People's Union of Chaveleir Socialists

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People's Union of Chaveleir Socialists


State emblem
Coat of arms
Motto: Workers Unite and Fight
Anthem: I Lenin Takoy Maladoy
and largest city
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentOne party state
LegislatureSupreme Council
Establishment6 October 2020
• Census
Time zoneGWT

The People's Union of Chaveleir Socialists, Chaveleir Union or just the PUCS is a socialist self declared sovereign state more commonly know as a Micronation in the Des Plaines Valley Sector. It’s aim is to start a socialist uprising in North America to give rights to the workers. It’s legal capital, Lostcow is occupied by a corporate park. Most government buildings are located in Catherine because of this.


The Empire of New Germany created its northern territories after rival Wegmat signed the Wegstany Act into law. The Northen Territories were not well organized and as such socialists from Wegmat decided to take over the territory and declared it independent. Wegmat was one of the first nations to recognize the PUCS as an independent state. Projects didn't quite start immediately however by February 2021 in which the PUCS started a new housing and construction program similar to Wegmat's former plan of development. Several settlements were constructed. By late March 2021 the PUCS issued an urgent vote weather or not to intervene in the Great Des Plaines Valley War. While this vote was happening, Anna Euclid, General of the People's army ordered and led into battle all available soldiers to combat the Urraca Pact which at the time were in Aenopin Potwatomi. The campaign worked for a week until the joint force bombarded the Chaveleir coast with miniature warships until the Chaveleir Army was pushed all the way to Lostcow. The PUCS intervened in the Philmontian attempted annexation of Greene Valley. Due to the victory of the Chavaleir Union in that campaign, the Urraca Pact fled back to the Rainbowlands. Anna Euclid became more popular than the PUCS president. A communist member proposed that Euclid to be elected president of the Chaveleir Union and for a parliamentary system to be created. This proposition succeeded with almost no opposition. Several members were elected to the newly formed "People's Senate of the Chaveleir Union". The grassroots era of the PUCS came to an end. The PUCS established a large autonomous zone that went from Devon's Line to the Algonquin Line. This made the PUCS the largest nation in the Des Plaines Valley Sector and the only one to actually have land in the city of Des Plaines. In late August 2021 a new party named the New People's Alliance (NPA) became the only legal party within the PUCS after the majority of the Peoples Assembly suddenly switched party affiliation. The NPA took governing control of the PUCS stopping most political freedoms of Chaveleir citizens. This caused Wegmat to cease all diplomatic relations with the PUCS.

Politics and government

The PUCS is a one party state grassroots democracy with the New Peoples Alliance being the dominant party in the PUCS. The PUCS government is made up of 3 branches, the Executive Branch holds the offices of all members of the cabinet, the office of the president, and all national agencies. The second branch is the People's branch which is the Chavaleir People's Assembly. The People's Assembly is not a representative assembly and is rather an institution in which any Chavaleir citizen may participate in voting on legislation passed in Chavaleir. The third branch is the Judicial which is tasked with judging if laws are constitutional under the Supreme Court of the Union.

Law and order

The Grand Court of the People of the Chaveleir Union is the sole agency responsible for sentencing criminals in a court of law. The PUCS also has a security force called the PUCS Security Department which enforces laws within the PUCS.


The PUCS has several departments that operate the nation as there are no private organizations in the PUCS.


The Armed forces of the Chaveleir Union is managed by the PUCS Defense Department and headquartered in Lostcow the PUCS Military has 3 branches, the People’s Army, the People’s Navy, and the People’s Air Force with the largest being the Army. The Army and Navy fought in the Great Des Plaines Valley War. The military defends public infrastructure across the country, secures its borders, and investigates National Security threats.

Political Party

The PUCS only has one party, the New People's Alliance (NPA). Every citizen is required to be a member of this party in a loophole that allowed a law to be passed to require so. The NPA is a marxist-lenninist party but it is unable to amend the Chaveleir constitution causing the system that is already in place to stay in place.

Foreign relations

The PUCS recognizes most member states of the United Nations. They also recognize all member states of the Grand Unified Micronational and the Cupertino Alliance. The PUCS does not recognize: any nation in the Micronational Assembly, Israel, Vatican City and Taiwan.

The PUCS’ main ally is the Federal Union of Wegmat, the Federal Union has an embassy located in Lostcow and the PUCS has an embassy located in Two Pine


The PUCS is located in the Des Plaines Valley Sector in northeastern Illinois directly east of O'hare International Airport. The PUCS sits on the Des Plaines River, an important water source, fishing waterway, and trade route. The PUCS's history and economy is closely tied to the river. The PUCS is 1.49 square miles. Its is mainly forested and has some grasslands. The PUCS has notably more streams and lakes than the Federal Union of Wegmat located south of it. The southern portion of the country is the most developed with its proximity to nearby US neighborhoods with citizens and the Weg border. The US Interstate 94 is a drastic divider of the nation with only one bridge crossing the freeway and the CTA Blue Line. The nations largest city and capital, Lostcow is located inland in a business park along I-94. The second-largest city, Dammit is located in the north on a dam on the Des Plaines River. Other large cities are all located south of I-94 with the northern PUCS being undeveloped, especially passed Dammit and Devon Farms.


Political Geography

The PUCS borders 2 nations and 4 territories of other nations. To the southwest are 3 plots of the Rainbowlands, Aenopian Potawatomi and a plots of Bonumland, Ponderosa Hills and Tesforia.

The PUCS is split into 8 communes, Souther Community, Outer Lostcow Community, Central Catherine Community, Higgins Community, Devon Community, West Dam Commune, Bristol Commune, and Chippewa Community.


PUCS culture is incredibly similar to the Culture of Wegmat. The main culture comes from Chicago, as the PUCS is landlocked by its metropolitan area. Nonetheless, Chicagoan culture is very alive. Most of the PUCS citizens are of hispanic or polish decent; by extension, this makes most food Latin or Polish. Some restaurants within the PUCS serve contemporary American food. The majority of architecture with the PUCS is Fort Style except for the Capital of Lostcow. The National Whiffle Ball Leaugue and Intermicronational Feild Hockey League both have a team from Lostcow that play in the normal season. Music listened to in the PUCS, commonly heard on the People's National Radio is of the city pop genre. There are no large music acts from the Chaveleir Union, however, musicians from Wegmat do tour in the PUCS as well.


There are no private institutions in the Chavaleir Union. All economic activity including goods and services is operated by the National Government. Th Chavaleir economy is mainly agrarian-industrial. SD Growth, SD Fish, and SD General Stores are the companies that produce and provide food. SD Machin, SD Woodworks, and SD Mudworks are the industrial companies that produce machinery, products made of wood, and building materials. SD Lumber and SD Housing are the construction companies. SD Media and the National Institution of the Arts are the two organizations that handle art and entertainment.


The Chavaleir Union has 5 colleges, Communist College of Chippewa, Communist College of Uijia, Communist College of Dammit and the People's National University.


The infrastructure of the Chavaleir Union is managed by several different agencies. The Union has a National Highway network all connecting to N10, which is the same road as Wegmat Route 10 and runs from the Northern Chavaleir border in the Algonquin Territory 10 miles south to Evansville, Hilda. Cargo is connected on the Des Plaines River and the extensive roadway network wither several routes of CD Ways. Citizens can either bike, walk on the roadways, or travel on TD Ways and TD Riverboat.

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