Dylan Achterhof

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Dylan Achterhof

Prime Minister of the Federal Union of Wegmat

Governor of the Federal District of Bushwood
Predecessor Cole Baird
Citizenship Weg, American
Residence Bushwood, Wegmat

Dylan Achterhof is the Prime Minister of the Federal Union of Wegmat, governor of the Federal District of Bushwood, a member of parliament in Wegmat, and a First Class Officer in the Wegmat Marines. He is the second Prime Minister of Wegmat to be appointed by the inactive president James Panton. Dylan led Wegmat into the A-Era. Before becoming Prime Minister he served and still serves as a parliament member and the Bushwood Govenor. In his military career as an FCO he leads the !st Infantry Regiment and has fought against Kaperburg in the Battle of the Highlands on 21 January 2022 as an enlistee.