Saspearian Worker's Party

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Saspearian Worker's Party
ChairmanAnthony I
Founded21 January 2021
HeadquartersUnueco, Saspearian
Colors  Dark Blue

The Saspearian Worker's Party (SWP), formerly known as the Saspearian National Party, is the first and former ruling political party of Saspearian which was founded on 21 January 2021 by Anthony I and Rory Leonard. The SWP had an ideological position of a big tent for the first few years of it's existence as the SNP. It was considered to be a very liberal party, with the ideological position as left-wing. Since its foundation, Anthony I serves as the current Chairman of the party. The SWP headquarters is located in Unueco, Saspearian. The party currently has 1 seat in the Saspearian Parliament. At it's peak in June 2021, there were 5 members of the party, making it the largest political party in Saspearian.

Electoral performance

Election year Votes % Seats won +/-
2021 5 100%
2 / 3
Steady 2