, Kaiser of New Germany, would be called the King of the Ally by local kids..


Wegmat was founded on 30 November 2018 under the name Ridab, which was an absolute monarchy and recognized animals as citizens.[6] Its very small constitution was written to designate slight control of the nation to the government. Wegmat was quite inactive until late March 2019, when the Prime Minister, Cole Baird, visited the Conch Republic for spring break.[7] Soon afterwards, they decided to start drafting a new constitution, as well as encouraging other people to become citizens of Wegmat. These events led up to the April 4 Acts, which formally renamed Ridab to Wegmat and overall made the government more democratic.


On 4 April 2019, the Prime Minister's draft of the Constitution was passed by Parliament. Wegmat, which was originally a city-state, annexed the North and South Provinces, which became Essef, Gliffork, New Finland and Cenwister.[8] Wegmat remained peaceful until a citizen named DJ was exiled out of the country on 6 May, after he threatened a citizen. DJ would create a Soviet Union-based micronation and declare war on Wegmat, which would eventually end due to the signing of the Treaty of Bobbygrad on 15 May.[9]

That same day, New Asia United declared war on Wegmat for signing the Treaty of Bobbygrad, amongst other reasons. Known as the Shoe War, New Asia United and Wegmat would fight 2 battles one in Priory National Park and one in Bobbygrad), before New Asia United collapsed on 3 June. In late June, River Forest, the city where Wegmat was mainly located, formed a task force to cull the local population of deer,[10][11] which would result in the government of Wegmat adopting the Deer and Other Species Citizenship Status Act, which was made to ensure the protection of deer. In addition, Wegmat acquired new territories on 10 August, which included the province of Hilda, named after the late dog of Wegmat's royal family.[12] The acquisition of these territories boosted Wegmat's population to triple digits.

Bobbygrad renaissance

Between September and October 2019, violence re-erupted in Bobbygrad, with a group known as the New Wegmat Republic trying to take the city of Bobbygrad,[13] which would end with the city descending into civil war.

A New Wegmat soldier, armed with an Airsoft gun.

The reputation of the NWR would decline as Wegmat took the Stevont Pass,[14] located north of Bobbygrad. In addition, most citizens of the NWR defected back to Wegmat and enlisted in the Wegmat Armed Forces. For a while, Parliament struggled to find a new Minister of Defence after the second one resigned, which was resolved when he rejoined the country.

Later on, Bobbygrad would vote to secede from Wegmat as the Empire of New Germany, and declared war on Wegmat, which the Wegmat Foreign Exchange Ministry would ignore. This would result in northwestern Gliffork turning into a warzone and most of Wegmat's non-lethal armed forces defecting to New Germany. Another effect of the civil war would be that the culture of Wegmat's in-provinces would turn into what Wegmat's culture is today. The war would end with the Priory Grasslands being claimed by both New Germany and Wegmat.[15] During the Winter of 2019 and 2020 Wegmat would be developing Hilda and Essef. Crating the bay project the Bay of Trees area was to be developed more. The project ended prematurely after the war.

Manifest Wegstany

Following all the controversies surrounding Wegmat, its Prime Minister would push the country more politically left. In March 2020, Wegmat would shut down due to COVID-19; precautions included travel between the United States and the in-provinces of Wegmat being restricted (unless necessary) and face masks being required in all buildings. These precautions, among others, would result in Wegmat having 0 confirmed cases. In mid-May, Wegmat entered phase 2 of lockdown.

In May 2020, Wegmat joined the Des Plaines Union as its third member. By mid-June, Wegmat entered Phase 3, and the Wegmat Territory Expansion Act of 2020 was passed by Parliament, where the Province of Hydrove, the Indians Boundaries Territory, and the Shiller Territory were added as Weg territory to protest potentially dangerous actions to the Des Plaines River, which went into effect on 1 July.

Pioneers on the Des Plaines River Trail heading to the northern parts of Wegmat.

With the capitalist economy declining in Wegmat with stock shares being worthless and no interest in work, economic and political stress was raised. On 26 June, workers in Wegmat joined a general strike in Paradise City. The protesters had demanded to dissolve the stock exchange and give ownership of the company distributed among the employees. On 27 June, the ownership of almost all large corporations in Wegmat was given to their employees. Cole Baird supported these protests. The Founders Party changed quickly to reflect the economic views of the citizens of Wegmat.

