Recreational Society of Wegmat

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Recreational Society of Wegmat
File:RSW Logo.jpg
Number of Chapters21
HeadquartersTwo Pine, Wegmat, 23 Lower Riats Avenue
Founded15 February 2021
Area servedFederal Union of Wegmat

The Recreational Society of Wegmat is an organization in Wegmat aimed at organizing recreational activities. It has a chapter in every Weg province and federal district including Cenwister and New Finland. The Recreational Society leads expeditions into the most remote parts of Wegmat, often National Forests. Chapter in the south however focuses on recreation in their respective cities along with trips to remote Wegmat. The Chapters of Bushwood focus on its parks as well as Paradise City. The national chapter in Two Pine is open to any person and interconnects chapters where any member of the national chapter is able to go to an event in any local chapter throughout Wegmat.