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Freedom for all (Latin: Licentia omnibus)
Texas, USA
Capital city Unueco
Largest city Unueco
Official language(s) No official language(s)
Official religion(s) Christian
Demonym Saspearianard
Government Unknown
- Emperor Emperor Anthony I
Area claimed Less then an acre.
Population 2 (2019)
Currency US Dollar
Time zone UTC -05:00
This nation is a member of the Micronational Assembly

Government website

Saspearian is a micronation founded on October 20, 2017 along with the inauguration of Emperor Anthony I.


The name Saspearian came from when Emperor Anthony I was thinking one day and decided that Saspearian would be a good name for his plan.


During 2016 is when Emperor Anthony I got the idea of creating a country. Fast forward to October 20, 2017 Saspearian became established as a sovereign state. Originally Emperor Anthony I was going to start his own country later.

Foreign relations

Saspearian is allies with Astain, Yaskiule, and Imperial States.


Saspearian currently does not have a military.


Kaliergo I was launched on February 20, 2019 with the goal of successfully growing peaches in Saspearian the mission is ongoing.


SBC is a company that existed before Saspearian's establishment and declaration of independence. The S stands for Saspearian, The B stands for broadcasting, and the C stands for Company.

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