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The Kingdom of Wegmat was founded on 30 November 2018 in Two Pine, it was revived on 4 April 2019 by the April 4 Acts. Wegmat entered the MicroWiki Community in July 2019. The Kingdom of Wegmat reformed into the Federal Union in August 2020.


Cole Baird roamed much of their neighborhood, Trailmark, a subdivision in Littleton, Colorado, and designated trails a specific road number. They also designated their house as a city and built street signs. When Cole got into the game Minecraft, they created the Republic of Falmont, with them acting as the President. the Republic of Falmont had its own Congress with friends of Cole acting as representatives online in a Minecraft world that acted as the capital. Another influential figure in Weg history who also had a major interest in things similar to micronationalism was declared the king of his street in Chicago, Illinois. Cole moved to the same neighborhood in 2017. Falmont continued until December 2017.


Wegmat was founded on 30 November 2018 in Two Pine under the name Wegmat before changing to Ridab in the first few hours. Ridab was an absolute monarchy and recognized animals as citizens. Its very small constitution was written to designate slight control of the nation to the government. Ridab's only notable historical event was the Squirrell Tower Offense. Ridab was quite inactive until late March 2019, when the Prime Minister, Cole Baird, visited the Conch Republic for spring break. Soon afterward, they decided to start drafting a new constitution, as well as encouraging other people to become citizens of Wegmat. These events led up to the April 4 Acts, which formally renamed Ridab to Wegmat and overall made the government more democratic.


On 4 April 2019, the Prime Minister's draft of the Constitution was passed by a parliament that was appointed by Cole. Wegmat, which was originally a city-state, annexed what were known as the North and South Provinces, which later became Essef, Gliffork, New Finland and Cenwister. Wegmat's operations during this time were almost exclusively done inside a school. Power was not quite central yet which led to a citizen named DJ attempting to overthrow the Weg government. He was exiled from Wegmat and his citizenship revoked. Another citizen named TJ formed the first stock market in Markonton, North Province.

Another person who wanted to overthrow Cole from power formed New Asia United which declared war on Wegmat. This was known as the Shoe War, New Asia United and Wegmat would fight 1 battle in what was Priory National Park and one in Bobbygrad. New Asia United collapsed on 3 June 2019. In late June, River Forest, the city where Wegmat was mainly located, formed a task force to cull the local population of deer, which would result in the government of Wegmat adopting the Deer and Other Species Citizenship Status Act, which was made to ensure the protection of deer. In addition, Wegmat acquired new territories on 10 August, which included the province of Hilda, named after the late dog of Wegmat's royal family. The acquisition of these territories boosted Wegmat's population to triple digits. It also switched the focus of Wegmat to the woods and being a more outdoor organization.

Bobbygrad Renaissance

Between September and October 2019, violence re-erupted in Bobbygrad, with a group is known as the New Wegmat Republic trying to take the city of Bobbygrad, which would end with the city descending into civil war.

A New Wegmat soldier, armed with an Airsoft gun.

The reputation of the NWR would decline as Wegmat took the Stevont Pass, a district located north of Downtown Bobbygrad. In addition, most citizens of the NWR defected back to Wegmat and enlisted in the Wegmat Armed Forces. For a while, Parliament struggled to find a new Minister of Defence after the second one resigned, which was resolved when the minister rejoined the country.

Later on, the city Bobbygrad would vote to secede from Wegmat as the Empire of New Germany, and declared war on Wegmat, which the Wegmat Foreign Exchange Ministry would ignore. This would result in northwestern Gliffork turning into a warzone and most of Wegmat's non-lethal armed forces defecting to New Germany. Another effect of the civil war would be that the culture of Wegmat's in-provinces would turn into what Wegmat's culture is today. The cultural shift in Wegmat moved away from the city of Bobbygrad and into Paradise City and Thatcher Woods in general. The war would end with the Priory Grasslands being claimed by both New Germany and Wegmat. During the Winter of 2019 and 2020, Wegmat would be developing Hilda and Essef. Crating the bay project the Bay of Tress area was to be developed more. the project built a bridge connecting the Hilda Keys and recreational developments in Hilda Highlands National Park

Manifest Wegstany

Following all the controversies surrounding Wegmat, its Prime Minister would push the country more politically left. In March 2020, Wegmat would shut down due to COVID-19; precautions included travel between the United States and the in-provinces of Wegmat being restricted (unless necessary) and face masks being required in all buildings. These precautions, among others, would result in Wegmat having 0 cases until the 1st phase of the COVID restrictions ended. In mid-May, Wegmat entered phase 2 of lockdown.

