Wegmat Government

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Wegmat Government
The Coat of Arms of Wegmat is used as the government logo.
WebsiteGovernment Website
Executive branch
Main organWegmat Ministries
LeaderVincent C.
AppointerWegmat General Presidential Elections
HeadquartersWegmat Federal Offices
Legislative branch
LegislatureWegmat Grand Parliament
Meeting placeWegmat Capital Building
Judicial branch
CourtSupreme Court of Wegmat

The Wegmat Government (also referred to as the Weg Government) is the government of the Federal Union of Wegmat, a federal republic.

Branches of Government

The government has 3 branches, Executive, Legislative and Judicial similar to the United States.


The ministers of Wegmat lead ministries which manage services of Wegmat including 2 branches. The ministers have contact with each other. Most ministries are headquartered at the Wegmat Federal Offices.


The Wegmat Grand Parliament meets in the Wegmat Capital Building every month to vote on acts. The Prime Minister is the head of the Ministry with the Wegmat Speaker of House helping out. 3 seats are filled with delegates that are chosen to represent each province.


The Wegmat Ministry of Justice decides the fate of arrested convict. It also manages not only the court system but the Wegmat Authority.


Wegmat has multiple ministries to manage certain services of Wegmat.