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The Kingdom of Wegmat, was the preceding government to the Federal Union of Wegmat, a micronation located in the American state of Illinois west of Chicago in the Western Chicago Micronational Influence Area encompassing most of the Des Plaines Woodland and several suburban houses. The Kingdom of Wegmat was established on 30 November 2018. The monarchy was dissolved in July 2020 and replaced by the Federal Union of Wegmat.


Wegmat doesn’t mean anything and is considered a weird name to most in and outside the intermicronational community. It was generated by Cole B. using a random letter generator until it was pronounceable using Latin letters. Similarly, the name Ridab was renamed as it was a letter scramble of the name of the Weg Family. The name was readopted in the April 4 Acts.


According to the designer, the black represents the people of Wegmat at the top of the flag, white represents the dividing line between animals and humans, and blue represents animals who live off of the Des Plaines River. The star in the green circle connects both of the colors of the tri-band. The green represents the environmental mission of Wegmat to protect animal important to the ecosystem. The star represents the north star, which is one of the only visible stars in the Chicagoland Area due to light pollution. The Kingdom of Wegmat's had a smaller ratio than the Federal Union's flag. The flag is now used as the ensign of the Wegmat Navy



Cole roamed much of their neighborhood, Trailmark, a subdivision in Littleton, Colorado. Cole designated each trail a specific road number. They also designated his house to its own city and built street signs. When Cole also got into the game Minecraft, they created the Republic of Falmont with them acting as the President. During the same time in present-day Bobbygrad, was an area known as “The Ally”. Fighting occurred in the Ally for who to be the King. Vladimir Baruh later rose in “fame and power”.


Wegmat was founded on 30 November 2018 as an absolute monarchy led by a Queen, which recognized animals as citizens. It’s very small constitution was written to designate slight government control However, the nation was quite inactive until late March 2019, when the first (and only) Prime Minister visited the Conch Republic for Spring Break. Soon afterwards, they decided to start drafting a new constitution, as well as encouraging other people to become citizens of Wegmat in the April 4 Acts.


On 4 April 2019, the Constitution draft was passed by the Parliament. Wegmat, formerly a city-state, annexed the North and South provinces. Then they became Essef, Gliffork, New Finland and Cenwister. The country maintained peaceful relations until a citizen named DJ, threatened someone on 6 May. DJ was exiled from the country, then he declared the sovereign “Soviet Country” and declared war on Wegmat. The war had no battles and the situation was solved diplomatically through the treaty of Bobbygrad, on 15 May. The same day New Asia United declared war on Wegmat for signing the Treaty of Bobbygrad. The war known as the Shoe war had 2 battles, in Priory National Park and Bobbygrad. Wegmat pushed their army out on both occasions. On 3 June New Asia United suddenly collapsed. This is where Wegmat joined the Microwiki Community In late June the city in America, that Wegmat is mostly located in, was creating a task force for a deer culling program to control their population, which led Wegmat to adopt the Deer and Other Species Citizenship Status Act. This act was written to ensure protection of deer. Due to the Act, Wegmat acquired new territories on 10 August and boosted the population to the triple digits. The new province named after a passed away dog of the royal family, Hilda, was added.

Bobbygrad Renaissance

In September and October 2019 violence suddenly erupts in Bobbygrad again with a gang and the New Wegmat Republic (NWR) terrorist group trying to retake Bobbygrad as “The Ally”.[11] Because of this Bobbygrad erupted into civil war. As the growing fear of war is soon become a reality, the support of the NWR has steadily

NWR armed with an airsoft gun

declined as soon as Wegmat took the Stevont Pass; [12] a northern part of Bobbygrad. Most of the NWR soon defected and became citizens of Wegmat and recruited in Wegmat’s military, increasing the size of the Wegmat Armed Forces. The second Minister of Defense also decided to resign from the office from the Ministry of Defense and Parliament as he moved back to the United States. Wegmat had trouble filling the military and political gap but soon the problems were solved when the Minister rejoined the country.

Later, the City and Metropolitan Area of Bobbygrad voted to leave as the Empire of new Germany and declared war on Wegmat. Northwestern Gliffork later got turned into a warzone and Wegmat’s non-lethal army left to join the New German military. Wegmat’s in-provinces culture moved away from a militaristic culture to the Present Day Weg Culture. The Wegmat Foreign Exchange Ministry chose to ignore New German Hostilities. Priory remains under both claims. [13] Both the Wegmat Authority and New German Military both enforce laws on separate schedules changing control back and forth between both nations.