In May 2020, Wegmat formed the Des Plaines Union as its third member. By mid-June, Wegmat entered Phase 3 of its COVID restrictions. Also in June, the Wegmat Territory Expansion Act of 2020 was passed by Parliament, where the Province of Hydrove, the Indians Boundaries Territory, and the Shiller Territory were added as Weg territory to protest potentially dangerous actions to the Des Plaines River, which went into effect on 1 July. This was a huge addition of land to the Kingdom. These territories became known as the frontier. Wegmat had a difficult time controlling and enforcing laws in territories for almost a year.

Pioneers on the Des Plaines River Trail heading to the northern parts of Wegmat.

The capitalist economy was declining in Wegmat, stock shares were worthless and there was no interest in work, and economic and political stress was raised. On 26 June, workers in Wegmat joined a general strike in Paradise City. The protesters had demanded to dissolve the stock exchange and give ownership of the company distributed among the employees. The strike turned violent, company headquarters were destroyed by rioters. On 27 June, the ownership of almost all large corporations in Wegmat was distributed to their employees. Cole Baird supported these protests. The Founders Party changed quickly to reflect the economic views of the citizens of Wegmat. Wegmat became a socialist economy with little government intervention

Between 12 July and 28 July, the Environmental Ministry of Wegmat went on an expedition to the American states of Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota and Idaho. Leon Montan, who is a parliament member, attempted a coup as a joke, which resulted in Cole baird taking that as an excuse to reform the Weg political system and ratify a new constitution. The Kingdom fell and became the Federal Union. Wegmat became more federalized and autonomy in Weg provinces was easier to obtain than under the Kingdom. The new constitution was ratified in a referendum on 27 October 2020. 2 days earlier, the Treaty and Act of New German Reunification was signed, which reunited New Germany into Wegmat as an autonomous province.

On 25 November, Wegmat elected the first-ever President; 6 days later, new Parliament members were sworn in, including the President. On 30 November, Wegmat celebrated 2 years of existence. On 18 February 2021, the Prime Minister mistakenly proposed an unconstitutional motion, which was later retracted. However, during a trip with the Council of State to Devils Hill National Park on 20 February, protests broke out. When counter-protesters arrived, the protests turned into a riot. Wegmat was prepared to start sending more people up north by the end of the snow season. With New Germany being an autonomous province Wegmat hoped to close its frontier easier with help from Bobbygrad.

Great Des Plaines Valley War

Collage of Events in the Great Des Plaines Valley War.

There were many more independent nations in the Des Plaines Valley. The Chevalier Union and Rodentia became the alternatives to Wegmat. Edward Oakes took advantage f less powerful governments and overthrew the Rodentian government. Edward announced the 4-hour plan in the Rodentian capital. A conscription was ordered. The militia involved in the coup quickly got Roentian SF to be obedient to the new Rodentian government. The same day, during the coup, Rodentia funded the Sakaki clan to take Bobbygrad; this began a conflict in the region. Rodentian SF and some troops who were seen as obedient to the Emporer were also sent to Bobbygrad on 6 March 2021. Wegmat was invaded by Rodentian forces on 7 March 2021, which began a spiral into heightening the Weg-Rodentian war to a major war. In a large-scale invasion by Philmont and Rodentian forces in the Rainbowlands; many nations that were a part of the UDCTC joined the war. Wegmat became completely focused on ending the war to be able to focus on new projects. Rodentia was pushed out of Wegmat. The Weimar broke away from Wegmat and joined the Urraca Pact and invaded Priory National Park. Wegmat’s rival nation, the Empire of Kapreburg, joined the war as well in the summer. The Kapresh invaded Whynofly and captured the territory for a week. The War entered a period of little fighting until after a summit between Cole Baird and Jonas Rhymer, when the Urraca Pact invaded the Weg province of Levare. This was the last moment of combat in the Des Plaines Valley. Wegmat was already sending civilian developers into the north by then, Wegmat was less worried about the war and could continue its development. Wegmat took out Philmont in New Mexico in late July. Rodentia surrendered a few days after the Weg army returned to the Des Plaines Valley. The war ended and is still controversial in the MicroWiki Sector.

