National symbols of Wegmat

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This list includes notable Symbols of the Federal Union of Wegmat.


Flag of Wegmat
See adjacent text.
Flag of Wegmat
Use National flag and ensign
Proportion ~7:11 (427:640)
Adopted 4 April 2019
Design B
Designed by Cole B.

The Black at the Top of the flag represents the people of Wegmat. The white represents the dividing line between Animals and Humans. The blue represents animals who live off of the Des Plaines River. The star in the green circle connects both of the colours of the tri-band. The green is the environmental mission of Wegmat. The star represents Polaris. Polaris is one of the only seen stars in the Chicagoland Area due to light pollution.

Weg Star

The Weg Star is a common insignia representing Wegmat as a whole. It is used in many designs of government agencies, company logos, the State emblem and is used as a military symbol as well to identify Weg personnel and equipment. The Weg star consists of a bright green circle with a white star, the white star representing Polaris and the green representing the environmental duties of Wegmat.

State Emblem

The state emblem is the official coat of arms of Wegmat. The shield is the Weg Star with leaves of an olive tree surrounding the star. A pine tree, representing Big Pine in Two Pine and two flag poles of the Weg tri-color stick out from the shield.

Administrative Region Flags

Flags of Administrative Regions vary in designers. Early provincial flags designed by the founders of Wegmat are infamously bad. Essef, Gliffork and Cenwister flags resembled flags of the counties of Liberia and were changed quickly yet are still criticized for weird color choices. New Finland has not changed its flag due to the residents of the province liking the childlike design.

Provincial Seals

National Animals

The Coyote is recognized as the national animal of Wegmat. Coyotes are prevalent in Wegmat and are big enough animals to be considered citizens however they are not recognized as citizens by Federal Law and if they were no province would accept them.

National Anthem

Never Fall is based on an American military march called "Gilbralter". It was a proposed anthem of the Conch Republic and was later adopted in the April 4 Acts as it was dramatic like the Squirrel Tower Offense a key event in Weg History