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Coat of arms of Saspearian
Coat of arms
Motto: "Licentia omnibus"
English translation: "Freedom for all"
Anthem: Saspearian National Anthem[a]
LocationTexas, United States, Illinois, United States, Alberta, Canada
and largest city
Official languagesNone
• Emperor
Anthony I
LegislatureSaspearian Parliament
• Foundation
20 October 2017
• Total
0.034 sq mi (0.088 km2)
• (2022) census
CurrencyUnited States dollar ($) (USD)
Time zoneUTC-6 (Unueco Time CST)
• Summer (DST)
Date formatmm-dd-yyyy
IMSO 1 codeSPN

Saspearian (sus-spe-re-an) is a self-declared sovereign country that currently is not recognized by any UN Member States thus being considered as a micronation by external observers, which was founded on 20 October 2017 by its first and current emperor, Anthony I. Saspearian's land claims are landlocked and are contiguously located in the North American Continent, with the land being surrounded by the macronational country of the United States of America, and formerly Canada. The territories of which are specifically located in the American states of Texas and Illinois. The nation's land claims are estimated to be more than 22 acres and consist of three provinces and two territories, with the nation's capital and largest city being Unueco.

The government system was formerly functioning under a legislative body known as the Saspearian Congress at the times of it's establishment, but shortly after it was an Absolute Monarchy since the Congress dissolved after declaring independence and the Emperor had absolute power over all aspects of the nation. But it is now considered to be a Constitutional Monarchy since the adoption of the Saspearian Constitution on 16 January 2021. The Emperor functions as the head of state, while the Prime Minister serves as the head of government. In addition, Saspearian has a unicameral legislative body, the Saspearian Parliament. Saspearian has a territorial population of 2, with the total number of citizens being 14 as of 11 February 2022.

Saspearian's currency is the US Dollar, the national animal is the Red Jay, the national plant is the Bluebonnet, and the national dish is Frito Pie. Saspearian has no state religion or state languages. Despite the country not having a state language, English is predominantly spoken, Esperanto is also spoken. Saspearian is very diplomatically active since the nation is involved in multiple micronational organisations such as the Grand Unified Micronational, the Cupertino Alliance, and the Micronational Assembly. Additionally, Saspearian has signed over 20+ treaties of mutual recognition with other micronations.

Saspearian observes Unueco Time which is designated as the Standard Time on a year round basis. In micronational rankings, Saspearian is classified as "Brick and Mortar, Small, Statehood" and as 5th World according to the Boodlesmythe-Tallini System of Classification. Saspearian was formerly a part of the Google+ sector before the platform's discontinuation and is considered to have an association with the online MicroWiki sector, Discord sector, and YouTube sector. Geographically, Saspearian is a nation in the Texas sector.


The name "Saspearian" was created by Emperor Anthony I while thinking of a name for the nation. The word itself does not have an origin. "Saspearian" is sometimes confused with "Saspeariard" as the demonym of the nation.


Saspearian's government was originally planned to operate under a distinct system that would have the ideals of both an empire and a democracy. Before establishment, a crowned republic form of government was also considered for it's government system. During the Establishment Era, the Saspearian Congress ruled over the nation's government as a legislative body. However, the Saspearian Congress dissolved shortly due to the lack of participation and the government system was an absolute monarchy, with the Emperor of Saspearian being the head of state and government, having absolute power over all aspects of the nation's government during the Emperor Anthony I Era. Following the Saspearian Constitution going into effect on 16 January 2021, Saspearian's government system became a Constitutional Monarchy, and the Saspearian Parliament was established. The Parliament is a unicameral legislative body and consists of 6 seats.


Pre-Establishment Era

Long before the Europeans colonized America and before Saspearian was established, the area that Mainland Saspearian is located in was inhabited by Native Americans such as the Tonkawa and Comanche. The land eventually became part of the Spanish Empire, then the First Mexican Empire would take control of what is now modern-day Saspearian. In the 19th century, Texas wanted to become a country, and rebelled against Mexico in what is known as the Texan Revolution. Texas eventually emerged as the victor in the conflict and became known as the Republic of Texas for nearly a decade. Then the United States of America annexed Texas, and Texas became a state. The land became a part of the Confederacy during the American Civil War. After the civil war ended, the land was given back to America. In 2016, Emperor Anthony I had the idea of establishing a country due to the possibility of a Second American Civil War due to the political tensions during this time and making the world a better place. In 2017 the idea of Saspearian was first implemented, ending the Pre-Establishment Era.

