Empire of Kapreburg

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Coat of arms
Motto: "We live in fame, or go down in flame."
Anthem: God Save the King

National march: When Johnny Comes Marching Home

Location of Empire of Kapreburg German:Reich von KapreburgEsperanto:Imperio de KapreburgIkonian:Kòhopeneepilorkò atau ΣπeeplorΦeflorèBaustralian: @font-face { font-family: "Baustralian Runic Regular"; src: url("https://micronations.wiki/ugc/Baustralian-Runic-Regular.ttf"); font-weight: 400; } .baustralian-runic-regular { font-family: "Baustralian Runic Regular"; } De Imperii Kapreburg
Largest cityJohnson
Other languagesEnglish, German, Esperanto
Jack Allahbarism
GovernmentUnitary absolute monarchy
• King
Jackson I
Cameron Koehler
• Seceded from Riloia
27 September 2012
• Monarchized
2 April 2019
• Demonarchized
24 April 2019
• Monarchized
17 May 2019
• Total
1,011.95 km2 (390.72 sq mi)
• Estimate
CurrencyKapresh Dollar
Time zoneCST

Kapreburg (/kæprbʌrɡ/), officially referred to as the Empire of Kapreburg is a micronation with a unitary absolute monarchy government that was established on 27 September 2012. It was given to Baustralia by the fourth President, Aidan McGrath. It was then handed back over on 24 April. It then became an absolute monarchy and an empire on 17 May 2019.


The name Kapreburg has no actual meaning, although Kapre roughly translates into "Hijack" in Danish.



The Republic of Zekia was founded on 27 September 2012 by Jack Morris after being inspired by his older brother who ran the Principality of Riloia. [1]

A history of every Zek Flag

Jack Morris was never "officially" leader until September 2017 but he was still reffered to as Prime Minister of Zekia until elected President in 2017. From 2012-2015 not much was done with Zekia at all. In 2015 Morris got re-inspired to get back into microntionalism after discovering the stories of Kevin Baugh and Danny Wallace. Jack Morris refers to this time as the "2015 Zek Culture Explosion" In mid 2015 Jack Morris drafted up the first constitution the country ever had. In August of 2015 the first Zek Games were held. There were only 2 events held. Football (Soccer) and American Football. It was held between Riloia and Zekia. Riloia won Football and Zekia won American Football. Then in September the first ever Zek Independence Day celebration was held in the Capital. In 2016, Jack Morris began to incorporate Communism into Zekia. After this Zekia was dormant until January 2017 when him and some friends revived it. They decided to hold an election to decide a leader in April 2017. Ahmad Johnson won, and he chose Jack Morris as his Vice President. Johnson did not do much and resigned on 27 September 2017. Jack Morris became President and decided to change the country to Protzkya.


The flag of the Protkzyan World Republic

The foundation date of Protzkya is unkown but it was founded sometime around September 2017 when Jack Morris changed Zekia into a communist state dubbed "The Protzkyan World Republic". Shortly after foundation, Jack Morris lost interest in micronationalism. In January 2018 Jack Morris discovered Molossia again and decided to get back into micronationalism.


Federation of Kapreburg

The Federation of Kapreburg was founded on 2 January 2018 by Jack Morris. Late at night he made a flag and coat of arms. The next day he decided to do more research on micronations and found the Micronational Assembly and joined.

The old Kapresh Flag Morris designed on the 2nd.

Originally when founding Kapreburg, Jack Morris did not know about the MicroWiki website and originally made a page on Micronations Fandom Wikia. During this time he claimed lots of territories. One day he found that the Catholique Socialist Republic claimed Bir Tawil. Morris told the President of the Catholique Socialist Republic that he owned Bir Tawil. Later the President of the Catholique Socialist Republic messaged Morris on Discord to discuss their dispute. Aidan McGrath who was President of the Catholique Socialist Republic offered to give Kapreburg the Fox Islands, in return for the Catholique Socialist Republic to own Bir Tawil. Jack Morris agreed and after that Kapreburg and the Catholique Socialist Republic became allies. On 23 December 2018, Catholique Socialist Republic and Kapreburg launched a cyber attack against the Kingdom of Drietsland. The two nations were successfull in taking down the internet of Drietsland for a couple of minutes. After this Kapreburg formed a Cyber Force. They later dubbed these attacks the "Black December Hackings" In January 2019, Morris realized he no longer agreed with communism and decided to turn into a democratic republic.

Republic of Kapreburg

In January 2019 then President of the Federation of Kapreburg realized he no longer liked communism, and turned the country into a democratic republic. To fit the ideology of the new republic, Morris founded the Kapresh Congress on 23 January 2019. Later in April 2019 Baustralia occupied Kapreburg, resulting in the 2019 Kapresh constitutional crisis. Later, in May 2019, Aidan McGrath, who was then King of the Kingdom of Quebec and Cameron I of Ikonia wanted Jack Morris to turn Kapreburg into a monarchy. He had congress vote on it, and on 17 May 2019, Kapreburg turned into a Monarchy.

