2022 State of Inactivity of Wegmat

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The 2022 State of Inactivity in Wegmat was a period of inactivity. From June to November in 2022 in the Federal Union of Wegmat. The state of inactivity was caused by and started midway through the Paulina Depression when the Government shut down. The state of inactivity was detrimental to Wegmat's foreign affairs. The state of inactivity started during the 2022 MOF Games, which resulted in the Wegmat Government failing to administrate the games. The Ministry of Foreign Exchange collapsed by the end of the summer. After the state of inactivity was over the Ministry could not be rebuilt in time and Wegmat was expelled from the Grand Unified Micronational and Cupertino Alliance. The state of inactivity affected internal Wegmat more, Weg maintained infrastructure crumbled, the economy collapsed entirely due to the effects of the Paulina Depression.