Weg Nationwide Attacks

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Weg Nationwide attacks
Part of Midlothian War
Date22 November 2021
Result  • Wegmat declaration of war on Kapreburg
 • Evacuation of Bushwood
 • Destruction of several governmental building and the Destruction of Whynofly
Pro-Kapresh Terrorists

Madison Government
 • Bushwood Wegmat Authority
Essef Government
 • Paradise City Wegmat Authority
Hilda Government
 • Isadora Wegmat Authority
 • Fort Jerome Wegmat Authority
Hydrove Government
 • La Bamboise Wegmat Authority
Drystone Government
 • Lost Lake City Wegmat Authority

The Weg Nationwide Attacks was a series of attacks on government buildings in the Federal Union of Wegmat. The attacks occurred on 22 November 2021. The attacks were carried out by 2 pro-kapresh terrorists.


The Great Des Plaines Valley War ended with political de-stabilization in Kapreburg and the Des Plaines Valley Sector. Wegmat recovered fairly well but did not complete some projects as autumn arrived and made nationwide travel somewhat difficult. Kapreburg was in civil war until the signing of the Treaty of New Alburqurque. Wegmat signed the treaty to end funding of the People's Movement for the Liberation of Kapreburg. The PMLK quickly died out. A former Rodentian troop named Nathan Johnson became a citizen of Weimar. Nathan would later be arrested by the Wegmat Authority when he opened fire with an airsoft gun on a Wegmat Marine who was not in uniform in Isadora. He was charged with airsoft weapon assault and sentenced to drink a disgusting mixture. On 18 November 2021, he became a kapresh citizen and convinces another former Rodentian to go with his plan of causing chaos.


Bushwood explosion

on 22 January 2021, Nathan placed firecrackers in the Madison Capitol Building. The Wegmat Authority responded with an officer with a BB gun and fire extinguisher. There was no fire in the building, a detective from the Wegmat Special Police and Investigation was informed of the attack along with the prime minister.

Destruction of the Essef and Hilda capital Buildings

Nathan moved north into Paradise City and tore down the Essef Capital. No Paradise City Authority officer was dispatched. Nathan did the same at the Hilda Capital Building in Isadora. Nathan then exchanged airsoft gunfire with a Isadora Authority office before hopping back on his bike and heading towards Evansville. The officer went on pursuit however Nathan was able to cross North Avenue and lost the officer as he exited Wegmat and biked in the United States before traveling north again. Federal Agents at this time began assembling.

Attempted Two Pine attack

The second terrorist attempted to take over the Wegmat Capital Building in Two Pine as Nathan was on the run. Federal Agents of the WSPI were assembling into SWAT gear in Two Pine at that time. The SWAT team exchanged airsoft fire until rushing the building and apprehended the individual as they only had one entrance and exit.

Lockdown of the nation

Prime Minister Cole Baird issued a national emergency and lockdown. Travel was to be as restricted as possible however was hard to enforce because of Weg law enforcement understaffing and the nations large size. Instead there were to be multiple checkpoints. Several Federal Agents were quickly sent up north bound to set up the checkpoints. The first checkpoint was set up at the Hydrove-Golfia Border by a WSPI agent. The remaining 4 agents kept moving north.

Attempted attack on La Bamboise and the destruction of Whynofly

Nathans plan was to activate fire crackers in Hydrove Capital Building in La Bamboise but he noticed security camera and quickly departed the area. By the time the first travel checkpoint was set up Nathan was passed there and approaching Cape Chad. He tore down 3 structures in Cape Chad before moving south to the town of Interior. Nathan preceded to tear down the only other structure in the town that was no the historic Interior Hall where Kapreburg held out against Weg forces.

Wegmat Mountain Patrol confirms location of Nathan

A Wegmat Mountain Patrol office opened fire using an airsoft gun after seeing Nathan tear down a building in Interior. Nathan took off towards Lost Lake City on his bike. The Wegmat Mountain Patrol officer was in pursuit and saw him pass the intersection of Route 6 and Route 607 confirming that Nathan was trapped. The WSPI was contacted and quickly blocked all exits of Lost Lake City.

Attempted attack on the Bobist church

Nathan placed fire crackers in the Lost Lake City Bobist temple. He was having trouble lighting them. WSPI SWAT quickly arrived outside the temple and ordered Nathan to come out of the structure with his hands up. Nathan refused and opened fire using his airsoft SMG. The SWAT team quickly apprehended him. Nathan was then put in custody by a Wegmat Mountain Patrol and WSPI agent and brought back to be held in custody in Two Pine.