Paulina Depression

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The Paulina Depression was an economic depression and state of inactivity in the Des Plaines Valley Sector, mostly the Federal Union of Wegmat. The Paulina Depression was the longest era of history in Weg history.


The first downturn of the Weg economy began in April 2022 when Paradise City rejoined the Federal Union with no jobs. Paradise Cty became an economically dead city. Interest in joining or participating in Wegmat was at an all-time low, with a net citizenship gain of zero. For the first time since the New German Revolution Wegs began renouncing their citizenship in favor of quitting micronationalism or joining a new nation such as Weimar or Salado. By may the main focus of the Wegmat Government was to resolve the Midlothian War.

Height of the depression

The Height of the Depression began when the Federal Government shut down and missed an election. The would of caused outrage by citizens, however, most citizens were focused on things other than Weg politics. The economy was dead. Only one item every two weeks was manufactured in Wegmat. Only 5000 Gogos of goods were exported every two weeks. No Weg projects could commence during the depression.