Establishment Era (2017)

In August 2017, the official Saspearian Government website was launched, and on 1 October 2017, the Saspearian Broadcasting Company was established by its current CEO, Emperor Anthony I. Then, on 20 October 2017, the Saspearian Congress was established in the early afternoon of that same day, the delegates of the Saspearian Congress (hereinafter referred to as the founding fathers) ratified the Saspearian Declaration of Independence. Later that same day, at around 5:00-7:00 PM (CST), the nation of Saspearian declared Independence from the United States of America. Soon after that, Emperor Anthony I was inaugurated as the leader of this new country, making him the first Emperor of Saspearian (EOS). These were important events in the history of Saspearian and would significantly shape the future of the nation.

Emperor Anthony I addressing the Saspearian Declaration of Independence.

Emperor Anthony I Era (2017-2021)

This era is defined as starting after Emperor Anthony I was inaugurated as the Emperor on 20 October 2017, establishing central leadership over the country to the Saspearian Constitution going into effect on 16 January 2021. Throughout this period, Saspearian gained many allies and saw the dissolution of other micronations. Earlier in the era, the country as a whole got involved in the community by joining micronational organisations such as the Micronational Assembly and the United Micronations on Google+. In November 2017, Saspearian was offered land by Andramna in Pennsylvania, which is said to have been around 20-38 acres however it was never officially annexed by Saspearian. Eventually, Saspearian's land expanded after the annexation of the Backyard Territory in July 2018, in an event known as the first expansion. On 2 December 2017, Logejo Province was established, becoming the first province of Saspearian. In February 2018, Astain was kicked out of the MA due to the nation claiming areas far from mainland Astain. Emperor Anthony I was outraged by the feedback that Astain was receiving from certain members of the community. Saspearian also was kicked out of the Micronational Assembly due to the small land of the Micronation being against the rules. Examples of allies include Astain, Yaskiule, and the Carthian Empire. On 8 May 2018, the Ratican Empire declared war on Saspearian. Only a few days later, Ratica called to end the war due to the distance between both countries, as the Ratican Empire was located in New York and Saspearian was located in Texas, then on 29 May 2018 the Treaty of Bedlamsan signed which affectingly ended the Ratican-Saspearian War, and the Ratican Empire granted Saspearian an island, in similarity to an earlier land grant by Andramna, the deal wasn't mutually agreed upon. Another notable event that happened at relatively the same time was the annexation of the Backyard Territory, also known as the first expansion, which was Saspearian expanding its land for the first time in the desire to start an industry, boost economic development and development in general within the country. In early 2019 Gabriel Hackman offered territory roughly one acre in the US State of Illinois; the offer would be in negotiation until March 2019, when the offer closed due to Saspearian becoming a Member State of the Micronational Assembly, as that was his intention. Then on 20 February 2019, the Kalliergo I Mission was launched by the Saspearian Government as the maiden mission of the Kalliergo program. That goal is to grow peaches in Saspearian successfully, the mission is considered to be ongoing as of September 2020.