Closure of the Frontier

Cole B. giving a speech at the beginning of the reconstruction of the Chad Mans.

Although the war progressed in the summer, Wegmat focused on fully developing the Weg frontier, made up of territories north of Hydrove. The main project of development was the reconstruction of Chad Mans National Park, a popular jump trail for dirt bikers and mountain bikers. The trail was destroyed by the United States on the basis that it violated the local ordinance. Under a program instituted by the Prime Minister, called Recreational Infrastructure Project Abba, reconstruction of the trails began in June, alongside plans for other biking trails.

Wegmat also planned to begin technological research and manufacturing of goods. In the past few months, however, manufacturing goods became a keen interest of much of the human population of Wegmat. Plans for a train that would run on abandoned railroad tracks between Jaccigrad and Isadora are planned to begin by the Summer of 2022. In July, Wegmat annexed an abandoned golf practice center with the hope of hosting a golf tournament planned for August. The area, known as the Bushwood Territory, has had much of the land designated as Weg Intermicronational Stadium. The new territory quickly grew becoming the province of Madison and the city of Bushwood becoming the most populous city in Wegmat. Bushwood now is considered the cultural center of Wegmat.

The Weg frontier was declared officially closed when North Potawatomi and Whynofy were upgraded from territories to provinces. Wegmat is also now considered to be entirely walkable. The Weg government finally became able to operate motor vehicles without outsourcing as Federal Employees gained Illinois driver's licenses. Wegmat opened its first hunting season of deer (only in Cenwister). This is legal due to Weg Predator Laws citing that a citizen can kill a non-citizen as long as it is another species and the meat is used. Ballots for the 2021 Presidential Election of Wegmat were issued on 5 December 2021. Vincent C. did not run again as he has not done much with Wegmat and has lost interest in the government. Ian Brandis received the endorsement of the Founders Party and won the race. He is now the President. Gubernatorial candidates were put on the federal ballot so any person within Wegmat could vote for a governor.

Post War Period

Workers in Bushwood.

Both sides of the GDPVW became quite nationalistic. Patriotism was at an all-time high in wegmat, Weimar and Kapreburg. On 22 November, a Kapresh citizen and another person committed the Weg Nationwide Attacks. Several buildings were destroyed. The attacks started after a firecracker was detonated in the Madison Capital Building in Bushwood. The Wegmat Authority arrived with fire extinguishers. While the situation was being resolved both the Hilda and Essef capital buildings were destroyed. The Kapresh citizen headed north on Wegmat Route 4 while the other terrorist headed east towards Two Pine. The individual was immediately apprehended by the Wegmat Authority in Two Pine. Cole Baird issued a national lockdown while all of the Weg law enforcement headed up north to apprehend the Kapresh citizen. The Wegmat Special Police and Investigation headed through Whynofly to find Cape Chad and Interior destroyed. Weg law enforcement surrounded Lost Lake City. The terrorist targeted 2 locations in LLC, however, was arrested by the WSPI.

The WSPI claimed that the attacks were based on Kapresh Nationalism. On the 3rd annual Founder's Day, Wegmat prematurely declared war on Kapreburg. However, no military operations began until a month later. During this time Wegmat was still operating as if there was no war. In January 2022 the Wegmat marines traveled to Kapreburg on the Metra and invaded New Kariba. This unfortunate led Wegmat into another occupational period. Kapreburg captured the province of Madison and a battle in Downtown Bushwood occurred. The Midlothian War ended in the second battle in Wegmat where Kapresh troops lost a battle and parts of Essef and Madison were given to Weimar. The war did not officially end as no side performed military actions on one another. Wegmat planned to invade Kapreburg, however, was never able to due to snow weather or internal problems. A summit is now planned after Wegmat dropped its state of war on 10 May 2022.