Between 12 July and 28 July, the Environmental Ministry of Wegmat went on an expedition to the American states of Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota and Idaho. While the Prime minister was gone,na parliament member, attempted a coup as a joke, which resulted in the reformation of the government and a new constitution. The new constitution was ratified in a referendum on 27 October 2020. 2 days earlier, the Treaty and Act of New German Reunification was signed, which reunited New Germany into Wegmat as an autonomous province.

On 25 November, Wegmat elected the first-ever President; 6 days later, new Parliament members were sworn in, including the President. On 30 November, Wegmat celebrated 2 years of existence. On 18 February 2021, the Prime Minister mistakenly proposed an unconstitutional motion, which was later retracted. However, during a trip with the Council of State to Devils Hill National Park on 20 February, protests broke out. When counter-protesters arrived, the protests turned into a riot. Wegmat was prepared to start sending more people up north by the end of the snow season.

Great Des Plaines Valley War

As the political instability finally broke in the Des Plaines Valley Sector, the nation of Rodentia was involved in a coup, which turned it into an empire. The same day, during the coup, Rodentia funded the Sakaki Clan to take Bobbygrad; this began a conflict in the region. Wegmat was invaded by Rodentian forces on 7 March 2021. In a large-scale invasion by Philmont and Rodentian forces; many nations that were a part of the UDCTC joined the war. Rodentia was pushed out of Wegmat. The Weimar broke away from Wegmat and joined the Urraca Pact and invaded Priory National Park. Wegmat’s rival nation, the Empire of Kapreburg, joined the war. The Kapresh invaded Whynofly and captured the territory for a week. The War entered a period of little fighting until after a summit between Cole Baird and Jonas Rhymer, when the Urraca Pact invaded the Weg province of Levare. This was the last moment of combat in the Des Plaines Valley. Wegmat was already sending civilian developers into the north by then. Wegmat took out Philmont in New Mexico in late July. Rodentia surrendered a few days after the Weg army returned to the Des Plaines Valley. The war ended and is still controversial in the MicroWiki Sector.

Closure of the Frontier

Cole B. giving a speech at the beginning of the reconstruction of the Chad Mans.

Although the war progressed, Wegmat focused on fully developing the Weg frontier, made up of territories north of Hydrove. The main project of development was the reconstruction of Chad Mans National Park, a popular jump trail for dirt bikers and mountain bikers. The trail was destroyed by the United States on the basis that it violated the local ordinance. Under a program instituted by the Prime Minister, called Recreational Infrastructure Project Abba, reconstruction of the trails began in June, alongside plans for other biking trails.

Wegmat also planned to begin technological research and manufacturing of goods. In the past few months, however, manufacturing goods became a keen interest of much of the human population of Wegmat. Plans for a train that would run on abandoned railroad tracks between Jaccigrad and Isadora are planned to begin by the Summer of 2022. In July, Wegmat annexed an abandoned golf practice center with the hope of hosting a golf tournament planned in August. The area, known as the Bushwood Territory, has had much of the land designated as Weg Intermicronational Stadium. The new territory quickly grew becoming the province of Madison and the city of Bushwood becoming the most populous city in Wegmat.

The Weg frontier was declared officially closed when North Potawatomi and Whynofly were upgraded from territories to provinces. Wegmat is also now considered to be entirely walkable. The Weg government finally became able to operate motor vehicles without outsourcing as Federal Employees gained Illinois driver licenses. Wegmat opened its first hunting season of deer (only in Cenwister). This is legal due to Weg Predator Laws citing that a citizen can kill a non-citizen as long as it is another species and the meat is used. Ballots for the 2021 Presidential Election of Wegmat were issued on 5 December 2021. Vincent C. did not run again as he has not done much with Wegmat and has lost interest in the government. Ian Brandis received the endorsement of the Founders Party and won the race. He is now the President. Gubernatorial candidates were put on the federal ballot so any person within Wegmat could vote for a governor.

