Chairman of the Micronational Assembly

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Chairman of the Micronational Assembly
Jacob D. Deceuninckvancapelle

since 29 February 2020
StyleHis/Her Excellency
Term lengthSix months
Inaugural holder?

The Chairman of the Micronational Assembly is the executive leader of the Micronational Assembly.

List of Chairmen of the Micronational Assembly

# Portrait Name
Origin (nation)
Term of office
1 N/A Unknown April 2016 (estimated) ?
First Chairman lost to history. Some Sources show that there were several chairmen of the Micronational Assembly before Jack den Heijer.
2 N/A Jack den Heijer (account name)
? March 2017 (estimated)
Unknown if his user name is his real name. Resigned due to the instability of the Micronational Assembly after the Alpha 12 Election Fraud. Also the designer of the former flag of the Micronational Assembly, which he called Unity Star.
3 N/A King Samuel I
Principality of Lustitiaene
March 2017 (estimated) ?
Resigned, unknown date
4 Sennishconquer.jpg Nicolas Miranda
2017-2018 (estimated) 7 October 2018
5 William I 112020.JPG William Wilson
State of Gradonia
Imperium of the Americas
7 October 2018 9 March 2019
Served 144 days.
6 Current Tsar.jpeg Stefan I
Great Lawl Reich
9 March 2019 17 September 2019
Served 192 days.
7 N/A Robert B. Williams IV
Workers Republic of Arstotzka
17 September 2019 29 February 2020
Served 165 days.
Current Tsar.jpeg Stefan I
Great Lawl Reich
Acting Chairman
22 September 2019 26 September 2019
Acting on behalf of the current Chairman until the current Chairman gets access to his account. First Chairman to return to service as Chairman. First Council Member to act as Chairman.
8 JacobD.PNG Jacob D. Deceuninckvancapelle
29 February 2020 Incumbent
Currently serving.