New Kariba

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Colony of New Kariba
Flag of New Kariba.svg
Coat of arms
Motto: "N Nuwe Begin" '(Afrikaans for "A New Beginning")
Official languagesEnglish
• Monarch
Jackson I
Establishment25 September 2021
• Estimate
Time zoneCentral Daylight Time

The Colony of New Kariba is a colony in Kapreburg.


New Kariba is named after the Kariba because when Jackson I first saw the lakes in New Kariba, he said they reminded him of Lake Kariba and the Kariba Dam.


The land that is now New Kariba was under control of the French, as part of the Illinois Country. It then became part of the Province of Quebec. In 1787 it became part of the United States. It then became a forest preserve under the Cook County Forest Preserve sometime in the early 1900s. In 1974, two artificial lakes were built on the land, dubbed by officials the “Midlothian Reservoir” but known by locals as the “Twin Lakes”. In mid-2021, Jackson I became interested in claiming New Kariba, and on 1 September 2021, Jackson I and Matthew Hughes went to explore the area. They dubbed the western lake Lake Hughes and the eastern lake King Jackson's Lake. It was officially claimed for Kapreburg on 25 September 2021.