Post-war Era

Both sides of the GDPVW became quite nationalistic. On 22 November, a Kapresh citizen and another person committed the Weg Nationwide Attacks. Several buildings were destroyed. The attacks started after a firecracker was detonated in the Madison Capital Building in Bushwood. The Wegmat Authority arrived with fire extinguishers. While the situation was being resolved both the Hilda and Essef capital buildings were destroyed. The Kapresh citizen headed north on Wegmat Route 4 while the other terrorist headed east towards Two Pine. The individual was immediately apprehended by the Wegmat Authority in Two Pine. Cole Baird issued a national lockdown while all of the Weg law enforcement headed up north to apprehend the Kapresh citizen. The Wegmat Special Police and Investigation headed through Whynofly to find Cape Chad and Interior destroyed. Weg law enforcement surrounded Lost Lake City. The terrorist targeted 2 locations in LLC, however, was arrested by the WSPI.

The WSPI claimed that the attacks were based on Kapresh Nationalism. On the 3rd annual Founder's Day, Wegmat prematurely declared war on Kapreburg. However, no military operations began until a month later. During this time Wegmat was still operating as if there was no war. In January 2022 the Wegmat marines traveled to Kapreburg on the Metra and invaded New Kariba. Combat ended on 22 January yet both nations refused to back down from their de-jure state of war until Wegmat did on 10 May.

Paulina Depression

The war partially caused economic depression in the Des Plaines Valley Sector. The majority of human citizens are unemployed in Weg jobs. Some may call this a state of inactivity in micronationalism as no one wants to participate with Wegmat. The Wegmat Government is considering a campaign to reactivate the Weg economy which is where the majority of the activity in Wegmat devolves around rather than politics and government. The economic depression began before the 2022 MOF Games which was hosted by Wegmat. The games entered a state of inactivity due to the only game admin experiencing mental health problems. The MOF took over the administration of the games. Northern Wegmat historically has had a choke point for trade in Northern Hydrove. If this section of the Great Wegmat Highway closes much of Northern Wegmat is cut from Federal services and supplies from southern businesses. On 12 December Canadian Pacific Railway began renovation work on their bridge at Canpac Crossings which closed the road below. The Framboise Tunnel at La Bamboise closed well due to severe water damage from a pipe burst. The Framboise Tunnel is the sole route for some riverboats that need to pass the Framboise Portage. The only way to travel through the Hydrove chokepoint is through the Legion Detour or via automobile and Pace bus services around Hydrove and Golfia. Because of the travel restrictions and the Paulina Depression activity has decreased in Northern Wegmat. This opened a "New Fronteir" because law is harder to enforce and development has reversed in the north. On 21 December 2022 James Panton was elected the as the 3rd president of Wegmat. He was sworn in on 2 January 2023 as the first non-Founder's Party president. Cole Baird remains Prime Minister despite being a socialist, countering Panton's liberal views.

Post Depression and A-Era

The UDP Belle Plaine moves south full of cargo.

The Paulina Depression came to an end in December after the annexation of Shipstar, a city where three large agriculture companies operate. The Wegmat Government had chartered the economy there specifically to benefit the nation as a whole. With special taxation imposed by the province of Gliffork, a deal was made between the province and the Federal Government to collect the income. The Federal Government of Wegmat began updating its services and legality. The Federal Codex of Wegmat was published and is the largest recorded Code of Law of a micronation. Recovery from the Paulina Depression came naturally from an interest in Wegmat again. In mid-April, Wegmat Parliament had a very productive legislative session passing four acts. The largest was the Capitalism Act which re-introduced capitalism into Wegmat. Socialist policies were not inherently enforced by the Federal government (Irving and Hilda do have policies enforcing socialism). However personal finances powerful enough to pursue entrepreneurship were rare. The Capitalism Act completely loosened banking regulations, previously the Weg National Bank was the only bank allowed in Wegmat. It also founded the Federal Investing Authority which has the power to loan and grant money in the pursuit of government-sponsored venture capitalism. This type of legislation would not normally be passed, however, because the Founders Party not only lost a presidential seat but is no longer the majority in Parliament.