Peach Plant in the Backyard Territory, circa 2019

In March 2019, Jaiden Diaz became the second citizen, marking the end of the country having only one citizen, Saspearian also became a member state of the Micronational Assembly again after being kicked out of the organization. On 11 August 2019, Saspearian joined the Grand Unified Micronational or commonly referred to as the GUM, as an observer state. Saspearian supposedly annexed land again in Washington, which would be known as the Renkema colony in August 2019 as approved upon by the Sedro-Woolley Accords, Renkema Colony was named after the third citizen "Xander Renkema" who had offered a land annexation. "Xander Renkema" was later found out to be Nicolas Miranda of the Autonomous Province of Senland. This series of events was known as the Xander Renkema Incident. On 3 November 2019, the Saspearian Flag Contest, which started in March of the same year, received enough submissions for the contest to end. The reason for the contest's longevity was that the lack of submissions that delayed the last day to submit to the contest was said to have been on 1 November 2019, even though it had to have been no later than October 31 of that same year. On 14 March 2020, Saspearian declared a Public Health Emergency after two cases of COVID-19 were reported nearby its borders.[1] The Saspearian Coat of Arms Contest began on 24 April 2020, to create Saspearian's Coat of Arms, the contest concluded on 29 May 2020.[2] On 2 June 2020, Saspearian's candidacy for the MA Council Election of July 2020 was announced, then on 29 June 2020, Emperor Anthony I gave a speech regarding Saspearian's campaign for MA Councilman. In the speech, Anthony, I discussed the events that the MA has faced within the past year or so and the policies that he is willing to implement if elected. On 30 July 2020, the results were announced, and Saspearian lost the election to 6th place with 9 (40.9%) votes. On 20 August 2020, Saspearian was admitted as a full member state of the Cupertino Alliance. In September 2020, Anthony I announced on the Saspearian Discord Server that he would consider changing the government system within the next few months or so. On 26 September 2020, Saspearian's total number of citizens grew from 9 to 12 citizens, also on that same day, Saspearian annexed Owens Province, which is located in Missouri and borders the micronation of Espére.[3] On 23 October 2020, Emperor Anthony I made a statement on the Saspearian Discord Server in a response to the Tungsten-MACP War, stating "Saspearian will not intervene in the Tungsten-MACP War as according to the non-interventionism doctrine under Emperor Anthony I unless further action is necessary for the consensus of the Emperor."[4] On 1 November 2020, Anthony I officialized the decision to reform the government system of Saspearian from an Absolute Monarchy to a Constitutional Monarchy beginning with the inaugural drafting of the Saspearian Consitution. Which went into effect on 16 January 2021.[5] In similarity to the drafting of the Saspearian Constitution during this same time period, Emperor Anthony I signed the SIA Act on 18 December 2020 which establishes the Saspearian Intelligence Agency, which was set to go into effect on 15 January 2021, thus decisively changing the Government of Saspearian in advance.[6] Then on 31 December 2020, Anthony I signed the Saspearian Constitution after a series of the drafts of the document, which was set to go into effect on 16 January 2021. On 15 January 2021, Jackie Owens was appointed as the Director of the SIA. Then on 16 January 2021, the Saspearian Constitution went into effect, concluding the Emperor Anthony I Era.

Modern Era (2021-present)

Saspearian's government system officially became a Constitutional Monarchy following the Saspearian Constitution going into effect on 16 January 2021. The 2021 Saspearian general election was held from 22–24 January 2021. In March 2021, Saspeariard Illinois was captured during the Great Des Plaines Valley War; the government has since responded, with Parliament unanimously supporting Wegmat. In addition, in June 2021, Emperor Anthony I established the Saspearian Army as the Commander-in-Chief. Ruffybear became the Empress of Saspearian on 2 August 2021, which was met with some opposition by citizens of Saspearian due to her inactivity on the server and with a few micronationalists outside of Saspearian criticizing Anthony I. This resulted in what has been known as the Second August Crisis leading to a period of high decline in the activity in Saspearian. The crisis would end that same month, despite the opposition to the decision; Ruffybear remained as the Empress due to her clarification on retaining the position. However, on 10 December 2021, Ruffybear was removed as the Empress due to inactivity. Parliament would experience inactivity, mainly due to the absences of Emperor Anthony I, who would have scheduling conflicts and would be unavailable to serve as the speaker. But it would expand in October 2021 with the approval of a proposition that expands Parliament from 3 seats to 5 seats. In the first half of 2022, a few sessions were held in the Saspearian Parliament, and many of the citizens had gone inactive, but the total number of citizens remained stagnant during this time.


Logejo Province and the Backyard Territory climate, simply referred to as mainland Saspearian typically has very humid weather during the spring and summer months, with temperatures rising to as high as triple-digit weather in Fahrenheit, and has mildly cold weather during the Autumn and Winter seasons. Mainland Saspearian is located in a humid subtropical climate, the climate is in the Cfa zone under the Köppen climate classification.

Climate data for Logejo Province & Backyard Territory, Saspearian
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Record high °F (°C) 88
Average high °F (°C) 60
Average low °F (°C) 35
Record low °F (°C) 7
Average Precipitation inches (mm) 2.18


Saspearian is considered to be a neutral nation with non-interventionism in micronational conflicts unless a nation poses a threat to Saspearian under the doctrine of Emperor Anthony I and is rarely involved in wars. Saspearian is most willing to enter diplomatic relations with a nation that has enforcement over land claims, isn't fictional, and doesn't violate human rights. Saspearian recognizes all UN Member and Observer States and Taiwan as Countries. Saspearian is involved in multiple micronational organisations including the Grand Unified Micronational, the Cupertino Alliance, and the Micronational Assembly. Additionally, Saspearian was formerly a part of the now-defunct Google+ Sector. Today, the nation is now a part of certain micronational spheres, most notably the MicroWiki Sector and Discord Sector.

The nation of Saspearian has foreign relations with the following nations:


Notable Organisations that Saspearian is involved in.

