Free State of Wetherill

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Free State of Wetherill
Flag of Free State of Wetherill
Coat of arms of Free State of Wetherill
Coat of arms
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentAutocratic Autarky
• Headman
Hunt Powell
• Independence
5 February 2023
• Estimate

The Free State of Wetherill is a self-proclaimed sovereign state located in the US state of Rhode Island, founded on 5 February 2023 by Hunt Powell. It consists of 3 districts consisting of Dutch Island, Gould Island, and Fort Wetherill. Wetherill is an autocratic autarky, led by Headman and founder Hunt Powell.


Wetherill is named after the fort that bears the same name.


The Free State of Wetherill was founded by Hunt Powell on 5 February 2023, primarily as a polity to carry out activities that Powell could not achieve with the State of Faltree. Wetherill was founded with significant Anglo-Saxon influence as the name Wetherill is of Anglo-Saxon origin and the title of Headman is of similar origin. Wetherill remained generally inactive until the dissolution of Faltree on 20 April 2023, wherein Powell shifted some attention to leading the state. Following the political Satanist effort to "revive" Faltree, the Free State of Wetherill issued a warning to the Federation of Faltree, de-facto a Malusian puppet state, but soon ignored the issue and the Federation later dissolved on 10 May 2023. Since this, Wetherill remained largely inactive due to lack of attention from Powell due to dedication towards other affairs.

Foreign relations

Wetherill only maintains relations, informally, with the Kingdom of Nortenland.

Informal relations

Unilateral recognition

Former relations