The significant growth from the industrial center of Shipstar came to an end when the new owners of the Starship Food Company dissolved the weg registration and unrecognized the Federal Union of Wegmat. Income continued to be extracted from the kitchens until all Wegs (all were under 18) were laid off by the American registered company. Another major blow to the reputation of Wegmat happened in the supreme court case Caperelli v. FEM there was a lot of distrust in the Federal Government. One business owner was paranoid that the government would cancel their contract with the company and then broke into the Public Lands Building in Lost Lake City and threatened employees before being arrested by Wegmat Rangers. There was an outcry against the Wegmat Council of State for not administrating the post-Cicero Spenninger era well. Prime Minister of Wegmat Cole Baird resigned in early June 2023. Member of Parliament and Governor of Bushwood, Dylan Achterhof was appointed prime minister. Cole Baird remains chair of parliament but moved to Buckhorn View in the growing micronation of Nakoosa. With the former prime minister living and working in Nakoosa, foreign ties between the two nations became great. There was an ongoing civil conflict and general nuisance in Nakoosa between claims of cryptids and a political group wanting to protect them. Nakoosa Armed Forces had been in a small-scale war against the paramilitary Trolli Association of Common Goals. Parliament approved a plan from the new administration in Wegmat to send a regiment to Nakoosa to help in the Great Cryptid War. Weg troops arrived on 17 June 2023 and the first raids happened on the 18th. Throughout the summer the Trolli Association of Common Goals was apprehended and service projects were completed by Weg troops in Nakoosa. Development in Wegmat had severe stagnation. The government's goal is to recruit more people to grow the economy. A new industrial area similar to Shipstar is being looked for and the Thatcher and Isadora Railroad has been postponed further due to the collapse of Shipstar.

Politics and government

Capital building of Wegmat

Wegmat was formally a constitutional monarchy. The Parliament, which acted as Wegmat's legislature, was headed by the Prime Minister. The Members of Parliament, or MPs, are elected annually on 14 November via ballots sent out to citizens. The Prime Minister and Speaker of Parliament were elected every 2 years, also on 14 November. The Prime Minister was legally an adviser to the Queen, who was the official head of state.[16]

After the ratification of a new constitution, Wegmat became a semi-presidential federal republic. Wegmat’s president is the head of state and commander-in-chief of Wegmat's armed forces and may veto acts from Parliament. The Prime Minister still acts as an advisor, this time to the president. The Prime Minister also is still the head of parliament.


The Prime Minister is the Minister of the Parliament, sometimes referred to as the Prime Ministry. The Prime Minister can write acts; beforehand, the Speaker of Parliament, alongside the PM, were the only Members of Parliament who could write acts. The President heads Parliament whenever the Prime Minister can not. The 7 MPs all vote on legislation and can all propose acts. Any citizen or Weg organization may now propose acts to parliament.

MPs are elected every year in December.

Law and order

The courthouse of the Supreme Court of Wegmat.

Civilian police are provided by provinces in Wegmat. Irving and Hilda both have municipal police forces. When a supposed criminal has been arrested, they will be taken to a provincial court in the capital, where they can choose to defend themselves or call an attorney, an attorney may be provided to them if they wish. Anything the suspect says can be used against the suspect during the trial. The punishment for any illegal activity is decided upon by the province's judge or governor and improved by a collection of citizens called the jury.[17] The Wegmat Ministry of Justice is the federal ministry responsible for supervising provincial judicial systems and managing the federal judicial system. There are 6 Justice Districts in Wegmat with their own courts for settling civil cases between national companies and for providing the criminal court system for those accused of Federal Offenses. [18]

They are also federal law enforcement agencies within Wegmat. The Wegmat Special Police and Investigation is the SWAT division and the investigative division of the Ministry of Justice. The Wegmat Mountain Patrol is the Ministry of Environments police force and the Wegmat Ranger Service is the Ministry of Agriculture's police force. The Mountain Patrol can be seen in rural areas in the north and in national parks. The Ranger Service can be seen in almost all rural areas in Wegmat. Federal law enforcement agencies do also enforce provincial laws. [19]


Wegmat has multiple ministries to manage certain specializations of Wegmat. Most of these ministries have an appointed minister, which is appointed by the President of Wegmat. Upon this occurring, they would become a member of the Council of State.

The following are the ministries and independent agencies of the government of Wegmat:


Weg Marines stationed at Fort Jerome.

The Wegmat Armed Forces, or WAF, is made up of 3 branches: the Wegmat Marines (WM), Wegmat Air Corp (WAC), and the Wegmat Navy and Coast Guard.

Each Marine used to have an Airsoft gun. The Marines also had a tank, made from a go-kart and cardboard, that uses shaken-up soda cans as ammo, using a slingshot. Later, after New Germany declared independence, the military derived its military equipment from Cenwister Military Armory, which comprised a few non-lethal and lethal weapons in the in-provinces until civilian companies started trading weapons from Weimar to Wegmat.

