Interior Minister of Faltree

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Interior Minister of Faltree
Flag of Faltree
Connor Shaw

since 16 November 2022
Faltrian Interior Ministry
StyleThe Honorable
StatusHead of Government
Interior minister
AppointerFaltrian Senate
Term lengthNone set
First holderJacob Vancapelle

The Interior Minister of Faltree is the head of government of Faltree. Interior Ministers have served as an aide to the Commander of Faltree regarding domestic affairs within Faltree. Connor Shaw is the incumbent Interior Minister of Faltree.

List of Interior Ministers

No. Interior Minister Portrait Term start Term end Term length Party
1 Jacob Vancapelle N/A 30 July 2020 13 September 2020 45 days National Party of Faltree
Vacancy for 227 days
2 Asher Young File:AsherYoung.PNG First term: 28 April 2021
Second term: 11 December 2021
Third term: 12 March 2022
Fourth term: 18 May 2022
Fifth term: 15 August 2022
First term: 10 December 2021
Second term: 10 March 2022
Third term: 16 May 2022
Fourth term: 18 July 2022
Fifth term: 16 November 2022
1 year, 202 days Faltrian Workers' Party First 4 terms
Faltrian Laborers' Front 5th term
Faltrian People’s United National Patriotic Socialist Worker’s Front 5th term
3 Connor Shaw First term: 16 November 2022
Second term: 2 April 2023
First term: 1 April 2022
Second term: 20 April 2023
155 days

Union Bloc
Faltrian Stalwart League
The State of Faltree is dissolved

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