Jamestown, Faltree

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Flag of Jamestown
Country State of Faltree
Established19 May 2021
Seat Fort Getty
 • Total0.04 km2 (0.02 sq mi)
 • Total16

Jamestown was a county located in Faltree, located in Rhode Island on Conanicut Island. Jamestown was the largest Faltrian county population-wise as of July 2022. It was dissolved on 20 April 2023 following the dissolution of the State of Faltree.


US Era

Fort Getty's construction began in 1901 to defend the West Passage of Narragansett Bay as part of the Coast Defenses of Narragansett Bay (renamed Harbor Defenses in 1925). The fort was named for Colonel George W. Getty, who had a distinguished career in the Mexican–American War, American Civil War, and afterward. The fort's three gun batteries were completed by 1905 but for some reason were not accepted until 1910. They were Battery Tousard with three twelve-inch M1900 guns (305 mm) on disappearing carriages, Battery House with two six-inch M1900 guns (152 mm) on pedestal mounts, and Battery Whiting with two three-inch M1903 guns (76 mm) on pedestal mounts. Battery Tousard was named for Louis de Tousard, an engineer and artillery officer with much involvement in early American fortifications. Battery House was named for Major General James House, who commanded Fort Wolcott in Newport in 1811. Battery Whiting was named for Levi Whiting, an artillery officer in the War of 1812. Fort Getty went into caretaker status soon after completion, but was garrisoned in World War I as a sub-post of Fort Greble. Early in World War II the fort's location was largely superseded by new defenses centered on Fort Church and Fort Greene. In 1942 the twelve-inch guns were scrapped, Battery House's six-inch guns were relocated to Fort Varnum, and Battery Whiting's three-inch guns were relocated to Fort Burnside. The fort became a prisoner-of-war camp for German prisoners. However, in 1943 a new Anti-Motor Torpedo Boat Battery, AMTB 922 with four 90 mm guns arrived. Two of the guns were on fixed mounts and two were on towed mounts. In 1948 the fort was disestablished, as were essentially all US coast defenses.

Faltrian era

Parts of the fort were continually explored by contingents from Faltree from 2017 to the present day. It was only recently claimed as apart of Faltrian territory. It was integrated as a Faltrian county in May 2021.


Jamestown has multiple cliffs and is by the sea and there is an abundance of plant life in the area. Multiple old bunkers are located within the county, all having been explored by civilians from Faltree. Due to disuse and abandonment there are mosquitos present in some of the southern bunkers.



Flag Date Use Description
3 February 2021 - 27 June 2021 County flag Altered national flag of Faltree with former Director of US Civil Defence Steuart Pittman in the canton
27 June 2021 – Present County flag Altered version of previous flag with a cannon in the canton