Wegmat had multiple navy vessels all armed with a soda can slingshot cannons (SCSSC), as abbreviated by the WAF. The Air Corp has 1 WAC B-1 and 3 WAC A-4’s; a B-1 is a bomber that has been put in storage. The A-4 is a fighter; as of present, only two are in service and can be deployed. Major conflicts that Wegmat has been involved in are the NWR Conflict, the Weg-New German War, the Great Des Plaines Valley War, and the Midlothian War. According to some people in the MicroWiki sector, Wegmat is a "Warhawk". Wegmat is often the most developed nation involved in micronational warfare which brings about controversy. The Midlothian War however is between two MicroWiki Sector nations developed completely separately and could be controversial.

Political parties

Wegmat has many political parties. There are 3 major political parties in the Union, formerly 5. The Founders Party is the largest party and holds 2 seats in Parliament. The Communist Party De Wegmat of Wegmat is the second-largest art with local members. The Deer Party is the rival party to the Founders Party being the only major right-wing party in Wegmat. It is currently the ruling party.

Party name Logo Ideology Leader Date of foundation Seats
Founders Party Eco-socialism Cole B. 4 April 2019
2 / 7
Deer Party Liberalism Jamed Panton August 2019
3 / 7
Apple Party Bros night anarchism Lupis Brupis 4 April 2019
1 / 7
Communist Party De Wegmat Marxism-Leninism Medicore M. September 2019
0 / 7

Foreign relations

As of 12 May 2019, Wegmat had signed the MUSAW Treaty, an alliance between nations in the surrounding area. It was the first attempt at diplomacy for Wegmat. Wegmat was formerly a full member of the Parliamentary Collective of States, the Grand Unified Micronational,[20] Cupertino Alliance, and a former member of the Union Against Micronational War. Wegmat is a full member of the Constantia Pact, the Assembly of Chicagoland Micronations, and the International Aerospace Community. They are also a member of the Micronational Olympic Federation and participated in the Gymnasium State 2020 Olympics.,[21] Wegmat's modern-day foreign policy is to isolate itself from micronations that are not local or do not already have political ties with Wegmat. Due to this foreign policy, Wegmat has been removed from the Grand Unified Micronational and the Cupertino Alliance because of a lack of attendance.

Recognized nations

Little to no relations

Full relations


Loves Peak is a tri-point between the Abierta, Irving and Drystone territories.
Rainbow Bridge crossing the Des Plaines River in Hilda.

Wegmat's most populated area is in the Chicagoland area, with 10 provinces and 1 autonomous province. The Union also has three provinces outside of Illinois: these are New Finland, Stanislaus, and Cenwister.

The in-provinces of Wegmat are bordered by the Des Plaines River to the West, Thatcher Avenue, or Cumberland avenue to the East. Most of Wegmat is bordered by the United States In Hydrove its bordered by several different streets to the East. South to north Wegmat's largest landmass claims extends from railroad tracks of the Union Pacific Railroad to the Lawrence Line. The province of Madison is not connected with the rest of Wegmat's in-provinces. It is on the other end of the Weimarian province of Levare. 3 provinces are located out of the in-provinces along with 2 territories. Stainslaus is the smallest province in Wegmat located included in Ponderosa Hills in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. It consists of a single tree. Cenwister is located on the Baraboo Range outside of Reedsburg, Wisconsin. It is the largest province. with the recent developments in Cenwister, it may become an autonomous province of Wegmat. New Finland is located outside of Champion, Michigan in the Northwoods. It consists of two houses and an island on Fish Lake.

Wegmat has a lot of flora throughout the country, including many different types of trees, such as sycamores, oaks, maples, and some pines. Wildflowers and thornbushes make up quite a lot of ground flora. Most landscaping in urban Wegmat is artificial. The highest point of elevation in Wegmat is around 800 feet (243 m) on Mount Hilton in Cenwister and 690 feet in the Hilda Highlands at Point Foxtrot.


The usual Chicago area climate has Great Lake temperatures, which are around 75 °F and 65% humidity in summer and 25 °F in the winter.

