Paradise City General Strike

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Paradise City General Strike
Date26 June 2021 - 5 July 2021
Paradise City and small scale strikes in Isadora and Two Pine.

Green Confederation of Unions of Wegmat

Anarchists now part of the ULF
Communist Party De Wegmat

Big 7 stock exchange

Wegmat Special Police and Investigation 1st Riot Detachment

The Paradise City General Strike or the De-privatization of 2020 was an event where much of the labor force in the Federal Union of Wegmat participated in a general strike in Paradise City, Essef. After the strike almost all companies in Wegmat gave the means of production to the workforce.


The strike began when James E. Smith told the Green Confederation of Unions of Wegmat that “now is the time to take our rights” the Unions threatened a general strike if the Big 7 of companies would stop trading stocks and for the company to be owned either by the union of the employees equally. When all the companies refused the date for the strike was set for 26 June 2020.

Many deer and humans began to plan for travel to Paradise City. The Founders Party announced its support for the strike. The strike began at the Union Des Plaines headquarters. The march was planned to go from there to the Essef Capital Building but also march along the shore of Lake Essef. When the protesters reached the Lerkshire headquarters an unknown counter protester shot at the protesters with an airsoft pistol. All of the non-human protesters who were already distanced from the humans ran out of Paradise City.

The Wegmat Special Police and Investigation arrived when the protesters began destroying the Lerkshire headquarters. The 1st Riot Detachment was ordered to split up the protest which was now declared a riot. The riot ended with no one hurt.

The next day Lowzboy Industries and Larry Berry were taken off of the stock market and all investors would no longer own the company. On the 22nd the Wegmat Stock Market was de-established. On the 28th all of the 11 largest companies in Wegmat gave ownership to the workers or union.


After the strike all corporations were de-established in Wegmat and the workforce were the ones who owned the companies they worked for. Nobody was charged with anything after the incident as the counter-protester was never found.

The incident radicalized the public even more to the left, however those on the right were more radicalized including Edward Oaches who would later found Virgud. The right-wing citizens of Wegmat fled to Virgud and later Rodentia after a coup on 7 March 2021.

Some citizens of Wegmat criticized Wegmat General Broadcaster for not reporting on the incident.