Empire of Kapreburg

On 17 May 2019, the Republic of Kapreburg became the Empire of Kapreburg with Jackson I becoming the Tsar.

On 17 May 2020, the title of Tsar, was changed to King.

Government and politics

The governing type of the Empire of Kapreburg is a Unitary absolute monarchy Jack Morris is the current head of state as Tsar and holds absolute powers.

The government was previously a communist federation from 1 January 2018 up until 22 January 2019, when the President, Jack Morris later stopped associating with communism. Then on 17 May 2019, it became and absolute monarchy with Jackson I becoming Tsar.

Political parties

List of Political Parties in Kapreburg as of 16 September 2019
Name Leader Ideology Seats in Congress
Exampliary Party Cameron Koehler Paleoconservatism
0 / 3
United Conservative Party Aidan McGrath Conservatism
0 / 3
Independent Party None Centrism
3 / 3

Foreign Relations

The Empire of Kapreburg has relations with multiple nations and recognizes multiple nations. Below is a list of recognized nations by Kapreburg.

Recognised states; no diplomatic relations

Full foreign relations and treaties signed

Informal relations

International Organisation participation

Geography and climate

Kapreburg is based in the US Village of Midlothian. The mainland of Kapreburg (The provinces), are all together 0.16 square kilometers. Kapreburg is home to a lot of lakes such as Lake Delfino, Turtlehead Lake and Lake Arrowhead. There are also lots of nature preservatories in Kapreburg like Karl Marx Forest, Johnson Hill, Rubio Woods and Midlothian Meadows.

Climate data for Kapreburg, Kapreburg
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Average high °F (°C) 31.1
Average low °F (°C) 18
[citation needed]

Administrative divisions

Flag Name Population Representative Incorporated
Yunalliaflag.png Yunallia 0 None 2018
Flag of Charriot'sVille.svg Charriot'sVille 48 Ayden Birdwhistle 2015
Johnsonflag2019.svg Johnson 96 None 2017
Flag of St Anthony.svg St. Anthony 31 None 2019
FlagofMorrisOF.png Morris 0 Caneigway DeLarge 2019
Unorganized Unincorporated Territories
Flag of Lisanski Island.svg Lisianski Island 0 None 2018
None Sister Islands 0 None 2019
Flag of Meighan Island.png Meighan Island 0 None 2019
Unorganized Incorporated Territories
Organized Incorporated Territories
Organized Unincorporated Territories
Flag of Newgoslavia.png Newgoslavia 0 None 2018
Flag of Turtlehead.svg Turtlehead 0 None 2019
NorticiaFlag.png Norticia 193 None 2016
Flag of Dottia.svg Dottia 54 None 2017
ConcordiaFlag.png Concordia 132 None 2015
Flag of Oak Forest.png Oak Forest 108 None 2019
Flag of New Midlothian.svg New Midlothian 0 None 2019


In Kapreburg, the most profitable market is food. A majority of Kapresh exports are food related. Kapreburg does not get many imports, but for the imports Kapreburg gets there is no clear majority.


Kapresh culture derives from the cultures of Chicago, the US State of Illinois, the United States, and many eastern European countries.

One staple of Kapresh culture is a type of Burger, yet without buns, you use bagels.

Some traditions of Kapresh culture are:

  • If it snows on at your house on the 14th of March, you will have bad luck for 6 months.
  • Every September 22, in the House of the Empire backyard, there is a torch-burning ceremony.
  • Every night, on December 24, you are supposed to have a taco dinner.

Royal and Public Holidays

Date Name Type Notes
January 1 New Year's Day Public holiday First day of the Gregorian calendar
January 23 Creat Day Public holiday Mourning the death of Jack Allahbar in 1616
February 14 St. Valentine's Day Public holiday A day celebrating the teachings of St. Valentine
First Monday of March Casimir Pulaski Day Public holiday A day to celebrate Casimir Pulaski
March 15 Tsar's Day Royal holiday A day to celebrate all Tsars of Kapreburg, and the birth of Tsar Jackson I
May 8 Mother's Day Public holiday A day to celebrate mothers
June 18 Father's Day Public Holiday A day to celebrate fathers
June 30 Being Alive Is Freakin’ Cool Day Public holiday A day celebrating life, and a day to relax and have fun
September 27 Independence Day Royal Holiday A day to celebrate the foundation of Zekia, which later became Kapreburg.
October 31 Halloween Public holiday A day welcoming the coming of Autumn
December 25 Christmas Public holiday Celebrating the birth of Jesus; festivities

Members of the Government


  1. Morris signed the Declaration of Independence under the pseudonym "Frigyes Kennethy"