Climate data for Chicago (O'hare Airport), 3 miles northwest of the northern Weg border, 1981–2010 normals, extremes 1928–present
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Record high °F (°C) 67
Average high °F (°C) 31.5
Daily mean °F (°C) 24.9
Average low °F (°C) 18.2
Record low °F (°C) −25
Average Precipitation inches (mm) 2.06
Average Snowfall inches (cm) 11.5
trace 0
Average precipitation days (≥ 0.01 in) 10.7 8.8 11.2 11.1 11.4 10.3 9.9 9.0 8.2 10.2 11.2 11.1 123.1
Average snowy days (≥ 0.1 in) 8.1 5.5 3.8 0.7 0 0 0 0 0 0.1 1.8 6.7 26.7
Source: NOAA [22]

Political geography

Subdivisions in Wegmat are known as provinces. There are 10 in-provinces, which are located in the Chicago area, and 3 out-provinces, which are located outside the Chicago area. There are also 2 territories, 1 in Chicago and one near New Finland. Wegmat also has one autonomous province, Golfia. And 2 federal districts, Bushwood and the national capital Two Pine. Provinces are given the right to govern themselves under the Weg constitution. Provinces in Wegmat have their own departments and such. However, the Federal government handles other services such as health, large holdings of public land, and fire fighting.

Administrative divisions

Flag, name and
postal abbreviation
Cities Established
Capital Largest city
Abierta AB Che-Che Flying 1 October 2021
Cenwister CW Fullerton Dulles 19 July 2019
Drystone DR Dunning Schorch Lost Lake City 1 September 2021
Essef ES Paradise City Paradise City 30 April 2019
Gliffork GL Xavier Xavier 30 April 2019
Hilda HL Isadora Isadora 10 August 2019
Hydrove HY La Bamboise La Bamboise 1 July 2020
Irving IR Irving City Bodwatmi 10 December 2020
New Finland NF New Helsinki New Helsinki 4 April 2019
North Potawatomi NP Robinson Robinson 1 October 2021
South Potawatomi SP Darkwater Darkwater 1 September 2021
Whynofly WF Cape Chad Cape Chad 1 October 2021
Federal Districts
Flag, name and
postal abbreviation
Cities Established
Capital Largest city
Bushwood BU None (City-state) None (City-state) 16 January 2022
Two Pine TP None (City-state) None (City-state) 30 April 2019
Autonomous Regions
Flag, name and
postal abbreviation
Cities Established
Capital Largest city
Golfia GAP Boundary City Boundary City 10 December 2020
Flag, name and
postal abbreviation
Cities Established
Capital Largest city
Escanaba River Territory ERT Setrack Setrack 7 July 2022
Gecland GCT None None 23 May 2021
Little Presque LPT Marquis Marquis 1 August 2019
Priceland PLT Port Filling Port Filling 1 March 2022

Culture and demographics

The main culture comes from Chicago, as Wegmat is landlocked by its metropolitan area. Nonetheless, Chicagoan culture is very alive. Some people commute from Wegmat to Chicago every day. Wegs also take day trips to Chicago. Up north in Cenwister, culture is derived from Wisconsin; in New Finland, the culture there is similar to that of the Yooper. Throughout western Wegmat, culture is heavily derived from recreation. Many people in Wegmat sit around and play video games; however, other cultures are prevalent. Gaming is a prevalent competition in Wegmat, with eSports teams having been formed within its territories.[23] Most media exports that go through Wegmat are video games. Every year, a race along highways in Wegmat area takes place, with the final 8-mile race from Bushwood to Robinson. WASBR similar to Kapreburg’s IMASBR bike races.[24]


Demographics of Human Wegmat
Growth rate+29
Birth rate4
Death rate2
Net migration rate95.5%
Age structure
0–14 years21
15–64 years54
65 and over13
Major ethnicAmerican
Minor ethnicNew German
SpokenEnglish, Spanish, Finnish, Italian

Most holders of citizenship in Wegmat are by deer, as Wegmat allows animals to obtain citizenship.

National holidays

Wegmat has 4 national holidays that are original to its nation and culture. Other holidays come from existing holidays in the United States. The Federal Government does not close on religious holidays, religious holidays are recognized though. A company must allow a person to leave for a day for religious reasons on religious holidays.