Last Days

Wegmat’s Prime Minister had been pushing the nation into more left-wing after the controversies. In March 2020 Wegmat shutdown due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. Travel was restricted between provinces and the United States except for essentials. In April Wegmat officially required face masks in all buildings except households or empty rooms. In may it was reported that they were no confirmed case in Wegmat at all. In mid-may borders were opened up as Wegmat entered “Phase 2” of the lockdown. In May the Des Plaines Union was created with Wegmat as the third member. The Des Plaines Union or DPU is a political, geographic and economic union created by Tommy C. It’s main goal is to keep peace and closer the 6 nations in the area around Wegmat. It’s headquarters is to be build in Des Plaines, Hilda. By Mid June Wegmat entered “Phase 3” of the lockdown and the Out-provinces were completely lifted of restrictions. By this time Manifest Wegstany was mostly realized Parliament passed the Wegmat Territory Expansion Act 2020 where a new Province and 2 territories will be added in protest of stopped road construction that could be a danger to the flow of the Des Plaines River. On July 1 these new territories were added of Hydrove; which is a province, Indians Boundaries Territory and Schiller Territory. July 12-July 28 an Expedition happened Where the Environmental Ministry traveled to the Leftover States of America (Wyoming, Montana, The Dakotas and Idaho.) While Cole was gone Amilie Montant attempted a coup which led to the abolishment of the royal family by Cole. A new constitution was made and the Wegmat became a presidential republic.

Politics and government

Capital building of Wegmat

Wegmat was a Constitutional Monarchy. The parliament was headed by the Speaker of the House. The Members of Parliament or MPs are elected annually on 14 November via ballots sent out to Citizens. The Prime Minister and Speaker of Parliament are elected every 2 years also on 14 November. The Prime Minister was legally just an adviser to the Queen, who is the official Head of State.


The Prime Minister was the Minister of the Parliament sometimes referred to as the Prime Ministry. The Prime Minister and Speaker of Parliament are the only Members of Parliament who can write acts. The Speaker of Parliament heads Parliament when the Prime Minister can not. The three seats all voted on legislation and can all edit acts.

Law and order

The police force was the Wegmat Authority and were responsible for all of Wegmat’s law enforcement. When a supposed criminal has been arrested they would be taken to court, where they can choose to defend themselves or call an attorney. Anything the suspect says can be used against the suspect during the trial. The punishment for any illegal action is decided upon by the Wegmat High Judge.


The Wegmat Armed Forces or WAF was made up of 3 branches, the Wegmat Marines, Wegmat Air Corp and the Wegmat Navy. Each marine used to have an airsoft gun. The marines also had a tank, made from a go-kart and cardboard, that uses shaken-up soda cans as ammo using a slingshot. Later after New Germany was declared the military now mostly consist of Cenwister Military Armory and a few non-lethal and lethal weapons in the in-provinces. Wegmat have two navy vessels, the WAD Rinik and the WAD Rilik, both armed with a soda can slingshot cannons (SCSSC) as abbreviated by the WAF. The Air Corp has 1 WAC B-1 and 3 WAC A-4’s A B-1 is a “bomber” but has been put in storage. The A-4 is a “fighter” only two are in service and can be deployed. They have been 4 conflicts that Wegmat has been involved in. The Squirrel Tower Offense, the Shoe war, the NWR Conflict and Weg war 1


Wegmat's most populated area is in the Chicagoland area with 4 provinces Essef, Gliffork, Natetoria and Hilda. The Kingdom also has two provinces outside of Illinois, New Finland and Cenwister. Most of Wegmat is flat. Southwestern Essef is made up of a flood plain through the woods and most of Essef and Hilda are wooded forest. Cenwister is made up of hilly fields and woods and New Finland is made up of hilly woods along a lake including an island.

A bridge crossing the Des Plaines River in Hilda

The woodlands have a lot of flora throughout the area including many different types of trees such as sycamores, oaks, maples and some but few pines. Most landscaping in Urban Wegmat is artificial. The highest point of elevation in Wegmat is around 800 Feet (243 metres) and 690 feet in the Hilda Highlands at Point Foxtrot

Political Geography

Subdivisions in Wegmat are called provinces. There are 4 In-Provinces, which are located in the Chicago area, and 2 Out-Provinces, which are located further of off the main part of Wegmat. They’re 3 territories 2 in Chicago and one near New Finland.

In-Provinces Flag Name Capital Population Incorporated In-Provinces Fessef.jpeg Essef Paradise City 27 2019 Fgliffork.jpeg Gliffork Xavier 48 2018 Hilda.jpeg Hilda Isadora 18 2019 Natetoria.jpeg Natetoria Natetoria City 5 2019 Hydrove Flag.jpeg Hydrove La Bamboise 23 2020 Out Provinces Flag Name Capital Population Incorporated Out-Provinces Nfl.jpeg New Finland New Helsinki 3 2018 Cwl2.jpeg Cenwister Fullerton 5 2019 Territories Flag Name Capital Population Incorporated Organized Unincorporated Territories TBD Little Presque Marquis 0 2019 TBD Schiller Territory Weg Chicago 61 2020 TBD Indian Boundary Territory Indianpoli 42 2020

Culture and Demographics

The main culture comes from Chicago as Wegmat is landlocked by it’s metro. But Chicagoan culture is very alive. Some people commute from Wegmat to Chicago Every day. Wegs also take day trips to Chicago. Up north in Cenwister culture is farm like and in New Finland it is Yooper like culture. Through out Western Wegmat culture is heavily derived from recreation. Many people in Wegmat sit around and play video games but other culture is prevalent. Gaming is a prevalent competition in Wegmat with eSports teams. Most media exports that go through Wegmat are video games. Every year a race along highways in the Des Plaines floodland area take place with the final final 2 mile race from Fort Jerome to Evansville similar to Kapreburg’s IMASBR bike races.


