2019 Kapresh constitutional crisis

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2019 Kapresh constitutional crisis
John I of Baustralia in Church Dress, April 2019 CROP.JPG
Aidan in May, 2019.png
From top-left to bottom-right: John, Aidan I, Jack Morris, Abrams I
Date2 April 2019 – 5 April 2019
Caused byAidan McGrath's presidency
Kapresh monarchization
Resulted in
  • Resignation of Vice President Aidan McGrath
  • Creation of Concordia Pact
  • Return of Kapreburg
Parties to the civil conflict
Lead figures
Coalition and Entities are the names assigned to each party in the Treaty of Charriot'sville

The 2019 Kapresh constitutional crisis is a political event that happened after the resignation of the president of Kapreburg, Jack Morris.


The incumbent, Aidan McGrath had thought of ways to start conflicts with the Monarch of Baustralia. Morris and McGrath wished of them to be gone. The both decided that they need a final solution, end Baustralia by starting a war. The plan was that Morris would give up Kapreburg in favor of creating an Islamic Republic and McGrath would annex it and give it to Baustralia. That is when the crisis began.

The incumbent, Aidan McGrath was approached with an offer to give the Kapresh land away. He asked to be president and give the land to Baustralia, which was accepted. On 2 April 2019, the Baustralian Crown, on advice of its minister, accepted the land. However, after the land was given, it was found that the Kapresh Constitution did not permit the ceding of the land.


Morris, along with Abrams I – a good friend of Morris, wished to retrieve the land as they felt the government of Baustralia to be corrupt. They carefully analysed the constitution and saw that it was illegal. However, as Baustralia had already laid claim, they started to butt heads. A cease and desist letter was served to the Baustralian Crown, but did not go to trial, the Crown made provisions to seek a foreign judge to judge this case. Later, McGrath would resign as Vice President of Kapreburg.


Phase one is the preliminary phase and lays out terms before the handing back of the land. This was done with a treaty, known as the Treaty of Charriot'sville. It was signed both by Jack Morris and John. This, and an Act of Parliament will declare the Dominion of Kapreburg dissolved. In provision of this, Morris was sworn in by Abrams I. Shortly after, Cameron was awarded the Presidential Medal of Peace.

Phase two is the executive phase where the Minister of Foreign Affairs in Baustralia, Harrision Pickles, introduced his draft for the bill that cedes Kapreburg back to the Republic form. This was passed, and ended Baustralian sovereignty over Kapreburg on 24 April 2019.