Anthony I, Emperor of Saspearian

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Anthony I
Emperor Anthony I in 2022
Emperor of Saspearian
Reign20 October 2017 - Present
PredecessorOffice established
Born10 July 2004 (age 19)
Austin, Texas

Anthony I, also known as Anthony G., is an American-Saspeariard micronationalist, politician, YouTuber, archivist, and businessman, who is most well-known as a major figure of Saspearian. He was one of the founding fathers of Saspearian. He was the leader of the Saspearian Congress and also authored and ratified the Saspearian Declaration of Independence as well as the Saspearian Constitution. He has served as the first and current Emperor of Saspearian since taking office on 20 October 2017. In addition to serving as Saspearian's Emperor, he has served as the delegate of the Capital Region (Unueco) of the Saspeariard Parliament. Anthony I and future Prime Minister of Saspearian, Rory Leonard founded the largest and ruling party of Saspearian, the Saspearian National Party, on 21 January 2021. He currently serves as the Chairman of the party. As a businessman, Anthony I founded the Saspearian Broadcasting Company in 2017 and is its current CEO. He also founded Logejo Agriculture in 2019, an agricultural company that partnered with the Saspearian Government for the Kalliergo I mission. Anthony serves as the host of the namesake The Anthony Show and serves as the producer and the band manager of Grand.

In addition to being a major figure in Saspearian, he has served as an influential figure in Faltree. In its predecessor, he served as a Senator in Faltree at various times, representing the counties of Aleunnic Faltree, Stonefort, Berthold, and Dirigo. Additionally, in its successor state, Commonwealth of Faltree, he briefly served as the 2nd Premier and as a Deputy representing Winthrop-Fairfax in the Faltrian People's Soviet. In Yu-Xia, he has served as a member of the Global Council. In the Cupertino Alliance, Anthony I served as the 3rd Minister of Public Relations. In the Micronational Assembly, Anthony I served as the 17th Chairman.

Outside of micronationalism, he is best known for his YouTube channel, French fry Gamer.

Personal life

Anthony was born on the morning of 10 July 2004 at a hospital in Austin, Texas. He was born with a condition known as cleft lip and palate. Anthony was diagnosed with Autism in 2014, and he is also diagnosed with ADHD and OCD.

Anthony was formerly a Brony, as he enjoyed watching the TV show, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. Since 2015, he is no longer a brony, with him citing his disinterest in the show.

Anthony I resides in the Emperor's Residence, which straddles the United States and Saspearian.

Nicknames and Pseudonyms

Anthony goes by various nicknames and pseudonyms. In Saspearian and in context by foreign nations, he is known as Emperor Anthony I, or alternatively, Anthony I. In the context of domestic nations and certain organizations (not including Saspearian), he is sometimes known by his first name and the initial of his last name, "Anthony G."

On YouTube, he is known by his YouTube username, French fry Gamer, or simply referred to as Anthony.


  • 10 July 2004 - 20 October 2017 Anthony G.
  • 20 October 2017 – Present - His Imperial Majesty Emperor Anthony I of Sasperian


Micronational career


Emperor Anthony I addressing the nation regarding the Saspearian Declaration of Independence.

On 1 October 2017, Anthony I founded the Saspearian Broadcasting Company shortly before the establishment of Saspearian. Then, on 20 October 2017, Anthony founded Saspearian after the Saspearian Declaration of Independence was authored by him and ratified by the Saspearian Congress, of which he was the leader. During a meeting at a lunch table at his then Middle School. Later that same day, Anthony I was inaugurated as the Emperor of the newly-founded Saspearian.

The Saspearian Declaration of Independence.