Organisation Membership Admittance
Grand Unified Micronational Member State 11 August 2019
Micronational Assembly Member State 24 February 2020[b]
Cupertino Alliance Member State 20 August 2020
Micronational Olympic Federation Member State December 2020

Administrative divisions and geography

Saspeariard land claims are approximately 22 acres in total, landlocked, and consist of two provinces and two territories. With the land claims being located in the North American Continent, specifically the US States of Texas, Missouri, and Illinois. The Province of Logejo and the Backyard Territory (Mainland Saspearian) are located in Texas, the Province of Owens is located in Missouri, which also borders Espére, and the Territory of Saspeariard Illinois, which is Saspearian's largest land claim, Saspeariard Illinois is located in Des Plaines, Illinois.

Flag Administrative Region Image Date of Foundation Description
Welcome to Logejo Province sign
2 December 2017 Logejo Province (shortened: LE) was established on 2 December 2017 and is situated in the same location as the Capital, Unueco, Logejo derives from the Esperanto word "Loĝejo" meaning residence or dwelling since the province is located in the Emperor's residence. [19] It's the oldest administrative division of Saspearian.
Backyard Territory
The Backyard Territory
July 2018 The Backyard Territory (shortened: BY) became the first expansion of land in Saspearian history, The Backyard Territory is located in the Emperor's residence and was established sometime during July 2018.
N/A Tremota N/A 26 September 2020 Tremota Province is the second province of Saspearian which was established on 26 September 2020. The province, originally located in Missouri, was relocated to Alberta on 7 December 2021. It is situated on the sloped sides of a valley where the Bow River is situated.
N/A Saspeariard Illinois N/A 1 December 2020 Saspeariard Illinois is the second territory of Saspearian, which was established on 1 December 2020, the land is comprised of 22.4 acres and is located in Des Plaines, Illinois and straddles along the Des Plaines River.

Logejo and The Backyard Territory are located in relatively hilly terrain since the territory is located nearby the Balcones Fault Zone. Both administrative divisions are at an elevation of around 709 feet.


Saspearian National Reserve in Unueco, Saspearian.

The economy of Saspearian is based on the US Dollar as the currency and is operated on mostly government-owned companies, with Unueco, Saspearian being the 'news capital' as SBC News is headquartered in Unueco. The Saspearian National Reserve was established on 14 December 2020, which provides funds for government lead initiatives.[20]


The culture of Saspearian is very intricate, with the main aspects of culture being food, music, television, movies, and video games, which are heavily influenced by the culture of the United States. The Esperanto language plays a huge role in its culture. Examples of the Esperanto language integration into the culture of Saspearian include Saspearian's Capital city, Unueco, and Logejo, the first province of Saspearian. Music from Grand, Talking Heads, The Beatles and Ludwig Van Beethoven is very popular in Saspearian.

Frito Pie

Frito Pie is the national dish of Saspearian, which is popular in the American South, West, and Midwest. It's said to have originated from the US state of Texas. The dish primarily consists of Fritos and Chili and is topped with certain ingredients such as Shredded Cheese and Jalepeños.



Micronational rankings


The only media outlet that operates as a media network for Saspearian is the Saspearian Broadcasting Company (shortened as "SBC"), which is headquartered in Unueco, Saspearian.

Holidays & Observances

Holidays that Saspearian celebrates.

Holiday Date Note
New Year's Day 1 January The first day of the Gregorian calendar.
Valentine's Day 14 February Love and affection.
Easter 12 April (2020) The resurrection of Jesus Christ.
Cinco de Mayo 5 May Mexico winning the French invasion of Mexico.
Emperor Anthony I's birthday 10 July The Birthday of Saspearian's leader.
Saspearian Independence Day 20 October Foundation and Independence from the United States.
Halloween 31 October Usually Trick or Treating.
Christmas 25 December The birth of Jesus Christ

Time zone and date notation

Saspearian has observed Unueco Time and Tremota Time since the Time Standardization Act of 2023 was passed in Parliament. Due to the dissolution of Tremota, Saspearian now observes Unueco Time as the standard time year-round, which is in the UTC offset of UTC-06:00. Formerly, Saspearian observed (Daylight Saving Time) UTC-05:00 for most of the year and (Standard Time) UTC-06:00 was observed for the remainder of the year. The date format is in the month, day, and year of the Gregorian Calendar.

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  1. The Saspearian National Anthem was adopted on 15 September 2021. Which is set in the same tune as the Cornell Alma Mater song, "Far Above Cayuga's Waters", and the earlier 1857 ballad "Annie Lisle". The anthem is instrumental since it contains no lyrics.
  2. Initially admitted in 2017, banned from the MA multiple times throughout 2018-2020, also banned for three brief times in August and November 2020 and December 2021.


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