  • Founding Day - 30 November
  • Free Apple Day - 20 October
  • Freedom Day - the first Monday of September
  • Power Day - 4 July

Cuisine and drink

An Egg Weg, served with sausage and milk (Top)
A bottle of Bee Knee’s Cream Soda (Bottom)

Most of Wegmat's citizens are of Polish or Italian descent; by extension, this makes most food Italian or Polish. Some restaurants within Wegmat serve contemporary American food; in other places, the food served there is Italian dishes like pasta or salad or even Italian beef from Chicago. Other foods include Polish sausages.

The Pfeffer dish is a vegetable tray with crackers and hummus. 2 drinks were originally made in Wegmat; Weg Soda is carbonated water mixed with juice and sugar and Weg Hot Drink is hot chocolate, with melted caramels being put in the drink. Both of these drinks are served in most restaurants around Wegmat. Cranberry Apple Pie, or Crapple Pie, is a favorite in Wegmat and is baked on special occasions such as Thanksgiving or Christmas.


Weg architecture varies by region. In Gliffork, prairie school architecture makes up some homes, including the city of Xavier. Two Pine follows more traditional red brick style. Outside of urban Wegmat in western Wegmat, architecture is built of wood and dirt; this includes Fort Style Other cities have pavilions that are used as buildings.[25][26][27] New Finland and Cenwister have a rural Midwestern style. Architecture in Wegmat is traditionally very highly dense with many services and residential being in the same building. Many Weg cities have few buildings because of their high density.


Wegmat’s national sport is wiffle ball. The National Whiffle Ball League has multiple teams throughout Wegmat and is the most popular sport. Other leagues that are active in Wegmat include the Intermicronational Feild Hockey League and the National Corntoss League which often share venues. Wegmat Intermicronational Stadium is the national stadium located in Bushwood. All these leagues play their championship games at WIS. WIS also hosts many other single-day sporting events. Other city stadiums across Wegmat also host single-day sporting events.


Most music comes from the United States. Popular genres across Wegmat include hip hop and indie rock. They are two rivaling record labels in Wegmat. Wormhole Music and Public Records. Wormhole Music does not release music to the internet and only sells physical or digital copies in its stores. Public Records however does. The IMA's music charts of Wegmat prioritize micronational artists higher than other artists. The IMA charts songs every week based on people's Spotify scrobbles or physical copies purchased. Popular macronational artists popular in Wegmat include Tyler, the Creator, Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, Car Seat Headrest and Mac Demarco. Radio Stations in Wegmat play these artists quite often.


The Hilda center is an important marketplace in Isadora. (Top)
Downtown Bushwood is a common space for merchants across Wegmat. (Bottom)

The main export of Wegmat was milk from Cenwister, which was later turned into cheese. However, Cenwister's dairy industry ended and now the provincial-owned company raises cattle for meat production. Media also gets exported from Wegmat. Wegmat has several companies, some national. The largest company in Wegmat is an agriculture company called Fullerton Dairy Service, based in Cenwister, which exports livestock. Wegmat’s second-largest company, Lowzboy Industries, operates 60 percent of the film and music industry. Lowzboy Industries manufactures other things such as fidget toys, infrastructure, and food. The third-largest company is called Berry Co-op, a agriculture company, which grows and sells most food in southern Wegmat. Wegmat once had a stock market called the Weg Master Stock Market (WMSM), where almost all businesses were held public for investments.

After the 2020 Paradise City General Strike, much of the economy and large businesses were owned by their employees, with the Big 7 stock exchange destroyed by protesters. Since then, more private farmers have sprung up. Corporations were culturally de-established after this event. After the Manifest Wegstany Act, much of the land that was formally owned by corporations was organized into national forests and national grasslands and became owned by the people; as a result, anybody could use that natural resource with regulations. Most Weg cities have a single market or trading post where merchants may sell items. The largest cities in Wegmat are business centers.

Bushwood has 3 factories, 2 made up of woodworking stations with power tools. The second National Food and Beverage Company plant is also located in the city along with the Wilcox Store and the Bushwood Trade Market, making Bushwood an important economic hub. Paradise City has a market and other small businesses. Gliffork is a production belt due to all of Gliffork having access to electricity. Two Pine and Xavier are both producing for Wegmat. Bodwatmi is considered the business center of the north with the Union Trading Post. Lost Lake City has a market located downtown selling used goods.