Paulina Depression

The war partially caused economic depression in the Des Plaines Valley Sector. The majority of human citizens are unemployed in Weg jobs. Some may call this a state of inactivity in micronationalism as no one wants to participate with Wegmat. The Wegmat Government is considering a campaign to reactivate the Weg economy which is where the majority of the activity in Wegmat devolves around rather than politics and government. The economic depression began before the 2022 MOF Games which was hosted by Wegmat. The games entered a state of inactivity due to the only game admin experiencing mental health problems. The MOF took over the administration of the games. Northern Wegmat historically has had a choke point for trade in Northern Hydrove. If this section of the Great Wegmat Highway closes much of Northern Wegmat is cut from Federal services and supplies from southern businesses. On 12 December Canadian Pacific Railway began renovation work on their bridge at Canpac Crossings which closed the road below. The Framboise Tunnel at La Bamboise closed well due to severe water damage from a pipe burst. The Framboise Tunnel is the sole route for some riverboats that need to pass the Framboise Portage. The only way to travel through the Hydrove chokepoint is through the Legion Detour or via automobile and Pace bus services around Hydrove and Golfia. Because of the travel restrictions and the Paulina Depression activity has decreased in Northern Wegmat. This opened a "New Fronteir" because law is harder to enforce and development has reversed in the north. On 21 December 2022 James Panton was elected the as the 3rd president of Wegmat. He was sworn in on 2 January 2023 as the first non-Founder's Party president. Cole Baird remains Prime Minister despite being a socialist, countering Panton's liberal views.

Post Depression and A-Era

The UDP Belle Plaine moves south full of cargo.

The Paulina Depression came to an end in December after the annexation of Shipstar, a city where three large agriculture companies operate. The Wegmat Government had chartered the economy there specifically to benefit the nation as a whole. With special taxation imposed by the province of Gliffork, a deal was made between the province and the Federal Government to collect the income. The Federal Government of Wegmat began updating its services and legality. The Federal Codex of Wegmat was published and is the largest recorded Code of Law of a micronation. Recovery from the Paulina Depression came naturally from an interest in Wegmat again. In mid-April, Wegmat Parliament had a very productive legislative session passing four acts. The largest was the Capitalism Act which re-introduced capitalism into Wegmat. Socialist policies were not inherently enforced by the Federal government (Irving and Hilda do have policies enforcing socialism). However personal finances powerful enough to pursue entrepreneurship were rare. The Capitalism Act completely loosened banking regulations, previously the Weg National Bank was the only bank allowed in Wegmat. It also founded the Federal Investing Authority which has the power to loan and grant money in the pursuit of government-sponsored venture capitalism. This type of legislation would not normally be passed, however, because the Founders Party not only lost a presidential seat but is no longer the majority in Parliament.

The significant growth from the industrial center of Shipstar came to an end when the new owners of the Starship Food Company dissolved the weg registration and unrecognized the Federal Union of Wegmat. Income continued to be extracted from the kitchens until all Wegs (all were under 18) were laid off by the American registered company. Another major blow to the reputation of Wegmat happened in the supreme court case Caperelli v. FEM there was a lot of distrust in the Federal Government. One business owner was paranoid that the government would cancel their contract with the company and then broke into the Public Lands Building in Lost Lake City and threatened employees before being arrested by Wegmat Rangers. There was an outcry against the Wegmat Council of State for not administrating the post-Cicero Spenninger era well. Prime Minister of Wegmat Cole Baird resigned in early June 2023. Member of Parliament and Governor of Bushwood, Dylan Achterhof was appointed prime minister. Cole Baird remains chair of parliament but moved to Buckhorn View in the growing micronation of Nakoosa. With the former prime minister living and working in Nakoosa, foreign ties between the two nations became great. There was an ongoing civil conflict and general nuisance in Nakoosa between claims of cryptids and a political group wanting to protect them. Nakoosa Armed Forces had been in a small-scale war against the paramilitary Trolli Association of Common Goals. Parliament approved a plan from the new administration in Wegmat to send a regiment to Nakoosa to help in the Great Cryptid War. Weg troops arrived on 17 June 2023 and the first raids happened on the 18th. Throughout the summer the Trolli Association of Common Goals was apprehended and service projects were completed by Weg troops in Nakoosa. Development in Wegmat had severe stagnation. The government's goal is to recruit more people to grow the economy. A new industrial area similar to Shipstar is being looked for and the Thatcher and Isadora Railroad has been postponed further due to the collapse of Shipstar.