Most of Wegmat citizenship is held by deer as Wegmat allows other animals to have citizenship.

Demographics of Human Wegmat Population 33 Growth rate -34 Birth rate 0 Death rate 0 Life expectancy

• male	24
• female	9

Fertility rate 0 Net migration rate 100% Age structure 0–14 years 19 15–64 years 9 65 and over 4 Sex ratio Total 24/9 Under 15 15/4 15–64 years 5/3 65 and over 3/3 Nationality Nationality Wegmat Major ethnic United States Minor ethnic Finland Language Official English, Finnish Spoken English, Finnish National Holidays

Cuisine and Drink

Most of Wegmat's citizens are of Polish or Italian descent. This makes most food Italian or Polish. In some restaurants it’s contemporary American food. While in others or other homes it’s Italian dishes like pasta or salad or even Italian beef from Chicago, others include Polish sausages. The Pfeffer Dish is a vegetable tray with crackers and hummus. 2 drinks were originally made in Wegmat. Weg Soda is carbonated water mixed with juice and sugar and Weg Hot Drink is hot chocolate but melted caramels are put in the drink. Both of these drinks are served in most restaurants around Wegmat. Cranberry Apple Pie or Crapple Pie is a favorite in Wegmat and is baked on special occasions such as Thanksgiving or Christmas.


Weg Architecture varies by region. In Eastern Wegmat prarie school architecture makes up some homes including the city of Xavier. Two Pine follows more traditional Red Brick style. Outside of Urban Wegmat in Western Wegmat architecture is build of wood and dirt, Fort Style with exception to Evansville, Fort Jerome and Prarik. In New Finland it mixes log cabin and Fort Style. Cenwister has a midwest Farm house style.


Wegmat’s National Sport is whiffle ball and has a league based in Two Pine that was going to open up more locations in 2020 but has not due to the Coronavirus outbreak. WASBR officially started in 2020 but will not allow spectators and will only be on the broadcasted it’s first official season was cancelled. WASBR is similar to IMASBR in nearby Kapreburg but does not go around a circular track but in fact closes roads to hold it’s events.


Most music comes from the United States and media imports. However one major act comes from Wegmat known as Toad the Coverer with Toad’s Factory. Most of the population of Wegmat listens to classic rock.[25] An other lesser known album called Porn Addiction has became popular in Wegmat and other micronations related to TOES


The main export of Wegmat is milk from Cenwister, which is later turned into cheese. Media also gets exported through the “education” channel Wormhole TV. Wegmat has 7 large companies or the Big 7. The largest company in Wegmat is an agriculture company call Fullerton Dairy Service based in Cenwister that makes dairy products. Wegmat’s second largest company, Lowzboy Industries owns the channel Wormhole TV. Lowzboy makes stuff either fidget toys, infrastructure and food. The second largest Company called Berry Corp. a farming company, growing and selling most food in Essef and Hilda. Although Wegmat has a stock market Weg Master Stock Market (WMSM) where almost all businesses are held public for investments.


Agriculture makes up most of the economy. Companies, Fuller Dairy Service and Berry Larry help the economy an feed lots of the population. Fuller Dairy Service exports milk to the United States to Richland Center to be turned into cheese.


A majority of the media in Wegmat is controlled by Lowzboy Industries, which produces entertainment, educational, and music videos. That being said, other smaller Youtube channels also control some of the industry.


Wegmat has good infrastructure in the East with completely closed buildings and paved roads how ever it’s West is made of Fort Style which is not completely stable. Most cities however use For Style as it is cheap and east to use. Some highrises in the West are the most stable Fort Style buildings with the ability to hold multiple floors. Medical and other federal services of Wegmat our minimal to none in the West. First Aid Outposts make up all of Wegmat’s healthcare system with Rush Hospital in the US city of Oak Park[27] being Wegmat’s main large hospital. In the Out-Provinces infrastructure is about the same as Eastern In-provinces however with less Healthcare as they’re in rural areas.


Plumbing and Electricity is provided by ComEd a US based company. The Wegmat Environmental Ministry proposed a solar energy plan however was dismissed by the Wegmat Ministry of Utility due to it’s expense. The reasoning from the Prime Minister was that “Half of Wegmat doesn't use Electricity anyways, we would try to however it’s expense is too great.”


Wegmat has several freeways and roads that are managed by the Ministry of Transportation. Weg Ways is a project that connects Cities for human travel. Wegmat also has airports for RC Planes and the Canadian National runs through a section of Wegmat. Wegmat Routes connect most of the country with, routes marked on already existing roads and trails.