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Province of Whynofly
Flag of Whynofly
Coat of arms of Whynofly
Nostra terra libera terra
   Whynofly in    Wegmat
Country Wegmat
Established1 October 2021
CapitalCape Chad
 • TypeFederated republic
 • GovernorJosh L. (FP)
 • Total5 population as of 2,022
 • Rank1st
Postal Abbreviation
Official language(s)English
Area112 Acres
LegislatureProvincial Council
WebsiteProvince Page

Whynofly is a province in the Federal Union of Wegmat. Whynofly is part of the In-Provinces, meaning it is in the general area of Two Pine. Whynofly became a territory as a protest to a road being expanded, removing several trees.


The provincial name comes from a non sensical statement from one of the first visitors the Whynofly. Due to the proximity to O'hate International Airport many planes fly over the provinces, one every five minutes causing lots of noise pollution. The settler said "Why no fly over the forest" instead "Why not fly".


During Manifest Wegstany many travelers to Manny Falls stopped to visit Chad Mans National Park. The Chad Mans were detrimental to the growth of the area leading to the Town of Cape Chad being established east of the area. This area in the Belmont Territory was named "Cornerstone". In the summer of 2020, an attempted interception of a cart train bound for Paradise City happened in Interior known as the Interior shootout. When the first discussions of splitting up the frontier territories began in Two Pine, Whynofly was originally not going to exist. The first map of the split up named the "Kelly Map" would have territories with very straight lines. The only province that was proposed was the Province of Bodwatmi, while the Territory of Cornerstone would include Southern Drystone, Southern Abierta, and all of Whynofly with the proposed capital being Interior. This map enraged the emerging towns of Darkwater and Cape Chad. The mayor of Cape Chad claimed that is Bodwatmi would have a province governing only their city's surrounding area it was fair to make the federal territories smaller. The Weg Air Map would later become the more popular map and the Whynofly Territory was established. During the Great Des Plaines Valley War it would ebcome subject of the Battle of Whynofly and thus gained worldwide fame. It is was under Kapresh occupation after the Battles of Whynofly between 8 May 2021 and 15 May 2021. In October of the same year, the territory reached provincehood along with Drystone and North Potawatomi. A month later the City of Cape Chad would be destroyed in the Weg Nationwide Attacks. The city would be rebuilt a month later with help from Bobist humanitarian organizations. Today Whynofly is still the last populated province and relies on tourism and agriculture for deer.


Forest outside of Interior.

Whynofly is 112 acres located on the Des Plaines River bordering New German-occupied Salado. Its northern border is defined by the Schiller River bordering Irving. Its southern borders are defined by the end of the treeline by the Indian Boundary Golf Course in the Golfia Autonomous Province. Whynofly sits on two distinct geographic regions: the Brook Range in the east and the Golfia Gap in the west. There are only two incorporated communities in the province, the City of Cape Chad and the Town of Interior. There are 2 other named places. Coastal is located on the Des Plaines River in the south and Baird Ranch just East of Interior. The rest of the province is considered desolate due to the invasive species problem.


The economy of Whynofly is very small due to the inhospitable conditions. The Brook Range has a severe problem with invasive flora. The ground of the forest is choked out of edible native plants. Agriculture is small in the province as most deer have chosen to live in more hospitible areas. The biggest industry in Whynofly is ground forest dead wood is harvested from the ground by companies like Lagname di Wegmat and Chad Wood (formerly the Wegmat Territorial Company).

Law and politics

Whynofly is a heavily split political province between the Founders Party and the Deer Party. The provincial government is incredibly small. Although the provincial council exits the governor exerts most power in the province. the council can be assembled when ever a law needs to be passed however this is rare due to the thorough regulations in the Federal Codex of Wegmat.


Whynofly is responsible for maintaining their portion of the Schiller River and a few provincial roads.