During his reign as Emperor, he significantly contributed to Saspearian and has overseen the namesake Emperor Anthony I Era and the Modern Era of Saspearian. He also states it as his 'flagship' micronation. In February 2019, Anthony I established Logejo Agriculture, an agricultural business. Shortly after its foundation, the business collaborated with the Saspearian Government for the Kalliergo I mission to successfully cultivate Peach plants in Saspearian. While Anthony I wanted to develop Saspearian further and start an industry in the country. The mission is still considered to be ongoing as of January 2021. Throughout November and December 2020, Anthony I drafted the Saspearian Constitution. On 31 December 2020, he ratified the Constitution. On 21 January 2021, Anthony I and Rory Leonard founded the Saspearian National Party shortly before the 2021 Saspearian general election, as they shared the same idea in establishing a political party in Saspearian. Anthony I serves as the first and current Chairman of the party.

Anthony I has also served as Saspearian's Primary delegate to the Grand Unified Micronational, Micronational Assembly, and the Cupertino Alliance. He has previously served as the Minister of Public Affairs in the Cupertino Alliance and as a Councilman in the Micronational Assembly.


In the State of Faltree, Anthony G. served as a Senator of the Faltrian Senate throughout various times, since becoming a citizen in June 2021. He served as the Senator of Aleunnic Faltree, Stonefort, and Berthold. In it's successor state, the Commonwealth of Faltree, Anthony G. briefly served as the 2nd Premier.


Anthony I was a citizen of the Austenasian Crown Dependency of Bregusland. In May 2020, Anthony I campaigned for Chief Secretary, however, he was eliminated in the first round of the election.


Anthony has served as a member of Yu-Xia's Global Council since first being elected in February 2021. In the June 2021 Global Council Election, he was re-elected. Anthony runs the namesake Anthony Party of Yu-Xia.


Anthony has made a few works in the field of micropatriology since 2020.

On 12 November 2020, Anthony I developed the Anthony Scale which classifies characteristics of nations such as a macronation (country) and a fictional micronational entity, the scale is comprised of 5 categories ranging from a Grade 0 Nation to a Grade 4 nation.

Anthony I coined the micropatriological term "Supersector" on 2 February 2021.



Anthony I is known by his username Emperor Anthony I on MicroWiki. The account was registered on 5 October 2018. As of 16 June 2021, he has 2,000+ edits, making him among the top 100 editors on the website.

Anthony I is the first known person to successfully predict a milestone for the MicroWiki article count. He predicted that MicroWiki would reach 20,000 articles on 1 May 2020 on 26 January 2020, according to the MicroWiki:Twenty-thousand pool. MicroWiki reached 20,000 articles on 1 May 2020.


Anthony serves as the Band Manager of Grand, and the producer of the band's songs catalog.



2020 United States Presidential Election

On 4 July 2017, Anthony announced that he was running for President of the United States of America for the 2020 United States Presidential Election in a video published on French fry Gamer as a semi-satirical announcement. He went on to mention that he is running as an Independent Candidate and that he supports increasing the budget for NASA in the sense of the United States returning to the Moon. He also wished for a Happy American Independence Day, as the date that the video was made coincided with that day.

It is not known if Anthony I actually gained any votes during the election. Therefore the assumed votes cast for Anthony I are 0.


French fry Gamer Logo.

Anthony I runs the French fry Gamer YouTube channel (formerly known as Gaming Craziiepic), the genre of content for the YouTube channel is mainly gaming. However, there are some other videos uploaded with different content on the channel, such as vlogs. This channel is most notable in micronationalism for featuring videos about Saspearian. These videos have since been discontinued in favor of the videos being uploaded on a secondary channel, Saspearian Gov. The channel has over 100+ subscribers as of June 2021.


"Quality over quantity."

Anthony I, 2017

"The only way to do math is to do math."

Anthony I, 2017

"I think that in order to improve the Micronational Assembly we must take into consideration improving professionalism, the legal system, mindset, and productivity."

Anthony I, 2020

"Am I an anime person?"

Anthony I, 2021


  1. Anthony I became a citizen after being granted citizenship on 17 January 2023 until the dissolution of the State of Faltree.