Agriculture makes up most of the economy. Fuller Dairy Service and Berry Co-op, New Leaf Agriculture, Garden North, Abierta Agr, and Larry Berry help the economy feed lots of the deer population. Fuller Dairy Service used to export milk to the United States to Richland Center to be turned into cheese; however, it now raises cattle. Mining in Wegmat is also considered agriculture. Geodes are found throughout Wegmat, and citizens have since set up mining operations. The National Geode Hunt Co-op is the largest in the country operating 2 mines in Drystone, 3 in Whynofly, 5 in Irving, and 2 in Northern Potawatomi.


Cover art of the album Cowboy Joes Last Ride.

A majority of the media in Wegmat is made or promoted by Lowzboy Industries which operates Wormhole Music and Wormhole Studios. wormhole Music publishes music for release exclusively on hard copies. Public Records also focuses on hard-copy sales of their artists but is the only Weg record label that has streaming. Public Records has physical record stores. Wormhole Studios and Booklife Films both based in Solsbury Hill in Paradise City release and produce films. Solsbury Hill is often referred to as the "Hollywood of Wegmat" or "Wollywood".


Education in Wegmat is required between the ages of 4 and 18 split into three types of school; Elementary, Junior High, and Senior High. Those schools are required and offered by the United States. Courses offers by Weg institutions are available to ages before 18 and are optional add-ons to education provided in the US. Public educational services in Wegmat are provided by local school districts in Illinois. Other schools you are able to attend while also being a student at those schools are Universities. The Universities of Wegmat have different courses that are not available at those schools. The most popular majors are in survival, construction, technology, cooking, science and memeology. Darkwater Regional University, Gliffork Provincial University and Bushwood University offer more courses and services due to their access to electricity.


Route Connection 14 is an important route in Hilda.

Wegmat's infrastructure is primarily built for light and mechanical use. The majority of Wegmat does not have access to electricity or plumbing. Medical and other services of Wegmat are minimal to none in the woods. The Federal Ministry of Health is responsible for maintaining first aid outposts in major cities. First aid outposts are not staffed and only have minimal and basic equipment. Rush Hospital in the US city of Oak Park is where Weg citizens would be admitted for serious healthcare. Automobiles are unable to access the majority of Wegmat making biking the primary mode of transportation for distances longer than a kilometer. The Des Plaines River is also used as a vital source of infrastructure for irrigating agriculture, making mud, and transportation. River Boat Wegmat services most ports in Wegmat for passenger services between cities. Union Des Plaines does the same for freight. Weg Ways is a wagon-based transit system with inter-city routes across Wegmat. Union Des Plaines and Robinson Southern and Dunning Scorch both have land routes for freight as well.


Gas and electricity are provided by ComEd, a US-based company.[28] The Wegmat Environmental Ministry proposed a solar energy plan; however, it was dismissed by the Wegmat Ministry of Utility due to its expense. The reasoning from the Prime Minister was that "half of Wegmat doesn't use electricity anyway; we would try to, but its expense is too great". Batteries and non-electric mechanical devices are used in places without power.


Wegmat has an extensive road network. Wegmat Routes are inta-provincial routes that are managed by the Ministry of Transportation. They are also many provincial routes that have a national-based numbering system. Most trails were built by the Cook County Forest Preserve District, some were built by unknown people and are now maintained by Weg governmental agencies. Weg Ways is a transport service that connects cities for human travel, using carts pulled by bikes at low gear. Union Des Plaines and Robinson Southern and Dunning Scorch both use the same premise for freight. They are multiple routes offered by Weg Ways. Wegmat also has airports for RC planes; 3 railways run through Wegmat. 2 of the railroads are active. One of the railroads has been declared a public right of way owned by the Ministry of Transportation because the owner Canadian National only runs the minimum amount of trains a year to keep the right of way under American law. Several Pace bus routes have stops in Wegmat mostly on the border. The Madison Street, Cumberland Avenue, and Grand Avenue routes have stops in Wegmat. The CTA Irving Park Route ends at the Drystone Border Complex. Wegmat is quite close to the Green Line and Blue Line of the Chicago "L" system. And 3 lines of the Metra commuter rail network.


  1. Human race or ethnicity was not recorded in the 2023 General Census.
  2. Animal Citizenship Included. 88 local citizens recorded in Wegmat.


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