Faltrian Senate

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Faltrian Senate
Founded31 May 2021
Hunt Powell, Nonpartisan
Political groups
     Faltrian Workers' Party (4)

     Faltrian Railway Association (4)
     Union Bloc (3)
     Cliff Environmentalist Party (3)
     Evergreen Party (1)
     Socialism and Culture Party (1)
     Faltrian Social Nationalist Front (1)

     Independent (1)
Last election
Meeting place

The Faltrian Senate is the main legislative body of Faltree, and decides the laws and conduct of Faltree. Elections are held every 6 months in the months of June and December. The Commander of Faltree is prohibited to vote or act as a Senator, only eligible to approve propositions and propose propositions himself.


All legislation and lawmaking is handled by the Senate, composed of 18 Senatorial seats to represent each Faltrian county. Every proposed piece of legislation in the Senate must gain a 61% majority vote before going up to the Interior Minister, who gives either an approving or disapproving vote of the proposition. If the proposition is approved by the Interior Minister, it shall go up to the Commander for approval. If the Commander approves the proposition, it shall go into effect immediately after approval. Any bill that does not reach a majority or is disapproved in any step of the lawmaking process, it may be rewritten and proposed once again. Elections for the Senate are held every 6 months, usually in the months of June and December. If a seat is unfilled anytime between these election periods the Commander will appoint a new senator to the unfilled seat or hold a quick election if there is enough interest in the vacant seat.

Senate standings

County Senator Party Incumbent since
Newhavre.png New Havre Javier Martinez Faltrian Railway Association 31 July 2021
Union of Mountain States Yaak Flag.png Yaak Logan Medlin Faltrian Workers' Party 9 June 2021
UMSBoche.png Bosche Andrew Perdomo Union Bloc 9 June 2021
Forsyth.png New Forsyth Emmett Autes Cliff Environmentalist Party 2 October 2021
Gallatin.svg Gallatin Evan Callies Faltrian Railway Association 19 September 2021
Dorr.png Dorr John Lakes Independent 9 June 2021
Galway.png Galway A.Y Faltrian Workers' Party 9 June 2021
Xanten.jpeg Xanten Andreas Rauma Socialism and Culture Party 24 September 2021
Jamestown flag.png Jamestown Mattias Forsberg Union Bloc 20 August 2021
Richmondflag.png Richmond Daniel Quintero Faltrian Workers' Party 8 August 2021
Aleunnic Faltree flag.jpg Aleunnic Faltree Anthony G. Faltrian Workers' Party 9 June 2021
NewFaltrianTueoedeth.png Faltrian-Tueoedeth Isaac J. White Cliff Environmentalist Party 25 June 2021
Stonefortnew.svg Stonefort Jacob Deceuninck Cliff Environmentalist Party 9 June 2021
Oakflag.png Oak Matthew Laptev Faltrian Railway Association 9 June 2021
Tughillflag.svg Tug Hill Owen Bean Faltrian Railway Association 9 June 2021
Huntsburg.svg Huntsburg Connor Shaw Union Bloc 19 August 2021
Flag of Breuckelen.svg Breuckelen Katie H. Evergreen Party 19 September 2021
Newtonflag.svg Newton Andrew Szemere Faltrian Social Nationalist Front 10 October 2021

Political parties in Faltree

Logo Name Ideology Position Leader Senate Cabinet
FWPlogonew.svg Faltrian Workers' Party FWP Workplace Democracy, Equity, Socialism Centre-Left A.Y
4 / 18
2 / 4
LDPFaltree.jpeg Liberal Democratic Party of Faltree LDPF Social Liberalism, Classical Liberalism, Georgism Centrist Matthew Cunningham
0 / 18
0 / 4
Union Bloc UB Pro-Commander, Revanchist, Pro-Authoritarianism, Chauvinism, Patriotism, State-socialism Syncretic Connor Shaw
3 / 18
1 / 4
EvergreenParty.png Evergreen Party EP Nationalism, States' Rights, Semi-socialist Non-aligned Katie H.
1 / 18
0 / 4
Cliff Environmentalist Party CEF Environmentalism, Patriotism, Populism Centrist Jacob Deceuninck
3 / 18
1 / 4
FRA.svg Faltrian Railway Association FRA Technocracy, Industrialism, Free Market Capitalism Center Matt Laptev
4 / 18
0 / 4
SCP.png Socialism and Culture Party SCP Democratic Socialism Left-wing Andreas Rauma
1 / 18
0 / 4
SocialNationalistFront.png Faltrian Social Nationalist Front[1] FSNF Nationalism, Market-Socialism, Traditionalism, Environmentalism Syncretic Andrew Szemere
1 / 18
0 / 4
Faltrianrepub.png Republican Party of Faltree RPF Conservatism Far-right Jaime P. III
0 / 18
0 / 4
N/A Independent I Independent Politics N/A N/A
1 / 18
0 / 4