Wegmat Authority

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Wegmat Authority
Wegmat Police
Wegmat Authorty Badge and Seal
MottoServe in Honor, Go in Honor
Agency overview
Annual budget2000 Gø
Legal personalityGovernmental: Government agency
Jurisdictional structure
Operations jurisdictionFederal Union of Wegmat
Size6 Sq. Km
Legal jurisdictionAll of Wegmat
Governing bodyWegmat Ministry of Justice
HeadquartersWegmat Federal Offices
Two Pine, Wegmat

Sworn Officers14
Unsworn Officers0
Elected officer responsible
  • Gabe R.
Patrol cars6

The Wegmat Authority or Wegmat Police is the law enforcement agency and other emergency services for the Federal Union of Wegmat. Used in non-violent crimes and immediate response to violent crimes, injuries and fires.


A standard Weg Authority Officer wears a blue torso or grey torso and black leggings or jeans. All officers are sworn under oath.


Weg Officers are trained for medical attention. If a Weg citizen is injured a Officer will be dispatched to the scene, in Wegmat it is law that every one regardless of citizenship is treated with the best medical care they can be given before Paramedics of the United States arrive. There are no Hospitals in Wegmat so any serious injuries you will most likely be transported to Rush Hospital in the United States if you were injured in an in-province. Other duties are usually crime prevention. At least one Officer will be near a city in case. Weg officers are trained for non-violent crimes and arresting individuals who have committed crimes.


The Wegmat Authority uses bikes for long distances and patrol however in smaller cities like Two Pine travel is done on foot.