Interior Minister of Faltree

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Interior Minister of Faltree
Flag of Faltree

since 28 April 2021
Central government of Faltree
StatusHead of Government
Term lengthIndefinite
First holderJacob Deceuninck

The Interior Minister of Faltree is a position in the government of Faltree. Interior Ministers served as an aide to the Commander of Faltree regarding domestic affairs within Faltree. A.Y is the incumbent Interior Minister of Faltree.

Interior Ministers of Faltree

No. Interior Minister Portrait Term start Term end Predecessor Successor
1 Jacob Deceuninck Lesser-coat-of-arms-vulhalin.png 30 July 2020 13 September 2020 Office established Asher Young
Vacancy for 227 days
2 A.Y Herzetia.png 28 April 2021 Incumbent Jacob Deceunick N/A

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