Faltrian Workers' Party

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Faltrian Workers' Party
Slogan"We stand together in defiance and unity"
AnthemSong of the United Front
Founded26 May 2021
Membership  (2021)7
IdeologyWorkplace Democracy, Equity, Socialism
Political positionCenter-left
Official colors    
Faltrian Senate
5 / 17
Faltrian Cabinet
1 / 4

The Faltrian Workers' Party (FWP) is a socialist political party currently active in Faltree. It is tied with the Democratic-Libertarian Party for the position of the largest political party in the Faltrian Senate. The party is led by A.Y, who is also the Interior Minister of Faltree.

Party statistics

Senate Cabinet Overall member count Government majority?
5 / 17
2 / 3
6 Yes