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Kingdom of Drietsland
Driez Flakt feåm 2018.pngDrietsbigshield.png

De Könsch erhelt orse Friehied (Driets: The King Guards the Freedom)
De Landslied (Driets: The National Anthem)
Drietsland Map 7th March 2021.png
Drietsland in blue
Capital cityKyberstring
Largest cityCentrapol
Official language(s)Driets, Swedish and English
Official religion(s)Buddhism and Christianity
Short nameDrietsland
GovernmentFederal Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy (Driets Democracy)
- KingSeved I
- State DeputyNone
LegislatureThe House
Established4 June 2016
Area claimed0.596 km² (Realm Lands)
Time zone(CET)
National sportNone
National animalEagle
This nation is a member of the Micronational Assembly.

The Kingdom of Driestland, also referred to as Drietsland is a micronation founded by Seved Eriksson. Drietsland is located in Stockholm, Sweden, and was formerly a warlord state until 4 June 2016 when Seved Eriksson declared it as a micronation.


The name Drietsland came from the old name of Drietsland: Droiderna. The name Droiderna was created by Drietslands 2nd President, Ture. This was because Drietsland was earlier called the Pigs. Ture shortly resigned after getting elected in January 2015 as it turned out that he was a spy for Calcony. This caused Seved to regain power. Eventually, the name transformed into Drietsland. The transform was most likely caused by Seved's taste for West Germanic sounding things.


On the 4th of June 2016, Drietsland declared independence as a kingdom. Two days later, at the 6th of June, Drietsland sent troops to explore land. As Drietsland expanded, so did influence. On the 3rd of September 2016, Drietsland joined the MA. War occured between Calcony and Drietsland in October 2016. The war was formerly called the First Driets Civil War due to the participation of civilians in combat. The war didn't end until Calconian withdrawal in November. Drietsland left the MA in January 2017 as a result of a communist member state cheating in the MA Leader Elections. Drietsland rejoined when Jack den Heijer regained power.

On 14th of February 2017, Prime Minister Seved Eriksson appointed a new king, Adam I and formed a parliament. The Talsi Convention of 2017 made 3 more micronations, 1 of them being divided in 3. Drietsland would later sell a puppet state to Latland. When Cyrisk and Lusititaene joined the MA and eventually established a dominance over the MA, Drietsland left the MA twice with a small time of rejoining. Calcony later declared war on Drietsland, though peace shortly followed after Drietsland paid Calcony reparations in form of Oreos. Drietslsnd participated in the Coalition war against Cyrisk.

Prime Minister Seved Eriksson decided to replace King Adam I with King Lorenzo I on the 16th of October and drafted a new constitution. Calcony and Drietsland went to war against each other for the third time in Fall 2017.The war ended on the 15th of December 2017 with a Status Quo. Calcony became communist in February 2018 and declared war on Drietsland to support the Driets Communists. The war ended when the leader of Calcony declared that Calcony no longer existed and neither did Drietsland. Prime Minister Seved Eriksson ignored this and Drietsland remained. The war caused the election to be postponed until October.

The October election was the first election that Seved Eriksson lost since the 4th of June. Seved Eriksson lost to the Fascist Party. Eventually, an agreement was reached and the fascists were allowed to govern while Seved was King. In early March 2019, all the Drietsmark prototypes went missing, causing a severe halt in the official introduction of the Drietsmark. The Drietsmarks were found after three weeks, but would never be introduced.

Drietsland declared war on Seldavia on December 8th 2019. After Delphia surrendered to Seldavia, the Delphian region of Winchell was ceded to Drietsland. This made Drietsland have a border with it's war enemy and the King decided to re-establish the army.

Government and politics

Drietsland is a Constitutional Monarchy with a governance style similar to a Direct Democracy. This is usually referred to Driets Democracy

Law and order

Drietsland has no law enforcement.

Foreign relations

Drietsland is neutral but has or hosts diplomatic missions to or from the following countries:

Delphia.png Delphia

SaspearianFlag.jpg Saspearian

DRHouseistan.png Democratic Republic of Houseistan

Onontakeka.png Workers Republic of Onontakeka

Drietsland is also a part of the Micronational Assembly


The Driets Army currently consists of a single regiment

Geography and climate

Drietsland is mostly Urban but outside of Kyberstring there is a large field called the Nytorp Field. The Highest Point in Drietsland is the Park Hill, Unmeasured. But across the border lies another hill, the Nypan Hill.


The Driets Economy doesn't exist as of now.


The Royal Language of Drietsland is Driets and is regulated by the Driets Academy. The most important holiday in Drietsland is Birstaer. It starts on the 10th of December and ends at the 16th of January. It is also sometimes called Vintermond.


The King has a Media Monopoly in Drietsland that was established on the 6th of December 2019. Despite this, the Driets Media industry is inactive.

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