People's Union of Chaveleir Socialists

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People's Union of Chaveleir Socialists
Coat of Arms

Workers Unite and Fight
I Lenin Takoy Maladoy
Capital cityLostcow
Largest cityLostcow
Official language(s)English
Short namePUCS or Chaveleir Union
GovernmentGrassroots Democracy
- PremierMolakadoy
LegislaturePeople's Assembly
- Type - Assembly
- Number of seats - All citizens are able to attend and vote
- Last election - 6 October
Established6 October 2020
Area claimed1.49 mi²
Time zoneGWT
National sportWhiffle Ball
National animalBear

The People's Union of Chaveleir Socialists, Chaveleir Union or just the PUCS is a socialist self declared sovereign state more commonly know as a Micronation in the Des Plaines Valley Sector. It’s aim is to start a socialist uprising in North America to give rights to the workers. It’s legal capital, Lostcow is occupied by a corporate park. Most government building are located in Catherine because of this.


The Empire of New Germany created it’s northern territories after rival Wegmat signed the Wegstany Act into law. The Northen Territories were not well organized and as such socialists from Wegmat decided to take over the territory and declared it independent. Wegmat was one of the first nations to recognize the PUCS as an independent state. The PUCS has remained peaceful throughout it’s existence.

Politics and government

The PUCS is a Keyholder Republic meaning the head of state is kept confidential. The PUCS government is made up of 3 branches, the Keyholder’s Branch which is made up of the Keyholder’s office and all Departments. The second branch is the People's branch which is the People’s Assembly. The third branch is the Judicial which is tasked with not only sentencing criminals but judging if laws are constitutional.

People’s Assembly

The People’s Assembly is a legislation that is not made up of representatives rather all citizens have to right to travel to Lostcow and vote and propose legislations.

Law and order

The Grand Court of the People of the Chaveleir Union is the sole agency responsible for sentencing criminals in a court of law. The PUCS also has a security force called the PUCS Security Department.


The PUCS has several departments in order to preforms tasks in an uniformed way.


The PUCS Military is managed by the PUCS Defense Department and headquartered in Lostcow the PUCS Military has 3 branches, the People’s Army, the People’s Navy and People’s Air Force with the largest being the Army.

Political Party

The PUCS only has one party the Communist Party. Almost every citizen is a member of this party.

Foreign relations

The PUCS recognizes most member states of the United Nations. They also recognize all member states of the Grand Unified Micronational and the Cupertino Alliance. The PUCS does not recognize: any nation in the Micronational Assembly, Israel, Vatican City and Taiwan.

The PUCS’ closest ally is the Federal Union of Wegmat and the only foreign embassy is located there.


PUCS is a large forested and grassy region on the East bank of the Des Plaines River. The PUCS has more lakes and streams than Wegmat however has the same precipitation. The PUCS is also more hilly and has thicker forests. The PUCS is part of the central lowland of the American Midwest in Northwestern Illinois.


Political Geography

The PUCS borders 2 nations and 4 territories of other nations. To the southwest are 3 plots of the Rainbowlands, Aenopian Potawatomi and a plots of Bonumland, Ponderosa Hills and Tesforia.

The PUCS is split into 8 communes, Souther Community, Outer Lostcow Community, Central Catherine Community, Higgins Community, Devon Community, West Dam Commune, Bristol Commune and Chippewa Community.








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