Supreme Court of Wegmat

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Supreme Court of Wegmat
Seal of the Supreme Court
JurisdictionFederal Union of Wegmat
LocationTwo Pine
CompositionSupreme Governmental Court
Authorized byConstitutional, Common Law
Term length5 years
Cheif Justice
IncumbentCharlotte B.
Since14 September 2022
Term endN/A

The Supreme Court of Wegmat is the highest judicial power in the Federal Union of Wegmat. It is the Court of Last Resort in Wegmat. It handles serious criminal law cases, all Federal appeals in Wegmat, and constitutional law.


Supreme Court Building.

The Supreme Court of Wegmat is located in Two Pine and hears all Federal Appeals. They are three Justices appointed by the President of Wegmat. There is no lower court of appeals in the federal court system meaning any appeal would go directly to the supreme court. Major criminal cases that aren't managed by the Weg Macronational Privilege, such as Treason would be heard by the Supreme Court. All Legislation where the constitutional legality is questioned is heard by the supreme court, such as the time when Adminsitratize zones were referred to as territories in an act meant to split them and establish provinces.