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Flag of Unueco
Country Saspearian
Founded byEmperor Anthony I
 • LandUndetermined km2 (Formatting error: invalid input when rounding sq mi)
 • Water0 km2 (0 sq mi)
 • Total1
Time zonew:UTC-6
 • Summer (DST)w:UTC-5

Unueco (ooh-new-etso, /unuˈet͡so/) is the capital, largest and the only city in Saspearian. It was founded in 2017 as the seat of government by Emperor Anthony I after Saspearian had declared independence from the United States. The city limits partially claim over the Emperor's Residence in Texas and claim to the fullest extent of Logejo's land. Unueco's total population is 1, with the city's founder, Anthony I being the only citizen. The city of Unueco is often considered to be the heart or the brain of the country due to its location being important to the nation's government. In addition, Unueco is often considered to be the 'media capital of Saspearian,' as the Saspearian Broadcasting Company, most well known for its news organ SBC News, is located there. The Saspearian National Party, the ruling party of Saspearian, is located in the city.


The name "Unueco" comes from the Esperanto language, meaning "unity".[1]


Despite the foundation date being completely unknown, Unueco is said to of been founded in the year 2017, the same exact year Saspearian was founded. Unueco was chosen as the location in which Emperor Anthony I was inaugurated and gave his address on Saspearian declaring independence from the United States.



Twin Towns

Saspearian has 3 Twin Towns in the CA Twin Towns Project.

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