Wegmat Government

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Wegmat Government
The Coat of Arms of Wegmat is used as the government logo.
WebsiteGovernment Website
Executive branch
Main organWegmat Ministries
LeaderVincent C.
AppointerWegmat General Presidential Elections
HeadquartersWegmat Federal Offices
Legislative branch
LegislatureWegmat Grand Parliament
Meeting placeWegmat Capital Building
Judicial branch
CourtSupreme Court of Wegmat

The Wegmat Government, the Federal Government of the Federal Union (also referred to as the Weg Government) is the government of the Federal Union of Wegmat, a federal republic.

Branches of Government

The government has 3 branches, Executive, Legislative, and Judicial similar to the United States.


The Council of State. Is the overriding authority of the Executive branch. The Council of State, headed by the Prime Minister of Wegmat consists of 14 seats. 12 seats are minister seats, 1 seat is the Prime minister's seat and the other is the President's. The President of Wegmat appoints the Prime Minister who appoints the rest of the council of states. The ministries of Wegmat execute many Federal programs throughout Wegmat and abroad in the Chicago area. The Council of State typically shares the same party as the president, however, the Deer Party 3rd President of Wegmat appointed Cole Baird for the third year in a row continuing the majority Founders Party membership of the Council of State. The Federal Government executive policy continues to be favorable to labor, welfare, and infrastructure despite the rise of liberals and libertarians in Wegmat.


The Wegmat Parliament meets in the Wegmat Capital Building every month to vote on acts. The Prime Minister is typically the Chair of Parliament, however, it can be any member of parliament. During a parliament session, all the acts proposed by agencies and members of parliament are on the agenda in the chronological order they were proposed. Acts that are passed by Parliament are signed by the Chair of Parliament who files them to the president. The President then has the power to veto it or promulgate it. Legislation is published in the Federal Codex and enforced by the council of state.


The Supreme Court of Wegmat is the court of last resort as well as the top court of Wegmat. The Supreme Court devolves its powers to 7 district courts in the 7 general government districts. The Federal Justice system deals with solely federal law. Provincial law makes up the vast majority of judicial procedure even when provincial and federal law overlap. Violations of the Federal Codex of Wegmat and Constitution of Wegmat go to federal courts, often violations of the criminal and civil codes and violations of labor laws.


Wegmat has multiple ministries to manage certain services of Wegmat.