Weg National Bank

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Weg National Bank
PredecessorBank of Ridab
Area served
6 sq. km
Key people
William Augustus
Number of employees
4 (2019)

Weg National Bank or the WNB is the state owned bank and manages the currency of the Federal Union of Wegmat. The WNB may become the only legal bank in Wegmat.


When Wegmat was founded Cole B. created a currency for the country. It was then changed to the Bank of Ridab. The only location was in the Lower Riats District of Two Pine. Gogos were used with it’s original logo however they was no way to enter in a computer where the mark was switched to Gø. The WNB in April 4 legalized the United States Dollar as the other de jure national currency. The bank may soon dismiss the gogo card instead to favor a new printed currency.


In September 2019, the NWR raided the Bobbygrad location. The WSPI responded with full force and stopped the robbery; all money was recovered. When Bobbygrad became independent, the WNB pulled its location. In May 2020, the Federal Reserve was robbed by Timmy P.; he was also arrested. In February 2021, a location in Karel Island, Essef was robbed by the High Rider Gang. The gang has still not been apprehended by the WSPI.


The WNB creates a bank is required to establish a bank in every city with over a population of 3. It also establishes banks in suburbs of very large cities. The bank manages the currency which was no longer printed in the Office in Two Pine. However the gogo may be printed again.


The Gogo is the currency of Wegmat. The WNB manages it. The Gogo does not have a printed currency but every citizen is given a Card with an account number as all citizens all have an account. The Gogo may become a physical currency due to the security of the crypto currency being questioned and exploited.